"Expect the Unexpected"
Season Survivor: Azerbaijan
Episode Number 1/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Quite the Dramatic Beyotch (Previous Season)
Next Make It Count

Expect the Unexpected is the premiere episode of Survivor: Azerbaijan.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Tri-Tribe Spirit
There will be three challenges that the tribe members will have to divide up the work with. Part 1 will be creating a Tribe Flag which will involve only one member. Part 2 will be creating a Tribe Chant which will consist of 3 tribe members. Then finally, part 3 will be playing Winterbells which will consist of the 1 remaining tribe member.
Winners: Sheki, Baku, and Khizi.


Day 1

The 29th season of the ORG began with sixteen new players being divided into four tribes. The green tribe Astara consisted of Alex, Austin, Clifford, and Nick. The orange tribe Baku consisted of Angie, Felix, Jake R. and Jaylen. The blue tribe Khizi consisted of Ella, Hannah, Jared, and Joseph. The yellow tribe Sheki consisted of Hunter, Nifty, Rob, and Tom. They were surprised to find out that four previous players would be joining them. Minke, from Survivor: Rome, joined Astara. Bryce, from Survivor: Similan Islands, joined Baku. Jessica, from Survivor: Greece joined Khizi. Jake N., from Survivor: Indonesia, joined Sheki.

At Astara, Austin quickly got to know his tribe. He soon formed an alliance with Clifford and Minke called 'The Atari 3.' Clifford quickly targeted Alex due to their rough history in a past ORG. Nick was worried about being on the outs and was unsure about who would go if they lost the challenge.

At Baku, Bryce was confident that he would not be seen as a threat, due to being a pre-merge returnee. He aligned himself with Jaylen and Felix to form 'The Baku Bros', a name Felix wasn't very fond of. Angie quickly annoyed Felix due to her poor attempts to start a conversation with the tribe.

At Khizi, Ella hit the ground running by searching for the idol. She was also added to an alliance with Jared, Jessica, and Hannah, although she wanted to get rid of Hannah first. Jared formed a close bond with Ella as they played all sides on their tribe. However, he soon began to dislike Joseph, due to him being annoying and wanted to vote him out if their tribe were to lose. Ella began to get annoyed with her quiet tribe mates. Joseph began to target Jessica due to her being a returnee and found it odd to be the oldest on his tribe.

On Sheki, Tom worried about being on the same tribe as Jake N. due to having bad history with him in a past ORG. Nifty was uneasy about aligning with Tom and Jake N. because he didn't want to be seen as a target due to the three of them previously playing together. However, he soon joined them as they were the only people to approach him, although he did want Hunter to stay in case he decided to work with him over Tom and Jake N. Hunter considered working with Jake N. but Jake felt like he had control of his tribe and was sure that Hunter would be the first to go. Nifty soon created a Skype group for the Sheki tribe and they held group calls with each other often, which caused Nifty to turn on Hunter and want him out.

Day 2

At Astara, Nick created an alliance with Alex and Clifford. Alex was worried about being aligned with Cliff, due to their history. Nick also tried aligning with Austin and while Austin agreed, he wasn't gonna stay loyal to it.

At Baku, Felix and Bryce formed an alliance with Jake R., leaving Angie the only one without an alliance.

At Khizi, Ella started to get annoyed with Jessica, due to her barely being on. Hannah and Ella talked about the silence and Hannah voiced her concern with Jared and Jessica not talking to her. Jessica told Ella she worried about being the first to go, which Ella was happy to hear, sensing she could use Jessica to get further.

At Sheki, Nifty was happy with the skype group, as it made him feel comfortable within his tribe as he wouldn't become a target. Rob also felt safe on his tribe and felt he could trust everyone except for Tom. He would also feel like getting out the returnees would prove his loyalty to Nifty and Hunter. However, Jake N. told Rob about his alliance with Tom and Nifty, although he stated he was loyal to Rob more than the other two. This worried Rob about both his position and Jake N., although Jake N. wanted to go to the end with Rob.

At the immunity challenge, Sheki, Baku, and Khizi won, sending Astara to Tribal Council.

Day 3

With Tribal Council looming, Nick became the target for 'The Atari 3' due to his constant scrambling. Nick wanted to target Minke due to her being a returnee, but soon targeted Austin after Minke told him he was the target. This annoyed Austin but he decided to stay loyal to Minke. Knowing he was in trouble, Nick searched for the idol and found it a few hours before Tribal. Knowing Nick would be getting the majority of the votes, Alex decided to vote his ally. However, 'The Atari 3' found out Nick found the idol and Minke was told to vote Alex to force a tie at Tribal.

At Baku, Bryce was happy that his tribe was better than his tribe on his original season. Bryce received the clue to the idol due to Sheki giving it to him and he shared it with Felix, securing his loyalty. Soon, Bryce, Felix, and Jaylen began searching for the idol.

At Khizi, Joseph began to suspect that he was the target if they lost any future challenges. Ella received the clue to the idol and spent the rest of her time searching, but was unable to find it. This worried Joseph as the Ella was the only non-returnee to get the clue. Ella also became more annoyed with Jessica's inactivity and felt she could run the whole game.

At Sheki, the tribe celebrated coming in first. Nifty found out Hunter was targeting Tom and Hunter became target #1 for Sheki.

At Tribal, Nick received the votes of Alex, Austin, and Clifford. However, he played his idol and negated the three votes. Nick voted for Austin and Minke voted for Alex, causing a tie. In a re-vote, Alex was the first person voted out of Azerbaijan in a 3-0 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
First Vote
(Alex & Austin ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Alex (1 vote)
Alex (3 votes)
Clifford, Minke, & Nick
Austin (1 vote)
Nick (3 votes)
(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Alex, Austin, & Clifford

Voting Confessionals

Nick, this is nothing personal at all. You seem like such a cool guy and if we would've talked strategy earlier in the game I feel like this vote would be different tonight, but you seemed to scramble, and out of us 5, I think you're the least trustworthy, I am sincerely sorry for leading you on, but I needed to gain info, hopefully you will not hate me because this vote is 0% personal.


If I had it my way, it wouldn't be you, but I gotta go with the numbers and I now, I officially hate everyone on this tribe and now desperately pray for a freaking swap soon because I cannot stand any of these 3 aceholes


You shouldn't of lied to me and shown how 2 faced you were so early on.


Final Words

I had as much fun as anyone could've had in my situation, I played a low key game, which was way different than the one I played in my last ORG experience, but I guess it wasn't enough to get me in some tight groups with these people, it sucks but it's whatever. I hope Nick all the best in this game, he's gonna need it. Cliff can get Lou Gerigh's disease for all I care. Minke can have fun frolicking to the merge with her pregame alliances. Austin better get his hooves ready cause I can see him being Minke's goat


Still in the Running

Astara Baku
Jake R.
Khizi Sheki
Jake N.


  • This episode title came from Austin's confessional.
  • This was the first time an idol was played at the first Tribal Council.