Day 26

Rome Confessional 1 Grace01:22

Rome Confessional 1 Grace


I woke up one beautiful morning in a beautiful island, and I was greeted by a beautiful blindside. ASDFGHJKLLLLL!!!!

Jamie screwed herself. Classic. Like. This. Is. Something. That. Is. INEVITABLE. She played her or "our" idol on ETHAN! Then managed to split the vote to Brittany and Domonique. Ricky and Domonique threw out their precious idols - and HOLA Jamie was sent home in an epic epic epic fashion. I am disappointed with my alliances. First, my alliance with the Fans - they have the freaking idols! Domonique told me she had no idea of idols, but one magically appeared from her pocket. Ricky played his, (SURPRISE! THERE IS AN IDOL ON RI) on Brittany. So, uhm, okay. Brittany, Domonique and Ricky pulled off a great show. And I can understand why I would be out of the loop. For all we know, these three are already working together. Plus I was too busy to check on them constantly. But I can live with that. Next, the LIES alliance of the Favorites have kept me on the dark with this split vote thing. Nuno and Sora are blaming Jamie for it. Now, it is all making sense to me. The rumors of a friendship even before the game among Jamie, Nuno, Sora, Ethan and Grace might not be a hoax after all. This crazy event just left me and Topaz on the outs on either alliance. But we just have to be rational on things - and weigh the pros and cons. The Jamie blindside just cemented the fact that Nuno is sneaky and Domonique is not as clueless about the tribe's dynamics as what I've thought. The gurl is playing.


Alright, plan B? My social game. It is shit, but it needs to get slightly better. I am trying to make my connections with Domonique, Brittany and Dennis (and obviously I have with Ivan), that way, I am at least, um what, guaranteed to stay at least one more tribal? Like, right now I gotta make sure of my own game, then after this I gotta make sure of my strategic game. Like ummmmmmmm, I am such in a bad position all game lol, but maybe now if I can win this challenge, something good will happen.


The bomb has fallen, the game has begun. It was about damm time. Just a moment I thought I was playing with dead bodies, but this tribal was totally CRAZY. I'm just speechless. It was weird that it seemed like I had some power position so I knew something was wrong. I'm just the sad redemption kid nobody will listen too.

Good thing that Jamie blindsided herself, again. At least she didn't drag me down with her like last time. After this vote it feels like we immeaditly split up in two groups. I'm in the icecream squad (cheers to me for making an indo reference and keeping the tradition of me naming alliances with food) with Ricky, Dom, Brit and Ivan. The other natural alliance seems to be Nuno, Sora, Josh, Ethan and Grace. Nuno and Sora still try some "favorites strong" alliance. But i'm so done with that. I've tried to be "favorites strong" like the whole time, but every fucking time they screw me over. So I give no value to that alliance. I still think Ethan needs to go asap. He's also the only person I haven't talked to since I came back in the game. And I don't feel like talking to him so better have him gone ugh. Let's have a look at this challenge though. Bye


So last tribal was... unexpected to say least. Jamie gave up her idol to save me, and it backfired in her face. I plan to avenge her and take out the condescending, cocky, arrogant and overall horrible person that Ricky is. He acts like he is the boss of this game and I can't wait to see his face when I'm the one to send him out of this game.


*Acts like I know of nothing that has happened even though I am legit the person who knows everything that happened but I am pretty sure Ricky ain't gonna buy my bs*


I honestly owe everything to Domonique and Ricky right now! We have a solid 3, and I didn't even know anything was wrong! I wouldn't still be in the game if it wasn't for them!


I have stalked them all methodically, I will not step down from this, I need to win this immunity badly, I want all answers correct, so I am not giving up till I drop, cause I am winning this shit.


