Day 34

Well, I'm pretty confident I DIDN'T win that immunity challenge. This game has winded it's way down to the near end, and we're the cream of the crop, yet I still have not won immunity! Luckily, Alejandro has a plan, as always, and I've been trying to get closer with the remaining castaways, to assure my spot in this Final 5.


There were 2 big moves last tribal. Hunter, one of the huge threats in the game, is now out. Ivan, who keeps targeting me, went home first before me. I honestly think that these 2 people will gain a lot of jury votes when they reach the end, most specially Hunter. He's like the Malcolm Freberg of this season. He's such a good social, challenge, and strategic player. When he talked to me before that tribal about his plan, it was like "Malcolm talking to Dawn" moment.

I thought getting rid of Ivan will give me a relief, but I heard from Alejandro that Aston wants to blindside me. I was like, "Not again!!" It's not fun hearing that someone wants you out, but on the positive side, I have trustworthy allies that give me information, necessary information that will determine my next move.

Everyone thought that Ivan has the idol, but after the last tribal, it seems that he really doesn't have it. I'm really thinking that Alejandro has it, but he told me he doesn't have it. Amir doesn't seem to have it either. So I'm already thinking that Aston has it. If Aston really has the idol, it will be harder to get rid of him. So I'm counting now to Alejandro and Amir to make him feel safe.

The end is near. We are now down to 6, and soon, we'll be down to 5. I want to go to the final 3 with Amir and Alejandro. They are my most trusted in this game.

This is the time where I should be more determined, but for some reason, I am thinking that even if I make it to the end, I'm not sure if the jury will see me as someone who is worthy to win this game because I'm keeping myself quiet most of the time. I'm really not a social person, and making it this far is surprising for me. Anyway, let's just see what's gonna happen next.


Personally, I really wish I had won immunity. Yes, I'll congratulate Amir, shake his hand, give him a pat on the back (virtually), whatever it takes to make him comfortable with me. Aaron and I are the only people in the Final 6 who have yet to win an immunity challenge, which is a bit disapointing, because I'm definitely a better player than people think I am, but I need to prove myself. I mean, c'mon, I'm in the Final 6, I must be doing something right, right?


Day 35

So I just realized something. Aston, Amir and Aaron have been protecting Miggy since the beginning... Now I'm being to suspect that the final 3 is gonna be Aaron, Amir and Miggy. That's obviously something I can't do. I need to take out Miggy right now, as in at this point.

So I'm gonna spread a lie to Aaron that someone spilled on the plan to take him out and that Aston is gonna use an idol that he discovered (Since nobody knows who has the Taeguek or the Baekje Idol). And convince him that Miggy is the best person to take out.

Then, I'm gonna talk to Aston and convince him that Miggy is 100% with Aaron. And that it'll be easy to take out Aaron if we go to the final 5 without Miggy. That'll make Aston trust me even more and take out a huge threat.

Only Amir and Aaron know how well I'm playing this game right now, and I know for a fact that those two are smart people. Sooner or later, they're gonna realize that I'll be a huge threat for jury votes if I make it to the end.


This is extremely scary. Aaron has the goguryeo idol and wants to target me. Alejandro says Miggy knows and is using his rings. Yet when I ask Miggy, nothing comes out. I have a feeling this will be artifact galore tonight. It will definitely be the most un-predictable, Insane tribal yet. I feel vulnerable. As of being targeted by A guy with an idol. Hopefully I can use my tactics and overthrow the power of the idol.....


I am freaking out right now :)) But I think it's working. Aston and Aaron are targeting each other. I told Aston that Aaron had an idol, and told Aaron that Aston had an idol which made them scared :)) I also convinced both of them that Miggy is working against them :))

So now, since they're both scared of the idols. They both agreed to take out Miggy :D But of course, every bit of scrambling you do can blow up in your face. They could actually be plotting something against me now and I might be going home tonight if they start talking. But you know? everyone has been so protective of Miggy and it wouldn't make sense for Amir and Aaron to go to the end with me since they know how strong a player I am. So I need to re-think me whole strategy:

Boot order: Miggy, Aaron, Aston Final 3: Ryan, Amir and I


I think I have come to a conclusion of voting Miggy. And if you see this Miggy, I'm sorry, but it was the move that needed to be made.


