Day 10

Well I'm confused now... I talked to CJ after he got voted out and it seems that Matt made up the story that CJ wanted me gone... So apperantly that was just the plan...


"The Beauty of Survivor,,,"

I really love this game,,,,,,,it really gets on my nerves....I like it,,,

I can feel the intense feeling....The Beauty of Survivor as I always call it....

I'm bursting with feelings ryt now,,,,YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

The power of the Phoenix is really outpouring now,,,

Get off my way guys,,,or you'll get BURNEDDDDDDDDDD!!!



The swap is among us! I cannot wait to get off of the losing end! I mean, Taylor is one of my best friends, but she probably doesn't even trust me anymore. I just want to have a chance in this game, and starting on Ulong 2.0 didn't really help.

I believe that my brilliant social skills will help me out through this. I know I'll be targeted, I know people will want to vote me out constantly, but I'll face it all with a smile upon my face! Carpe Diem, as I always say. Hehe.

I want to go far, and I would love to win. But there have been many things standing in my path. That Mendi tribe is far too threatening. I hope we Pagong them. With the exception of Mark, he seems pretty cool. That Uli guy, though, has got to go, and he's got to go now.

If I want to win, I must take out the threat! Uli is the threat! For me to say that someone is a threat is pretty serious. Uli wants to be Skandi, I want him to be out. No one besides me is going to be the villain in this season! Hehe. I'm ready to do absolutely what ever it takes to win, and it will be a great day for LP.


So some people think it's a good idea to keep their friends close, but I'm going to keep my enemies way closer. I think it's quite funny that right now, everyone wants to be my ally. I'm going to try to use this to my advantage.

I currently have a few alliances, some stronger than others, but after Szymon got disqualified because of LP, he knows he's a walking target for real. I think this season is going well.

I'm only worried about the possibility f having too many "alliances" I guess you could say. I feel like LP is trusting in me too much. And it's making me mad that he's making alliances I don't want to deal with.


I hate these Snake-like games... It's just not fun... So again... To get high scores you have to play in hard. No problem... And well... After hating the game for the first 10 minutes suddenly in one of the attempts the first to balls showing up are the rainbow and the pirat one giving high score... Final score close to a thousand after eating like around 10 balls... Not too bad... More than all my tribemates have... And apparently... More than anyone else in the game has... BOOOM... I am a challenge beast... Once I make the merge I am basically unstoppable! Every challenge so far I was best... And Ill keep it like that... I am anyways a big target after George and Mark made me one...


Finally confronted George... Just pretended I have at least 3 people from his alliance and it would be a lot better to work together and keeping both of us as big targets in the game... Which i really might go for... George is a force to easily calculate with... And when it comes to mindgames... Well... Snakes have only one fear... Bigger snakes... I am none, but George projects his own bad gameplay on me... So he is really afraid of what I was pretending to be and know...

10 minutes later I hear that he confronted Mick and reassured loyalty from all his people... Doubt is a strong seed... And i will reap what i sewed... Told George his gameplay is going from Survivor to Big Brother style... He replied: "Big Brother is about taking out big threats through coalitions large enough to do so, and that's how I'm playing this game atm." Well what I meant was... He's running around like a nervous chicken with his head chopped of... Chicken George finally made it from BB to survivor... Congrats on your new nickname...


After I couldn't trust MENDI any more... I started talking to Taylor and Abby simultanously, putting some fear of a major male, american, juvenile voting block in their minds. Same I did with Mark and JR earlier... And Abby seems to be interessted to work far with me... Plus he has DARU under control easily. I started talking to Andrei and he is a great guy. Will send him to exile and share the clues. Good job Uli! Clue 4 is in my hands... Clue 1 is in my hands anyways... Plus Taylor was disgusted by LP's handling of "cheatinggate" so she was an easy pick to align for going far with me. And voila... Clue 3 is in my hands to... 1 or 2 clues are missing and I will go for the idol... 3 clues... Whole DARU... and Taylor... Not to bad for fishing one day


Mark seems to finally buy what I told him... He got suspicious of being on the bottom of Chicken-George's alliance of 12 (or 14 as it was called earlier)... Now in addition to my allies he is trying to build an army around the MENDI tribe... Let's see if he can swing some votes... After merge we will see if it was enough to go against the young kids... Still... DARU and Taylor know about him being disloyal... So they dont leak anything about my deals with them.


