These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 4

I was kinda surprised that Ali was voted out unanimously, mostly because I didn't really expect Ben to lie to him... But I guess Ash must have campaigned to get him out, which I'm okay with.

When we got to the challenge, there were several bits I knew I would be decent at, but aside from the picture quizz, which was unfortunately worth nothing, there wasn't really any I could ace. I tried to make a flag just to see if people would like it, Ash kinda got mad because apparently it's the only thing she finds herself decent at... But frankly, I don't care. If she wants to face Gerda in a graphic-making challenge, fine, whatever. Have fun, booboo.

I'm really hoping that we can be safe.


Hahahahaha. Skandi as a first boot is amazing. Although it is a bit of a wake up call that the game is going to be intense.


Three days down, 36 to go! Us winning that challenge knocked out 2 All-Stars and one of them was Skandi!! I think every tribe has the threat and the scapegoat; Rolih booted the threat and Tambo axed the scapegoat. There's a division in the Mpilo 5 with Alejandro and Marish on one side and Sharky and Jhet on the other but I don't plan on keeping Sharky around if it gets to it... And the game continues!


So, it's Day 4, and I just couldn't be happier not to worry about the game. It's just so much fun not to have to vote somebody off, no wonder that people love immunities in the real game.

We've got news that Tambo voted off Ali, which, thank god, and Rolih voted off Skandi, which kind of surprised me.. but did he ever stand a chance in the first place? I don't know, I didn't watch Switzerland.

All I got from Skandi's elimination, is that Rolih and Tambo will most likely end up working, if what I've been told about Ash is correct, then Ash and Hunter have an alliance, which means that because their currently apart, that Ash and Hunter could potentially get a 6-8 person alliance together, that terrifies me, so I feel that ideally, Zuma and Mpilo should get together.

Now, on my tribe, Mark's the primary target.. I don't even know why, but I've pretty much solidifed an alliance with Alejandro, and will most likely go with Sole, meaning we'll have the numbers once Mark goes.

And to top it off, we've nicknamed our tribe the Mpilo Mighty Hippos, which is a horrible name but I love it, hopefully, we can use that as an alliance name so it lives forever in our history of ORG Survivor.

Can't wait to see what lies ahead.


This seasons starting challenges suck balls… I don’t know what the mods are thinking… I am very annoyed… I will play the Wordz Whizz. Shall be possible to rock it here.

Just talked to Adam a little and he seems to use some kind of tools to play the challenge… This is not against the rules, but unethical… After I knew that he was already using photoshopped conversations in his original conversation… This behavior pisses me of greatly… I want him out… Make it a battle of the minds… Not a battle of who finds the best online tools… I won’t use this unethical behavior and if that means I will go to tribal again so be it… I respect the game too much to bend the rules that much… Adam… Im gunning for you… Now I guess it might go against us in the challenge… Hunter’s flag looks 100% awful… Henzzy’s typing skills are horrible… And I am aligned with those two… Congrats to the most mediocre player of the season… ME!!!

Yeah… we won immunity… Dunno how that was possible… The plan to get Zac out was already there… Now that we are free… I shall focus a little on crosstribe communication… Cheers to that…


Seeing Ali and Skandi gone, makes me nervous. These All-Stars are really crazy! They made the right choice though in my opinion. I'm the last one representative of Switzerland now. I'm going to fight till the end. I don't want to be second anymore. More than that I don't want to be voted out. I just hope Sole will keep his word on me. If everything he says is true, then we'll be each other's guard.


My head is spinning. All Stars is really taking it's toll on me.

Some people are telling me Ash is gunning for me, some people tell me she isn't. Now Andrei is speaking on behalf of Ash too, and I have heard that she is running the things in her tribe. So someone out there is lying to me for sure.

What also troubles me is.. how did Ash hear I thought she was gunning for me? Is there some serious leak of info out there? I think there probably is.

I just hate this lying and backstabbing so much. And it's already day 3. How am I going to survive this game?

All I need to do right now is not share info like this anymore. There is obviously someone out there leaking it.

And the fact that Ali said all of his tribe lied to him makes me worried. At least I know that Taylor can be trusted since he told me before that Ali is going. I am still worried though. There are for sure people out there gunning for me.