Miggy's out! Ding-Dong, the witch is dead! Although it may seem a bit sinister that I'm rejoicing over one of my original tribe members getting the boot, it's glad our alliance has finally been successful. There's only two more eliminations (I hope!) until the Final 3, and I think I definitely have a chance at being there. My social game's gone up a lot, I've been trying to see where everyone's mind at, without them seeing where mine is. Alejandro have sort of been playing "dumb", where we examine everyone else's plans by claiming we don't have any of our own. I'd really like to win this next immunity challenge, for there's an idol still in play, and it'll most likely be played at the next Tribal Council. So, the safer, the better.


Wow, the first two votes I receive are the first two votes that almost take me out of the game. It was sad taking Miggy out but if I didn't it would of been me. I am confused as why Amir had betrayed me because me him and Alejandro were going to the final 3. Assuming that its a final 3. I now am on the chopping block. Immunity is what I need. Desperately. I am being targeted by a guy with an idol! This is a very dangerous position.


I'm not sure if I will be surprised that Miggy was voted out, because technically we planned to split the votes between Aston and Miggy, but I'm surprised that Aston didn't play an idol, and Miggy received 3 votes. I was expecting 2-2-1-1 votes actually. 2 for Aston (Me & Amir), 2 for Miggy (Ryan & Alejandro), 1 for Ryan (Miggy), and 1 for me (Aston). But the votes went 3-2-1 (3 for Miggy, 2 for Aston, and 1 for Ryan). So it means Aston voted for Miggy, which I am surprised.

Before voting, Alejandro was convincing me to play my idol. He was telling me that Aston "might" play his idol, and Aston and Miggy might vote me. He was also telling me that there is a huge possibility that we will draw rocks. And for safety, I should play my idol. In my mind I was like "What? Seriously?!" That time, the only person that I believe would want to vote for me is Aston, so there's no point for me to play my idol. I'm just not sure if Alejandro was just paranoid that time, or this is all his plan to finally vote out Miggy. Alejandro told us that Aston has the idol because Aston told him so, but for some reason I can't stop to think that Alejandro has it. He's one of the people who first got the clue about the idol, and he is capable of solving riddles. Anyway, I'm not sure why Alejandro would lie to me. He already told me once that he doesn't have the idol. I hope I'm just being paranoid or what. I don't want to overthink now. Alejandro and Amir are my closest allies in this game, specially Alejandro. No matter what happens, I want to go to the Final 3 with them. I've been working with them ever since.


Miscommunication is an understatement to describe the last couple of days. People haven't been so quiet since the tribal stage, and quiet means only one thing - blindside. Another weird change of events was when Alejandro suddenly agreed to vote Aston out of the blue. I knew I couldn't trust this, so I decided to give my best efforts at the challenge to make sure I don't have to waste one of my idols.

Eventually I won the challenge, thanks to Excel. Oh, and Aaron used it too, but he was probably too lazy to make the final copy-pasting of all 300 answers, so I finished with a better time. I used the medallion just in case, and I thought it could hurt me, but people didn't seem to care I bought it with only 20$.

Then things started to get uneasy. Alejando brought up again his speculative theory that Aston and Miggy are a tight duo (which has nothing to do with reality, but it supported his obsession with voting Miggy off) and said "Aston told him he has the Baekje idol and he will use it at this TC, because nobody was talking to him and he felt in danger". YEAH RIGHT Let's put aside the fact Aston can't have that idol because I have it, and think about this logically - When someone is about to play the idol, he ISN'T GONNA TELL YOU he's playing it (unless it's the last time it could be played). And of course it makes no sense since Aston was aligned with us since Day 1 and he wouldn't have kept that info away for so long or pushing to vote off Ivan who could've been his cover. bottom line - Alejandro is lying. We ended up our argument about the vote with splitting between Aston and Miggy, but since I knew Aston is going to vote for Miggy anyway, I tried to make Aaron and Ryan vote for Aston too. I miserably failed.

This TC could be considered as a failure for me. However, one of the most important aspects of Survivor is the ability to turn a disadvantage into an advantage, and use your past failures to build up your future success. Miggy is in the jury, he's mad and bitter at Alejandro. If I end up in the final 3 with Aaron and Alejandro, his vote is mine since I had nothing to do with his elimination and I basically opposed the idea ever since. If I play my cards right at the final two votes, I can definitely pull a Sandra. I have the right jury and the right finalists for this, all I need is a bit of luck.