I hate you all Mods... I was very well prepared for the Merge and hoped I could mingle with the right people... Now I have to change my gameplay on further keeping my tribe together and hoping my allies don't get voted off... Well... We have an advantage in the next challenge... We have the ultimate challenge beast in me... and we will give WEWAK a disadvantage so they have to vote on of theirs of. Everything still ok... And in MENDI I am save... We will not lose any challenge... I know it...


Day 11

Really funny, producers. That reward challenge didn't determine the new tribes! They probably just want to see Kieta drop down to one! That angers me. I do not want to be out by losing a tiebreaker this early in the game! I'm sure Taylor doesn't either. We absolutely NEED to win Immunity, because if we don't, the consequences will be dire.


Whoa, I didn't see that coming. I know Ulong has two members. I just don't want another Stephanie and Bobby Jon Scenario. Either way, I may lose an ally.


I was really hoping merge was going to happen before this challenge since I'm only on a tribe of two, but that isn't happening. I just hope I'm able to have my tribe win with this challenge. Creating a flag can't be that hard, right? Oh well. I hope LP does well on the challenge also. As long as we don't go to tribal council a third time, we should be all set. All I know is that we need a merge, or tribe switch as soon as possible.

This challenge is pretty difficult. I wanted to have the flag design be a collaborative idea and I create it, but LP seems to not want to do anything. He's almost as helpless as a newborn puppy. It makes me feel bad, but at this point, I don't care. It seems like he thinks he's the constant target. He also seems to think he runs this tribe, but if he really did, then why did I have to save him at the first tribal? It's amazing how quickly someone can change.

LP seems to think it's a good idea to have an alliance with Mark, but he's just going to get blindsided. And he dragged me in with it, but since Uli is a somewhat ally of mine, I'm hoping we can get rid of the more threatening people before him.


WOW. I honestly didn't suspect that the tribe switch wouldn't be done today. Although I was mildly surprised by the omission of the tribe swap due to the fact that Kieta only has two members, which pits LP and Taylor against each other if they are to lose today's immunity challenge. If they do, I will probably lose a very close ally. LP said that if he's going up at the challenge known as Silversphere, which is the most common tiebraker, he will almost certainly lose, as he can't get past the first few levels. I'm honestly scared for many of my allies. Hopefully, either Daru or Mendi loses so we don't have to lose an alliance member. I would be OK with Wewak losing because Sean would go home, but I can't take the risk of that happening, especially when there are probably more immunity challenges where there are 5 tribes down the road. We can't afford to lose our buffer in case things turn wrong. Anyway, hopefully one of those three tribes loses, and we can get back to dominating over Uli's alliance after a few episodes. It has to be either at the f15 or f14 because once it is at the f12 nearly all tribes are at the f2 which means that there is little strategic input in the game anymore, and they have to do it before the merge so that there are tribes TO dissolve.


I'm shocked! I'm expecting a tribe swap/shuffle. Nonetheless it's better off this way since Mendi is strong in every challenge. We will give Wewak a disadvantage since they are the ones who wants to get rid off us "big threats".. They dig their own grave with that plan to take us out one by one! We will give them backfire of their plan. I'm kinda worried about these challenges today but I give my best shot to win this again!!!! I, Uli, JR & Amos are really working together for Mendi's good! I put my trust on LP and I hope he's true to his words.. And also to Abraham, he said that he's not buying the rallying of George & Blake to vote us out. I also wish that he's true to his words! Because in that case Mendi, Daru & Kieta will join forces for counterattacking the alliance formed by Wewak! I will continue to make them believe that I am with them, only to find out that they were blindsided. That's the game they want, well I will give it to them double!!! Mendi for the win!!!