Yup, so Ali's gone and I feel slightly safer, but I just really want to win immunity now. I know Gerda's doing the flag for her part of the challenge, and I'm hoping to do it for mine (Andrei and I both want to do it but my flag is already better o.e) mostly because I like making flags and I suck at everything else.

So the amount of crosstribal talking I'm doing is hilariously a lot. But I know for sure someone's out to get me. I'm not sure if Alejandro is lying that it's Hunter, but I know someone is telling Gerda/Adam that I am targeting them, even though I'm really not! Gerda didn't believe me when I told her I wasn't, and I'm not sure how Adam took it. But I need to watch out, someone's targeting me (other than possibly Charlie) and I don't like it. I hate being targeted, but this is so far the only interesting thing going on in my game. Which makes me feel like a sitting duck.

My tribe isn't that active, and I'm pretty sure that both Taylor and Andrei trust me... and probably Kevin too. Slight problem there. xD so I'm just hoping not to lose.


Well, these tribes are great. I am hoping for no tribe swaps, so we can stick together and continue kicking ass. So, life is good...except from one problem. The god damn idol. That clue is impossible, I have no clue how anyone will ever get I am probably gonna have to wait to get some more clues...whenever that happens. You would think if we won 2 challenges in a row you would at least get another clue...


I woke up, only to realise I was selected to sit out the challenge, and I've got to admit that kind of ticked me off. Because I never even got a chance to discuss if I should participate in the challenge. So if Sole screws us the win.. well his my ally... but it just kind of bothers me..


I've got The Zuma 4 of me Gerda Adam Lloyd. The Whatever Alliance of Me Gerda and Adam. Adam is basically worshipping me so I feel good.


This one is for Skandi

Hunter was already on my list of targets. But now that Skandi is gone, it's very clear that he's targeting the big targets. Time to take off this "reformed villain mask" that I've been keeping on and get down and dirty. This evil son of a bitch is back to wreck havok!

Hunter has dominant control over his tribe. Nobody can take him out, so it's time to plan ahead. Marish, Gerda, Adam and I have a solid alliance and we're gonna use it to keep our two tribes unified. We're gonna continue to send Rholi and Tambo to tribal council so that we can down their numbers and take them out at the inevitable tribe absorption.

Why not? both our tribes seem like they're in a good spot. No divisions, everyone thinks they're working together. Especially my tribe (which I love so much), it's a HUGE difference from my tribes in Korea where we had to sit out the ones who'd be inactive. In Mpoli, we're actually having a hard time deciding who to sit out since everyone wants to do the challenges!

But yeah, that's beside the point. Aside from my 4 working together, I decided to get a little insurance plan. I solidified an alliance with Mike (this way, I have all corners of the two tribes on my side). So I think he's willing to work with me to take out Hunter. I planted seeds by lying to him and telling him that Hunter was gunning for Charlie (since Charlie is obviously Mike's ally).

Now, We'll have the numbers to take out Hunter when the time comes. The only person in our two tribes who I am not confident with is Hickman, mainly because I've barely ever talked to him. So I asked Mike to try and keep Loyd safe if he can. Which would make Hickman the obvious target. Hickman may be able to help us, but he may also be able to work against us. Something I learned in my cut-throat job as a businessman is that a resource that could fall into the hands of the enemy, is a resource best disposed of.

I need Hickman out because I need Gerda, Adam, Charlie, Mike and Loyd to be willing to take Hunter out (I think those 5 are on my good side). In my tribe, I think it'll be easier to get them to take out Hunter.

So now, it's pretty simple. Win as many challenges as possible to dwindle down the Tambo and Rholi tribe numbers, then go to the absorption where we'll be in a good spot to take out Hunter.

Seriously. The only people I wanna work with from those two tribes are Henzzy, Kevin and Taylor. I hope they don't go anytime soon, because I genuinely like those three. I think I can convince them to side with me...I hope I can.

Hunter, you're one hell of an opponent. If one of us go home, it'll probably be on the hands of the other. We're both good at challenges, we both have a whole tribe on our side, we're both devious as hell, we're both capable of taking out big players...wish we could have worked together. Too bad we can't.

You're really a great guy, and I hope we can laugh about this outside the game. But for now, you're PERSONA NON GRATA!


