Day 10

So Sam is someone who I probably overestimated. We get insight that Joan is looking to join the other tribe and what he does is email Zach that they should stick together and vote Tyson, Connor and myself one by one.

Did I mention my email was attached to this? Why he would approach me about this alliance at all, I have no idea. However his carelessness doesn't excuse my own in terms of not being certain how complacent he is. So what I am doing is that I am back to square one and trying to get Sebastian into this game and seeing if Michael can risk taking one of Joan's allies out of our tribe. It may not work, but dammit I am going to try everything possible.


Well, the strategy talk on our tribe is starting to die down. Our alliance decided in the wake of this lull in strategy to give ourselves a name. So John pitched the name "Wild Bunch", based on an old movie he saw. So now we are an official alliance, we're running Lagunes, and I'm going to the Final 3. Things couldn't be any better over here.


One tribe is obviously stronger than the other but I think that will change soon


Apparently now Savanes is going to attempt to vote out John, Sam, and I during the merge. Seeing Savanes's losing streak, I doubt that will happen. Plus, we can easily get Cass and Emma on our side. Back on Lagunes, I am still looking forward to dodging the equality twist and voting out either Sebastian and Connor if we lose...and I am loving my alliance! We are so close, nobody is leading, nobody is the bottom of the totem pole, everybody is equal.


Well everything is coming up Milhouse!

I somehow convinced Joan and the rest of them I am on their side and they are looking to throw the next couple of challenges to take out Cassandra. I am happy to do this, but I have no interest in getting Cassandra... right now anyways. Now that I am in the alliance, I can figure out where their plan is, use that magical little idol and than take out the leader of their tribe. After that, we follow through with the Equality twist and I get Michael or Sharky from the other tribe and for the first time in this game, I will not have to kiss anyone's ass to stay safe. I don't want to get too excited because plans backfire all the time, but when you have enough plans, something works eventually.


Wow Isaac really got blindsided... Now Cass wants Jimmy next but i really want Riley too go next because he was in Isaac's old alliance and he probably voted for Cass...

Hopefully i can pull off this move... I dont want too be a goat however i need too talk too my tribe a bit more a day.

Also just one more lost for Savanes until the twist happens......

Hopefully the twist will do us well for challenges because so far Savanes is being compared too Ulong....

But i will try too do the challenge always just too be safe and hopefully getting Riley out would happen soon....


Day 11 alliance is called The Oink Alliance. I wonder who suggested that name...anyway, I am thinking Tyson should go because he says oink is "old." But oh, no, oink is not old. In fact, oink is just beginning.


Day 12

...Sharky keeps on saying in Tribal that they don't lose every challenge...the only challenges they won were when we threw them, so they haven't really one a challenge. But now, Sam is targeting Cass and wants to lose challenges so we can bring her over because of the equality twist. Right now, though, I really just want to Ulong Savanes because:

1. They can get rid of the Savanes threats for us. 2. I like Cass, she's a great person and I want to work with her. 3. Throwing challenges makes the game feel longer.


I am really feeling for Savanes at this point.

We have just been dominating at everything and just throwing a couple of challenges their way so we don't have to lose one of our guys to them. First time we throw the immunity challenge, Nukti quits and we don't vote anyone out. Second time, there is some debate and I think people are concerned, but theoretically it shouldn't be too difficult for a conflicted tribe to lose. Turns out I was wrong. I don't know if we are just totally badasses or if the other tribe just sucks. It's probably a combination of the two, but it makes things difficult because having this tribe intact is not good for me.

  • total badasses

I am 6th at best if the hierarchy stays intact and if I am staying in this game for a long period of time, I either want first or make sure that no one in the Oink alliance does.