Day 33

Please tell me this is just a bloody dream... First Ziggy went, and me and James were able to make a good alliance, and when Erik & James both wanted to vote Ivan out, I made them go to Bryce, but now Bryce used his idol, James has gone, and now, it's just me and Ivan... I need to sway Erik somehow, to make us have someone else on our side. Bryce won't be able to trust us anymore, and the odds are against us too... Gosh, I swear if one of us gets out next time, I will possibly just fold away liek a card and not be able to unfold myself, wow, that made no sense, but all I know is now i've got a target on my back, and there is no other way to un-target myself...


OMFG!!! I was half hearted in voting James out but after finding out from Rebekah that James asked her to vote me out and that James had an idol --- Wooooooooahhhh Goood move! Another good move I did was to let Bryce know that the other alliance was targeting him....and it made him scramble and play an idol! Woooaaaah.

One of the best blindsides, we flushed two freakin' idols. :-D


Day 34

"Dethrone the Queen"

I am in a perfect position, except if someone is plotting against me that I dont know of.

Rebekah and Erik and I agreed to vote out Bryce.

i pitched to Taylor that this is the perfect opportunity to dethrone the queen - Molly. And Taylor bought it.

So Taylor, Bryce and I are gonna vote Molly. Erik and Bekah are gonna vote Bryce. Molly votes Erik. If Molly plays an idol, i am still safw because Bekah and Erik would be voting for Bryce.

I hope this goes well as planned. It's another blindside in Kamchatka!


Voting Confessionals

You don't now where to stop do yah Brian, oops, its Bryce, isn't it. Sure, we backstabbed you, but come on, James did nothing to you! And you shoulda know this'll happen. This is what happens when you have sex with another alliance, some random vote comes with words that don't make sense here to vote you off, and, we all secretly know you were planning on hurting us, especially with that idol. I wouldn't be surprised if you had another one behind your back actually, but whatever, the one who laughs always wins, ALWAYS!


Is for Bryce. You're a backstabbing whore, so get your pussy out of my face, ya fruit loop dingus. Love ya.


Heh heh, Bye-van! Yeah... I know. Not that funny, but hey, at least I tried, right? In all seriousness, you are a HUGE threat Ivan. I can't let you get any closer to the finals than you already are. You will automatically win. Everyone likes a good underdog story. Denise, anyone? I feel really bad about lying to you this intensely, but then again, I want to win.


“I am voting for Molly. Everyone thinks she is the queen and is running things at camp.

I don’t feel any genuine connection when I talk to her unlike when I do with Rebekah or Taylor.

She is also a challenge threat. She displayed impressive ability in the challenge, and has won some.

This is the perfect opportunity to dethrone the queen. Bye Molly!