So the challenge is divided into 5 parts and right away everyone started saying which one they wanted and all that. I went for the picture quiz. That's the only one I felt comfortable doing, but then I saw who I was up against. I'm up against Charlie, Johan-Amir and Andrei. I'm pretty sure they are all great in challenges. But I want to prove to myself and my tribe that I'm good in challenges too. Hopefully I can get 1st place in my part of the challenge. Then I can prove to my tribe I am strong. I fought really hard in the first challenge, even though it didn't count and I want to probe myself today.

Hunter chose the flag for his part of the challenge, it looks pretty good. I like it, but he needs to make sure it is the best he can make it. If he comes last in the flag challenges, that's 0 points. He would have a massively disappointed tribe. Lucky he has a majority alliance. That's part of the reason I also wanted to do the picture quiz. It is worth less points than the other ones. So it won't be drastic if I lose.


This challenge was a bitch and a half. Mainly because I hate Whizz Wordz, but nobody else on my tribe was very good at it, so I told them to stick me where they are the weakest. I've realized that in this game, I am a jack-of-all-trades. I am pretty good at most challenges, usually ranking in the top quarter. The only reason I never got Immunity in Polynesia, was because of Adam. As luck would have it, I have to go against him in this challenge. Luckily, him and I are aligned, and I know that I'm not going to beat him in this challenge, but I'm still very happy with my score.

The only thing that sucks about this challenge, is that I can only submit for Whizz Wordz. I know that I can beat my tribe in at least 3 of these 5 challenges. It is crazy, because I hate that I'm better at challenges than most people, but we still might lose due to their inadequacy. But, that is the name of the game. There are two ways this could go for me, either my tribe will think I am too strong, and want me out of this game, or they will flock to me, and want me around, because I can carry this tribe in competition. More than likely, the latter will happen, because they already have flocked to me.

I have realized, after playing this game back-to-back, that I am really the perfect castaway. I dominate in challenges, I am nice to everybody, and I tend to align myself with the right people.

I've seen people post up on Facebook about who they think would win this game, and I see people who I don't even know saying that they think I have a good chance. They are correct of course, but it feels good to know that some people think you can win this game, when there have been so many people who doubted me even being here. I'm doing everything I can to align myself with people who I see as going far in this game, and then when I make merge, I will just use my dual threat of challenge prowess and my superior social skills to just take my ass to the Final Tribal.


Alright, now this game is starting to get fun.

Two down, twenty-one to go which is a shit ton.

My main goal right now is to win, win, win. I think I have my portion locked up, but even if I don't we'll be ok. Zuma is a force to be reckoned with.

My alliance of Me, Gerda, and Hickman is stronger than ever. I just like the both of them as people, makes it easier.

Kevin and me are real close, and he's still my #1. Rupert and Russell taking this game by storm, and it was nice to see him survive a tribal. Shows he has numbers.

Gerda will probably win her flag, Charlie will grab second on his, Mike will grab second or third, Llloyd around the same, and hopefully I'll grab first or second. Which puts us definitely out of last, and not going to tribal again.

If we do, either Mike or Charlie will go. Which is fine by me, Mike's devious and Charlie's no better.

Everything's been constant. Sharky wants to work together, but he's sketchy. Alejandro is a cool guy, but sketchy. Marish is a cool guy, but sketchy. They all want Ash/Hunter gone - so it works for me. Just need to take it 3 day cycle by 3 day cycle.


Day 5

The more Zuma keep winning, the more every other tribe wants to take them down.. All I can say is that they won't be immune forever, and as soon as they aren't I wouldn't be surprised if they hit the dust pretty quickly. I feel sorry for Tambo, though, because they're all good players and it sucks to see a tribe being Ulonged in a season like All-Stars... I just hope they can turn it around! Unless it's at my expense, of course..


So now we're fucking going to tribal again, and Ben and I have to decide where we're siding. Taylor (and Kevin) or Andrei. Either way, we're in the majority. I really don't want to vote out anyone, and honestly, I'd vote out Kevin or Ben, just because I don't talk to them that often. And I was roped into an alliance with Ben by both Andrei and Taylor... This annoys me.

So Ben ended up choosing Taylor's side, and I think I just realized that I really do like Andrei, so that's why I'm trying something new... After thinking for a while, I believe I can get Ben out. He's the only one on my tribe that I don't trust, because he barely replies to my messages at all, and he avoids like all alliance/strategy talk. I can show Andrei that Ben is going to go with Taylor's alliance, so then I have two votes Ben, and if I can get Kevin to vote Ben out by telling him that he's gonna be the target in f4...

