These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 7

Tribal council went as planned and Eric was voted out. The tribe seems unified, which is good, but it also means the next time we visit tribal council someone will be blindsided. I'm thinking the tribe will be divided soon. Tung and Rasheid will soon realise they are on the outs of the tribe, which might make them want to jump ship at the merge. Right now my main objective is keeping everyone in line and on the same page.


Right now I am planning something risky. Tyler and Miguel have been growing close to each other and that is dangerous. Voting one of them out soon is essential. The only problem is, it means I have to make an alliance with Rashied and Tung. Coming in to this game I didn't want to be the person who had an alliance with everyone, but it looks like that is what is happening. I hope my plan works, so we can eliminate a threat, but I don't want to betray my allies.


Eric was voted out recently and everyone supposedly decided that Rasheid was to be the next one out right? WRONG! Apparently, Rasheid & Alex have been lying to my face and they, along with Bryce, wanna target me and Miguel and split us up. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! TUNG SNITCHED ON Y'ALL! Bryce and I always had a weird ass relationship because he always avoided me in convos like he was feeling guilty and I always knew Alex was a lying ass bitch, but Rasheid being with them two came outta nowhere, but I don't expect loyalty from those hoes, so I was surprised to an extent but I didn't shock me completely. I can only hope that we win and if we don't that Tung, Miguel & David stay loyal. I think that Tung & David will but Miguel may or may not turn on me. Hopefully not because I have too much game to play to have the 3 stooges fuck it up. I was trying to play nice, because I didn't wanna get dirty this soon, but they opened up Pandora's Box and now shit is finna pop off. OH WELL THEY BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES. THE WRATH OF TYLER IS HERE!!!


My plan to blindside Tyler is going great. Tung, Rasheid, Bryce and I are all in agreement that voting out Tyler is the best choice and now it is just a matter of waiting until we lose an immunity challenge. It would take something crazy to mess everything up now


So as planned, someone not in the Bazid 4 went home. As Tyler said, the whole tribe was against Eric. He is becoming quite the useful agent. I may have to promote him if we end up on the same tribe. However, my allies on Idir are perfect at the moment, so we will have to see where this all goes.

Since Eric is gone, I have a majority on both tribes. I know Bartley didn't find the idol on Exile Mountain, and I know there is no way Kara found it, so everything looks good for me :D Unless I foreshadowed my demise...


Jessie, Jessie, Jessie...

He decided too add Thang to the alliance. Its nothing against Thang, but we can only have so many people official in our mega-alliance. Thang was great as an Edna, but now he is an official member. I really hope this doesn't affect the master plan in a negative way. On the bright side, we are The Pokemon Regions. I only agreed since the region Jessie gave me has my favorite Pokemon in it, DITTO :D


I'm not blind. Not with colors and not with Ian's antics. Our reward challenge requires us to match colors on a wheel. I do the challenge once on my phone for shits and giggles and once on my computer. I submit my answer and I'm the second highest score on my tribe. This is silly. It doesn't really matter because with Kara we are inevitably likely to lose. Bazid decides to send me to Exile Mountain for a second trip. Hey, thanks!

I'm allowed to bring a date with me from Bazid and Tyler suggests I bring David. I'm down with that. I don't know much about him, but it's not Tung and that's who Ian desperately wants to go. Now I can cross him and blame it on Tyler. Love it.

I learn a few things at Exile Mountain. The clues are based on the number of times you have visited Exile Mountain. That means that Kara, David, and I have all received the 1st clue at this point. Additionally, I have the 2nd clue. I decide to botch my 2nd clue to David and swap the words first and last so that he will continue to place Will on his lists wrong. This could backfire if David goes to Exile Mountain again, but why should I have helped him really? With my clues, I figure there are 48 possible lists and with 12 guesses I have a 1 in 4 shot of finding the idol.

BUT I DO. I have the idol! I tell everyone my odds of finding the idol and make some jokes about how pissed I'll be if Kara already found the idol. I'm not going to tell anybody about this. The less they know, the better. I don't want anyone to flush me.

When I return from Exile, I tell everyone how with one more clue I should be able to find the idol with no issues. I'm hoping with that knowledge, they won't send me to Exile Mountain again. No one is going to get a 3rd clue for a while.

Also... David equals yawn. I would have rather brought Miguel on my little date, but that's a whole different story. *grins*


Day 8

So we lost reward, I predicted the twist correctly, both Bartley and David were sent to Exile Mountain, and Jessie spoke up against Kara. While what Jessie said was accurate and completely justified, it showed me that he is outspoken in his beliefs. I bet you anything his will to speak his mind will get him into some trouble sometime during the game, which makes me think he would make a great Final 2 goat. We all like the guy, but I see him pushing some peoples buttons in the future.

I am, by nature, similar to Jessie, very outspoken, but I know I must hide my true self sometimes and become someone else in this game. Its just like the Pokemon I picked for the Pokemon Regions Alliance, Ditto. He can morph into any other Pokemon, I can make my traits different and adapt to any situation in this game. Before the game started, I said I didn't fit any stereotype, which is true. I will utilize my well-rounded skill set to help me win this game, changing which ones I am using all the time, just like Ditto changes into other Pokemon.


