"Eliza with the Idol"
Season Survivor: Revival
Episode Number 7/15
Episode Chronology
Previous I Liked You Until a Few Hours Ago
Next Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Eliza with the Idol is the seventh episode of Survivor: Revival.


Reward Challenge: Color
The castaways are to play a game called "Color". They are to try to find the exact match for the color(s) the game give them. The tribe with the highest combined score wins reward.
Reward: Advantage in the next Challenge
Winner: Devolvi

Immunity Challenge: Riddle Me This
The first team to solve the riddle wins immunity. However, each team has a certain amount of guesses, and that amount is 6. Another rule is, they have to wait 15 minutes to make another guess after making a guess. Anyone who breaks these rules is out of the challenge.
Additional Stipulation: Only one tribe will be immune, the other two will then go to tribal council.
Winner: Regreso


Day 18

After Luke played his idol, many original Regreso members fear their safety in numbers. Talks build to overthrow the original Vuelta

We don't have the idol anymore, Luke is pretty vulnerable right now and we decided to save him by throwing challenges. It makes sense since there will be a late merge. It's me, Will, Max in Vuelta and Aidan, Chris, Gerard in Devolvi now. We're gonna take out Bailey and Lloyd.


Bailey also wants to make a gameplay and tells the members of Regreso to purposely lose and eliminate Luke.

So this has been our plan since the switch. Joshie and Courtney threw the challenge to oust Brendan. And I thought "Why stop there?" After we found out that if a tribe got down to two members that they would be dissolved into the other two tribes. We decided to get more numbers for our alliance. We would have Courtney and Joshie throw the next immunities and get dissolved onto our tribes. We had a close shave with Ralphie, but luckily Joshie got out of that one. So now that we're down to Joshie, Courtney, and Luke, Regreso is going to tribal council and kicking Luke. And it's about damn time, Luke is two tacos short of a combo platter, meaning he's off the charts crazy, and I'm ready to see his ass go home.


However, Luke goes to the pyramid again, and Joshie fears he has the idol again.

Right now I'm very nervous.. Luke went to the pyramid today and there's a chance he could of gotten the idol again, and that would ruin everything for me and Courtney. The fact that I publicly told him to shut the fuck up, and that I hate him, will mean he's more likely to vote for me.. So if we lose, it's either we both vote Luke and potentially be at the mercy of his idol, or I turn on the person I like the most, and trust the most in this game to potentially make it a tie.. It's freaky, and I'm not going to be Luke for an alliance, because I think he's a fucking ass-hole, and I would never want to stoop so low to his level of shit brain. He's an idiot, I hate him, and he rivals my hatred for Jack Eredmann, but he's a close second.


Day 19

At Devolvi, Aiden beleives he is in the middle of two alliances, when in actuality, he is next in line to be booted.

There's the alliance of Gerard and Chris, and Wojtek and Lloyd on the other. Both are positive that I'm on their side XD. Both sides have pros and cons, but I'm still unsure on the side I want to pick. No matter how I play it. one large alliance is going to be angry and after me.


So, on my tribe, Aidan believes he's the swing vote. Funniest thing ever? We literally have a four-person alliance devoted to voting him out next. So yeah, maybe swing vote is what the cool kids mean when they're next to go? I don't know.


Last day in Devolvi was crazy. Totally crazy. It's pretty simple that Devolvi is formed by two alliances: me and Lloyd and Gerard with Chris. Aidan is between us, but he is not a swing vote. Few days ago I trusted him, but right now I don't. He want to backstab me and Lloyd. He is lying to me. He is a snake, but I'm hunter! Aidan will be voted out.


So my decision is between Lloyd and aiden. I think Lloyd is willing to work with us and aiden isn't. Luke didn't work with Brendan and I haven't heard from duy. So I'm gonna take out aiden. He is a drag to talk with and he might be scheming against me.


Day 20

At tribal, Bailey is eliminated when Maxwell works with the ex-Regresso members. He is eliminated in a 3-2 vote.

At Devolvi's tribal, Aiden is eliminated in a 4-1 vote.

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 8:
Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 12.06.21 AM
Bailey (3 votes)
Duy RevivalMaxwell RevivalWill Revival
Duy, Maxwell, & Will
Maxwell Revival
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Large 895322Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 12.06.21 AM
Alex & Bailey
(votes not counted)
Bailey Revival BW2

Voting Confessionals

I vote for Bailey, he is too much of a threat for my liking, and I've heard that he wants myself out. I can't deal with Bailey and his minions the whole time, it's time to disperse that unit. And yes, I am using my hidden immunity idol on myself. It's time to see my real standing on the tribe.


Here's the defining moment Max. Play your idol, and you live to see another day. Don't play it, and Duy goes home. Either way, I'm happy with the outcome. It was great playing with you bro, but your idol needs to go.


Voting out Mister E. The reason for that will remain a mystery.


You are one of the nicest, funniest, most genuine guys that I know on the wiki. Unfortunately that (and your alliance of almost all of ex-Vuelta) is why you have to go. I hope you don't take this personally and that we can still be friends.




Final Words


Tribal Council 9:
Aidan (4 votes)
S7 CKSheerloydGerardVueltaWojtek
CK, Lloyd, Gerard, & Wojtek
CK (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

In this game you can't trust everyone. I heard you're trying to ditch me, and I can't trust you any longer. Wish things had worked out differently.


I am really sorry about this Aidan but i really need to do this.. you

tried to threw me under the bus.. if that was just part of your strategy, you should have told me.. and most importantly, "YOU ARE PART OF THE SNAKE" so you really need to be cut off... Goodluck!!! and I will miss you!! Xoxoxoxo


Tonight my vote is for Chris. Chris, you only talk to me when you need help and otherwise you basically ignore me. Will is going to freak after this vote, but he kinda broke his side of the deal by telling Bailey he might be going home so... Goodbye to your closest ally, Will.


You shouldn't play against me.


Final Words

Still in the Running

S7 Orange BW
S7 Brendan out
Duy Revival
Random out
Lspie1's new look
Sunsummer7407 bw
Will Revival
S01 Adam bw
Large 895322
Bailey Revival bw
Maxwell Revival
70px-Me 2(1)
70px-Large 831392
S4 AtrainOut


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