If I vote Andrei off here, next vote, it's probably going to be me or Kevin. If I vote Ben, all bets are off, but I can get Taylor OR Andrei out. God damn this.


What the hell am I going to do. We now have a set alliance of myself, Kevin and Ben which I've forged together but we have to go to tribal and have no clue who to vote out. Ash talks to much and isn't the greatest in challenge. Andrei talks very little and is a monster in challenges which could be bad if he gets far in this game. Either way this decision is going to be a good and bad for us.. Damn


So Mpilo won.. and I had the BEST SCORE which made me uber happy! I've never dominated in a challenge like this so this is so fucking awesome!. We're safe, and things got quiet so I'm somewhat anxious about it, nobody's really reaching out at this stage, so it's hard to say whats' going on, hopefully, there's simply nothing to talk about. And I'm glad Mpilo is really a strong tribe and that Tambo is going to tribal council once again. Because I hope Ash goes home.


Trouble in Hogwarts.

Once again, Gryffindor has done best in challenges and a certain Slytherin just can't handle it. Ever since Adam got the whopping 4400 in Whizz words, Uli's been attacking him like crazy. It seems he really has a problem with not getting the first prize. He is sort of like Draco Malfoy since he always wants to be number one and the most noticed person out of the bunch. I like Draco more though.

I just don't get why he attacks Adam like that. Adam's like one of the nicest people in this game, and one of my main allies.

Then again, Uli is just making himself look worse. People already didn't like him before the game and found it weird how he messaged all of us before it all even started. This is just making people want him out of the game more.. Yes, like Skandi said to me, being too nice can also mean that people will try to get you, since this is like the Game of Thrones: kill or be killed. But if you act like this, people will try to get you out even more.

I sure feel a bit bad cause I didn't win the flag part (especially cause I spent a day on it), but I won't say anything bad about it. The maker of the Mpilo flag must really be a skillful artist. Besides, we still got first spot so it doesn't matter. We are safe.

As for Ash, she is still trying to make it seem as if she isn't gunning for me. Now I hear she has been telling Taylor that I am gunning for her! Well, in a way I am: like I told to Taylor, I am ready to attack her back.

I am still sad Tambo is going to Tribal. This means Taylor is in danger. The boot of Skandi made us all scared, especially the rest of the Early Four. Taylor is a very good ally to have and losing him would really hurt me. We aren't in the same tribe right now, but having him in the game makes me feel safe. Same with all my other allies like Alejandro and Marish and Adam and Hickman and Lloyd and Sole etc. Also, Marish now has given me legitimate proof that Ash is gunning for me. This has made me trust him even more and see, which people I can and can't trust in this game. Obviously I can't trust Hunter, although he told me about her gunning for me. He also exposed my alliance and got Skandi out of the game. He needs to go.

But now I know Andrei was either lying or he was just saying stuff to me that he didn't know were lies. Either way, I might have to cross him out of the list of the people I can work with. Then again, I'm not doing this before I can actually see for sure if he is against me or with me.

At least I am in a safe place right now. I am in one of the best tribes, in a solid alliance, and I have protectors in the game.

I just really really hope I won't lose Taylor. Ash has something worked out with Andrei and Ben. But Ben is with Taylor too.. I seriously hope this doesn't mean that Ash has the majority. Ben, please go with Taylor. I can't lose him too!


I need to forget everything I know about Survivor. I'm no longer playing with new and fresh off the block players, I'm playing with die hard and deadly players who know how to play the cards. From using big targets to shield them, to scheming their way to the finish, to dominating challenges and ensuring their safety, to every other corner of the game.

When I found out that Skandi was eliminated, it was a HUGE wake up call. Because we're pretty much similar in terms of gameplay. But aside from that, Skandi's elimination proved that I am not in control of this game. I did my usual scheming to keep Skandi safe and to put a target on Hunter, it didn't work. These are cut throat players who need to be handled carefully. The people I'm working with right now like Sharky could potentially be plotting my blindside as we speak.

One thing is for sure, I can't play the same way I did in Korea. Even if i got to the end, I'd probably still end up placing 2nd. That's because I was too villainous...I definitely cannot be that villainous this season or I'm gonna get my ass kicked. Time to change my gameplay. I'm still gonna be villainous, because that's who I am. But I've gotta lessen the wattage.