I am the person Bartley trusts the most. I have no idea why, but hey I'll go with it, especially if it helps me move forward in the game. He appears to be very dedicated to the game, something I look for in a strong ally, a strong ally I cant take to the finals obviously.

So each time he has gone to Exile Mountain, he has told me the clue. While he did eventually tell the entire tribe the first clue, he has only released to me the info on clue #2, very useful information. This season, each time the same person is sent to Exile, a better clue is given. So when Bazid keeps sending Bartley, they don't realize how much power they are giving him. An d when he gets clue #3, BOOM we got the idol man. Well he has it, but I get some power as his closest ally. In summary, Bazid is unknowingly giving power to Bartley who may or may not know the power he gives to me. And I didn't even set this up lol.


I am really confident about this challenge. When we were training within the tribe I seemed to get most of the answers right, which the others noticed. The bad thing about being in this position is that if I perform badly at the challenge the tribe might just decide 'Alex was meant to be good at the challenge and he failed. Lets vote him off.' So I am hoping I can win the challenge for Bazid.


So I got to work on turning everyone against Alex and Bryce in the tribe and supposedly, it worked, so if we lose the next immunity challenge, I'm pretty sure Bryce will be gone. Bryce is actually not as strong of a competitor as I thought he would be and he's doing kinda bad TBH. I think he's most def one of the weakest in the group. Alex is one of our strongest but he's very flip floppy and everyone thinks he and Bryce will turn on us in the merge quickly, so they need to go ASAP. The whole tribe has been really quiet for the past couple days and things feel weird but we'll have to see what really happens at Tribal. Also, I asked Bartley to take David to Exile with him because I trust both of them plus if he took me, it would've put a bigger target on my back. Hopefully, we win this challenge, so I can into people's emotions more and continue to turn everyone against Alex and Bryce.


Everyone knew something was going to happen around camp to cause tension, the thing no one knew is who it would be between. Our question was finally answered with the arrival of the immunity challenge. It turns out Tyler and Miguel don't agree on everything. The challenge stirred up a little tiff between them when we were discussing the answers. The argument just gives us more reason to vote one of them out. On the other hand, Tung hasn't contributed in the challenge, which makes him a target so right now it's really a toss up between the two on who gets eliminated if we visit tribal council


Our challenge is a 2 truths and a lie. We should be screwed considering we are carrying Kara on the tribe...BUT, Bazid manages to fuck it up again. Kara is becoming an inactive goddess. I'm tempted to play my idol on her, just so that I can solely vote out Ian.

Ian and Jessie make a remark that my 2 truths and a lie are one of the hardest in the challenge. Well...duh. I hope it doesn't make them question my word. They don't need to know I'm a good liar. Not yet, at least.


Day 9

Alex and I have a big plan in store. At the moment there is a majority alliance consisting of Tyler, Alex, David, Miguel and myself. I think our alliance knows that the leaders of the alliance are Tyler & Miguel. They always agree with each other on decisions, it's like they have the same brain. So Alex and I are going to split that duo up by bringing in the outsiders of the tribe (Tung & Rasheid) and vote out the biggest threat, Tyler. Strap in your seat belts, because you guys will be in for a ride!


We were able to win immunity, which is awesome. We may not win the rewards, but we win it when it counts, and that is what brings us together in the end. We all get along so well on Idir. We are officially the love tribe. Kara is the exception, though she doesn't do much so its not like she interferes with our lovingness lol.

Though on Bazid, there is definitely a different tune being played from the horns of unity. I wasn't too worried until I found out Alex and Bryce are trying to take out my main man on the other side, Tyler, out of this game. David and Tung appear to be the swing votes, and they didn't even participate in the challenge, which makes me worried they are under Alex and Bryce's wicked spell. I fear the worst tonight...


So we lost and I'm wondering who to vote off... Ok I'm joking, I know exactly who I'm voting for, and tonight, expect a blindside :)


So I just realised I could freely talk about my strategies in my confessionals since only the mods can read it! So I can share my strategy to 'slay everyone, trust no one ;)' Except for a few people....


Can Kara just go? She's completely irrelevant...


Bazid votes out Alex. I'm ROLLING on the floor laughing. Why would you vote out one of your strongest players!?! I can't.

I suggest to the tribe that we should keep Bryce in the game to fuel the feud between him and Tyler. Of course Ian goes off on a pouting rampage about the mega-alliance that he created. None of us are in to it...but we have to fancy Ian to some degree. Gosh, he sucks so much. He did tell us that he was autistic this week though... I'm going to blame his ignorance on Asperger's. It makes him more bearable, I guess.

Episode 3 Final Thoughts:

Topher, Jessie, & Marco are THE NEW ORANGE. Thang is TANG. I'll drink it, but the taste is bizarre. Ian called me a fox. He's a RAT. Kara is an INACTIVE GODDESS.

Also, we each picked Pokemon to represent ourselves. I got 3rd generation and picked Roselia. I'm sassy & grassy.


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