Dupligon Duel
Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring reward/immunity challenge.
Appearance(s) Hawaii
Papua New Guinea

Dupligon Duel is a flash game and a recurring challenge, first appearing in Survivor: Hawaii.



As a tribal reward challenge, Dupligon is a flash game that every castaway is required to play. Once completed, each person will receive a score on a 1-100 scale. When all scores are collected, the scores within each tribe are averaged together, and the tribe(s) with the highest scores with win reward.



The challenge returned in Cuba, under a different format. While it is still played as a tribe, the castaways are randomly put into 1 vs. 1 matches. Whoever scores the highest of the two wins a point for their tribe, and the tribe(s) that collects the most points overall, win reward and immunity.


In the individual portion of the game, castaways are to sumbit their higest scores, which will appear as a percentage between 1-100. The castaway to get the highest score wins immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor: Hawaii
I Am Ready to Kick Some Old People's Butts
Tribal Reward Alik99SamuelthesockpuppetthatnoonelikesToppei3112252
350 33081393009 4474 nXrosheart S2Zjzr
Large 791048Dbwawesomepossum (1)KaitlynSoleavatar
Sunsummer7Totaldramabrody S2Yaniv
Survivor: Cuba
The Black Spot
Tribal Reward/Immunity MeTaylorRandom
Jere90Large 796251Lspie1Large 796253
LiamJessica, Survivor CubaPepsatar
Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Just for the Sake of Using It
Individual Immunity Bananos456
Survivor: Peru
Paranoia is Off the Charts
Tribal Immunity Alf Joar PeruEllie PeruJessy Peru
Jossue PeruNickA Peru
Dominica PeruDylan PeruIeuan Peru
Natalie PeruRyan PeruTJ Peru

Other Appearances

Although not as it's own challenge, Dupligon Duel did reappear in Survivor: Revival in the final immunity challenge, Trials, as one of 6 stages.


  • The reward that all three tribes received was an advantage in the next immunity challenge.
  • Brian, DB, Gerard, "Kaitlyn", Noah, Yaniv and Zachary have all competed in this challenge twice.
  • In all seasons this challenge appeared, either a yellow or blue tribe competed.
    • Hawaii is the only season not to have a blue tribe win.
    • Peru is the only season where a blue tribe did not compete.


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