Rolih won the challenge..... Kinda.... We came 3rd, which I good, we get immunity, but we were second last. If that was a double tribal, we'd be going back to tribal. But I was really disappointed with my score. I did really bad. Worse than I expected. Luckily the other members did well in their parts of the challenge. So, not feeling to good about myself right now. But I feel bad for Tambo tribe, my friend Ash is on that tribe and I know she's really upset about losing. I hope she's safe. But in away, it's good that they lost. It means I can sit out challenges down soon. And, sitting me out in challenges is probably the best way fro my tribe to win.


Well, I brought it up to Kevin, telling him that it was just an option and not to screw me over haha but he said it'd be better to just vote out Andrei.

Well, I tried to save him. I can't do anything else, Taylor won't want to vote Ben out, because he trusts him, which annoys the hell out of me. I tend to like it when I'm everyone's #1 ally, it's easier for me to work around shit that way. And obviously Ben won't vote himself out. So I'm really sorry Andrei. And now I'm finding myself becoming the Ciera of my alliance... with 4 people left. Bye bye Ash...

Apparently Zuma thinks I'm controlling my tribe, and they're targeting me... awkward. I'm really not. And I'm not sure if Charlie is lying to me about it, but I somehow doubt he is, because what the hell would he get out of it? Sigh.

If there isn't a tribe swap or something soon, I'm just about dead. Because I think Kevin and Taylor are a lot closer than I think. He's playing the same game as I am, except better. Gahh this frustrates me. I'm so screwed. This is like a game of chess, every move can save you or screw you.


I am raging. I said I would call people out on their bullshit and it's peanut butter bullshit time!

Firstly, a winners tribe is such a crutch. Ok, you don't want them being targeted and picked off straight away so you single them out? Seat them at the cool kids table? They can handle themselves; why not let them play like the rest of us? No other tribe has been given a reason for unification. Surely a winner's tribe will encourage them to stick together. It's literally handing them a pre-made alliance. And this last challenge was tailor-made for them. Charlie had previously won the 99 Bricks challenge in Nepal. Adam had won the Whizz Words challenge in Polynesia. And why not throw in a design challenge for Gerda? Why are we playing games that some of the cast have already played and proven themselves to be capable of winning? None of these challenges were in Korea, so how is it fair that I have to choose from 5 challenges I've never played before and other tribes can just dish them out to who's already won them? And why are two of them speed typing challenges? And why are they worth different amounts? And why is the quiz with less questions worth more points than the other? Hell, why are any of them worth different amounts? Fascism! Turn to the left. Fascism! Turn to the right. Ba ba ba. FASCISM!

And another thing - what is the point of challenges where it just comes down to who can best exploit its weaknesses? There's no test of skill. The two quizzes give you the answers after one failed attempt and then it's just who can type them the fastest. With whizz words, it's just who can copy words the fastest off an anagram program. So three out of five of the challenges were just 'hope you can read and type fast lol'. And finally, there was some kind of All-Star qualification season or something? A bunch of people are talking about the little practice-run they played so yeah, cool. No invite for me but whatevs, nothing new. I am not saying there is any rigging or deliberate favouritism going on but I think the decisions so far made are unbalanced and create an uneven playing field.

There. Rant over. Hufflepuff lost again and this vote is even lamer because it's going to reveal my allegiances. Taylor and Kevin are on one side; Andrei and Ash are on the other. It's made me realise this tribe doesn't have a leader, which sucks as I like to attach myself to the authoritative player. Now I'm the one who has to make the calls. I was going to go with Taylor and Kevin but they won't decide between Ash and Andrei. I can definitely see Ash jumping ship at any moment without a second thought but if she takes me with her then that's not so bad lol. I'm thinking ahead and Ash could be a valuable ally for all the reasons Taylor and Kevin are wary of her. She talks to a lot of people and I'm sure she's got a couple of alliances going on. I know there's going to be some sort of tribe shake-up soon and she seems my best 'in' to a new alliance when Tambo is no more. She also says she's close with Henry, so I'm thinking she could help me secure an alliance between Hunter, Gerad and Henry, and the Tambos. At this stage, I'm sick of going back and forth with who to vote out. I want to make a decision and be done with it. Jenna Lewis would never stand for these sorts of shenanigans.


Today is already shaping up to be one of the worst ever.

