These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 18

Last day in Devolvi was crazy. Totally crazy. It's pretty simple that Devolvi is formed by two alliances: me and Lloyd and Gerard with Chris. Aidan is between us, but he is not a swing vote. Few days ago I trusted him, but right now I don't. He want to backstab me and Lloyd. He is lying to me. He is a snake, but I'm hunter! Aidan will be voted out (if Devolvi will lose immunity challenge) and with one person from Regreso my alliance will have majority in Devolvi and we will vote out Chris and Gerard. Awesome!


So this has been our plan since the switch. Joshie and Courtney threw the challenge to oust Brendan. And I thought "Why stop there?" After we found out that if a tribe got down to two members that they would be dissolved into the other two tribes. We decided to get more numbers for our alliance. We would have Courtney and Joshie throw the next immunities and get dissolved onto our tribes. We had a close shave with Ralphie, but luckily Joshie got out of that one. So now that we're down to Joshie, Courtney, and Luke, Regreso is going to tribal council and kicking Luke. And it's about damn time, Luke is two tacos short of a combo platter, meaning he's off the charts crazy, and I'm ready to see his ass go home.


Ok, maybe Alfons has convinced his tribemates to throw the challenge, but I just convinced ANOTHER TRIBE TO THROW THE CHALLENGE. Will, Max and Duy will hopefully throw the immunity challenge to vote out Bailey, the biggest threat, while Luke purposely fails on Regreso, sending them to tribal and sending home either Courtney or Joshie with his idol. I made a fake idol for Luke to pretend to shove in Joshie's face (it looks fake and I even spelled "congratulations" wrong on it) so Joshie will doubt Luke has the idol when he actually does :) If I end up going to tribal tonight I am going to be sad :(


Right now I'm very nervous.. Luke went to the pyramid today and there's a chance he could of gotten the idol again, and that would ruin everything for me and Courtney. The fact that I publicly told him to shut the fuck up, and that I hate him, will mean he's more likely to vote for me.. So if we lose, it's either we both vote Luke and potentially be at the mercy of his idol, or I turn on the person I like the most, and trust the most in this game to potentially make it a tie.. It's freaky, and I'm not going to be Luke for an alliance, because I think he's a fucking ass-hole, and I would never want to stoop so low to his level of shit brain. He's an idiot, I hate him, and he rivals my hatred for Jack Eredmann, but he's a close second.


Day 19

We don't have the idol anymore, Luke is pretty vulnerable right now and we decided to save him by throwing challenges. It makes sense since there will be a late merge. It's me, Will, Max in Vuelta and Aidan, Chris, Gerard in Devolvi now. We're gonna take out Bailey and Lloyd.


This vote is really a trial for Duy, to see if me and Will can trust him. Since I am using my idol, I can guarantee my own safety and potentially out a rat to the rest of the people in the game. Hopefully Duy pulls through.


Looks like luke played his idol and didn't really make an impact. It would've been great if josh was blindsided but luke must've told the wrong person. Shame, missed opportunity. I would've liked working with Raph too.

We won reward! We need it considering there is a double tribal coming.

What a stupid challenge! One single riddle? I could've solved it on my sleep! Aha, well I was asleep when this challenge was posted so maybe not. But I don't really think that's fair a live challenge should have a longer notification epecially because one tribe has 3 American players who were all probably asleep during the 6 hour warning and challenge posting. I'm actually upset about this. Whatever if this season has taught me anything it's that survivor is not fair, especially this season.

So my decision is between Lloyd and aiden. I think Lloyd is willing to work with us and aiden isn't. Luke didn't work with Brendan and I haven't heard from duy. So I'm gonna take out aiden. He is a drag to talk with and he might be scheming against me.


Day 20

So right now, Aidan has them #SwingVoteProblems. He doesn't know who he's voting, and his vote determines who goes home, of course !!! I mean, 4 votes against you, and you're obviously the swing vote, right? Yeah, obviously. I guess the swing vote is #GoingHome. See ya. ;D


So yeah, myself, Max, and Duy have cooked up a scheme to get rid of the Vuelta power player, Bailey. However while the plan tonight will most likely work I couldn't help but feel guilty about it all because I do genuinely like Bailey. So when he came up to me and said, "This plan is going to work, Right" and I froze up for a few seconds (or maybe 30 -_-) He figured out what was going on. Thankfully Duy seems to be with us and Alex might be self-voting. But now Bailey is running around "camp" asking everyone questions. After this though, It will be time to face the wrath of Vuelta