And about the upcoming twists, I don't wanna predict anymore, I'll just wait for it and for the mean time, we'll give our best shot at each challenges to keep us safe til that twist! Mendi will conquer you all Wewak!


So after our Reward, it turned out that we were actually not switching Tribes... Which I was pretty happy about, because I like my Tribe, we're a pretty solid, fun group. Also... The members of the other tribes make me nervous.

Even though Uli sent me to Exile, I'm not quite sure I can trust him. I'll let him think I'm trustworthy and everything but I see him as a snake and I'm willing to cut his head off it's beneficial for me. We'll see what the future holds I guess... I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst.


Another immunity challenge... First attempt...780... Playing for 20 minutes... 940 points... I am sure that is enough to be save in the second round. I suggested to my tribemates to lose the flag challenge on purpose... I hope that the given disadvantage will put WEWAK directly in the second round...With the advantage I have... I beat them there with ease... So their chance is only 50% to win... Sadly MENDI wants to play it save... The flag that Mark designed looks quite awesome... So I guess we advance first round anyways... But whatever... Cant these cowards go with my plan?


My alliance did not wanna go for my plan to throw the comp and beat WEWAK in the second leg... Apparently even if... KIETA would have gone to tribal... So it didn't matter... Maybe even better to not declare the open war too early... Especially after I gave them the disadvantage...

Big respect to my tribemate Mark, who made an amazing tribeflag that kept all of us save and let us win another challenge... It's toooo easy! Sadly KIETA lost... That tribe is basicaly useless in any challenge... But they are great allys... Taylor took over Szymons place as my closest ally. I am sure to have her trust... I have to hope badly that she will be able to kick LPs ass... DARU + MENDI + Taylor would be a 8 people alliance if I can hold all of them together... The numbers rule! Perfect to scare them into being loyal...


Day 12

Okay, now I'm upset. Not only are we a tribe of two, but we completely lost the Immunity challenge! Now there's going to be a tiebreaker between Taylor and I. It will most certainly not be fun. I have no idea which one of us would win, I think that we have an equal chance. That just frightens me more. Being a great player on a terrible tribe has affected my game for the worse. Plus, the exclusion of a tribe switch might have screwed me over. Taylor has been my best friend throughout this whole game, and she is very intelligent. That is going to be what ruins it all for me in the end, once I have to face her in the tiebreaker.


Wow! We won again! but kinda sad coz Kieta will once again take out one member but in a duel like of Stephenie & Bobby Jon! So sad to see them ulonged. I did my best on doing the flag and I'm glad Mendi got 1st place! We're still looking forward to emerge in this game! Wewak will be wrecked soon, they may be safe today but there will come a time that they will be defeated by us by a landslide. well that's all for today.. good night!


It's a mixed day. I'm kinda feeling some pity for Kieta, but at the same time it's so entertaining to see an Ulonging happen here on this season. If a Pagonging happens with this big a season, I hope I'm the one pulling it off. Brendan failed to send anything. I don't know what the heck is wrong with that dude. Right now all I can hope for is that someday he can buck up if he wants to be in the Final 3 with me and Andrei. But there's so much to look for, we still have a shuffle, we still have an Idol to catch, and we still have many mad castaways to take out. After seeing Wewak's half assed flag I kinda wish they were at Tribal instead of Kieta.


I can't believe we lost immunity again. I guess it's understandable but at least we were close to winning. I'm really nervous for the challenge. I just really hope I stay in because I feel it's way too early for me to leave. I just hope I'm able to move forward in the game. If I make it after this, I think I'll be able to win the whole season.


Thank the lord that my tribe flag was good enough... Although I easily could've voted out Brendan, I'm happy I will not have to. That fire-making challenge should be fun to watch. Go Taylor! Girl power! I feel like... There are a lot of straight dudes on the island so I hope I can at least get Taylor on my side so we can have some girl talk.


Wow! I can't belive the producers trolled us again... I srsly thought there will be a tribe swap at frickin 18, and now we are going to make 15... Well I'm happy I'm not on Kieta...