I woke up this morning to the news of us losing the challenge, and to an alarmed Ash telling me I'm going home unless I vote for Ben. Well, let me tell you, you don't wanna wake up to a death warning.

I'm pissed about losing the challenge because that means Alejandro is extending his lead over my track record and it does not sit well with me, but right now, with my life on the line, I have more to worry about.

I spent the day being as calm and collected as possible while Ash was scrambling to save me. A conversation with Taylor almost led me to vote out my girl because he seemed willing to vote her out, and well, I was somewhat reassured about the idea it would not necessarily be me.

After that, I spent a few hours reading, and when Ben came online, I tried to see where his head was at, and apparently he went to bed before anyone could brainwash him. I let Ash work her magic, then innocently came up to him to check if he was going by her version of the facts, and by then I had enough information to cast a vote.

At this point, I have a choice between voting for Ash, a notorious scrambler and high-maintenance drama queen, and the loyal guy from last season. I feel like I owe Ash too much to throw her under the bus now and it might not even be worth it, so... against all rational thinking, I'll vote for Kevin, who I haven't talked to enough to feel bad about it.


This really sucks. I work my ass off, completely dominate two of my three opponents, and then we get sent to tribal yet again. Its like that challenge was designed so Zuma would win. But, I'm not going to complain about anything, I'm going to take it in stride and keep a level head.

This vote is particularly difficult, because I really like my tribe. We all seem to be getting along well together, we just need to work harder on challenges. I mean, I would have loved to be able to spend more time on mine, but working 51 hours in 6 days will kill your free time.

But anyways, by the looks of it, I've become involved with the strong 3 in our tribe, but it surprised me on who it was. I thought I'd be working with Ash and Taylor, but it looks like it'll be Me, Taylor and Ben. I call us the "Tambo-rine 3." Ash will wind up being our fourth, but she believes that her and I are the closest. In this game, the only other person I am looking after is Adam. I want to be able to make the finals, and I am going to do whatever it takes to make it there, and if some bridges must be torn down, then I will use those pieces to make a new bridge.


So I figured out that Taylor/Kevin have a close alliance, and I think Ben and I are a closer duo than I thought before. Kevin didn't agree to taking out Ben (that now I'm glad about), and I almost gave up on Andrei until he said that we could try for Taylor or Kevin. I know I couldn't get Taylor out, but I thought that I could get Kevin... lo and behold, I'm finding myself talking to Ben about voting off Kevin. Since he and I are playing both sides, we're allied with both Taylor and Andrei, which left out Kevin. Thank you Kevin, for having a job and not being able to be online all the time. And thank you, Ben for understanding reason. If this works, Ben and I will be at the top of our tribe, we'll have the easy, ultimate choice of who to go with, I'll have saved my ally and secured his loyalty (hopefully) and gotten out a powerful duo. I'm 90% sure the vote is going to be a blindside, either for Kevin, or for me if Taylor and Kevin find out and pull Ben in... oh well, at least I'll go out with a bang.


The more I hear or see him, the more I despise him. He does not know me, but I know him. I will do everything invested in me to get him out. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who knows he is playing the game unfairly. I'm referring to Adam if you haven't figured out by now. Having two great friends playing in Poly and telling me EVERYTHING about it, I know the full story of the season. Adam used fake conversations to get himself to the top. Dan was blindsided because Adam gave them information using a "conversation" with Dan being strategic (Dan is the least strategic person I know). Aaron was blindsided by Adam who was a close ally with him, and THEN he messaged him, bullying him about the way he went out. This guy is a, excuse my language, but he is a huge cocksucker! And god he is such a douche! And now he has Ash and Alejandro falling all over him because of how nice and great he is. I don't see this. It's going to take a villain to get rid of a villain and Uli is just the person to do that. Uli pointed out the high score of Adam during the challenge, and it got me thinking, what if Adam is not only faking conversations, but he is faking scores? I played that challenge in Quals for like 2 hours straight and still didn't win, but Des didn't beat me by much. I was absolutely stumped, and here's Adam, apparantely telling Uli that he used a word unscrambler to get answers. Even with that you can't possibly have enough time to get 4,000 points...Uli is surely against him. We can take him down, I know it, we just have to wait. I need to save Uli for a few more tribal councils. Adam's blindside will be the juiciest move I have ever been a part of in ANY ORG.