Not miss me causing a triple idol play blindside!! So Jamie is gone and I feel 100 times better honestly. SLAY @ ME!! I knew after all those comments on our season page, I couldn't trust her at all and my instincts were right. She's nice but girl bye, i'm not taking chances with you. You're a tad bit too sneaky for my liking I have no room to get cocky though because I'm pretty sure the other alliance is probably dragging the fuck out of me, but I have a sew in, so my weave is fresh and ready for whatever these people got. I knew Ethan would be mad over Jamie, leaving but if he doesn't win, he can join her and they can go talk about how their alliance failed because Jamie opened her mouth in a public forum. That's not smart girl!! You are supposed to be the super genius of the group! Anyway, I'm feeling good right now. But the tribe is split in half: it's the Ice Cream Squad aka me and my baes Ricky, Brittany, Ivan & Topaz. And Nuno, Sora & them other bitches. I wanna work with Nuno and Sora but their alliance is wack and I'd rather not. I want them to flip honestly, but if they don't. I'll have to vote them off. Oh well, I'll get over it. Also I lied to Ivan because I told him I didn't know who had idols yet one of my closest allies had one and I had one and I suspected him of having. I hope he's not mad and if he is, I hope he gets over it quick & doesn't flip!


My plan till end game is planned. All I need to do is execute it in pieces. First of, this tribal: I need to get Ivan's trust no matter what to pull a move and get Domonique out. That is my main goal now. I love Domonique, I WANNA work with her, but she is coming for me regardless. Right now, it could be a sail to the finish, I just need to prep it up nice.


Well, nvm for my all-mighty holy certainty that I could win (and idek why i posted i wanted domonique out lmao i must have been thinking of italy). THE DOG IS STILL A LIE, AND MY STALKING WAS ON POINT


Day 27

well i certainly seem to have a knack for outlasting my allies. In probably the craziest tribal ever, Jamie went home with 1 vote. HMM WONDER WHO IT WAS. These people voted off Hanne, I retaliate and vote off their allies, and now that vote off my other closest ally Jamie. ....I tell ya these people. If they thought Jamie was biggest threat, well there sadly mistaken. I was on the evasive last time not trying to ruffle feathers and get away clean, nuh uh not anymore. It's time to go on the offense. It's going to be my mission to avenge Jamie. I know Topaz probably has an idol if Ricky had one, but I'm not just gonna sit here and let a pangonging happen, it's time to put on the big boy pants and get to work.

Dom wins immunity, HMMM NOTHING SHADY THERE jk her winning is irrelevant to me and i could literally care less since it doesn't mess up my plans up one bit. Tonight, it should be a solid 5-5 vote, or should it? Ivan is the key and if we can get him to flip to us the game is in ours and my control. If they don't think I'm still hella pissed about them taking out Hanne, and now them voting out Jamie aka my closest two allies? Yeah they've got another thing coming. It's time for my revenge and get them back finally for the last vote. It's clear Dennis has the idol as well so thats a concern, but I have bigger plans for this round, since I doubt people are gonna wanna draw rocks. so since Ivan has been under the thumb of the titus 2.0 majority alliance, and this is the merge and his chance to break free you'd think he'd do it? No. He's sticking with the people who literally told him they were voting him out, all because Topaz is being a drama queen and doesn't trust us, which in all fairness he shouldn't. But regardless, it's quite infuriating that Ivans doing this, but says he'll flip next round, all because of Topaz. So I have to betray my alliance, and go with the two other favorites, all because they wanna stay favorites strong? Yeah no, I'll do what I have to, but I'm gonna vote a certain way just because that's what Topaz wants. If it was smart, sure why not, but it puts me in a position to rely on Ivan, when he's done stuff in the past which isn't smart.


This is gonna be a tough vote. I think we have at least 95% it's gonna be a re-vote and another 75% chance it's gonna be rocks. All eyes are gonna be on Josh. He's probably the only one who could have a reason to flip. Like I know I can't flip. I won't get higher than 8th with the other side and left with people like nuno, sora and ethan. Nuno already screwed me over 4 times, I counted. And like I said before, Ethan is like denying im still in this game and completely neglecting me. So stick to the ice cream, it's cool and tasty. I do really like Grace, we we're in a skype call last night. Too bad she's on the other side.

If we are going to rocks I just hope Nuno get's killed by the purple one.


So i'm preparing for the worst honestly. If I didn't have immunity tbh, I would have flipped to get Ricky out most likely #sorrynotsorry but I wanna win & fuck I look like getting rocked out? I love Ricky, but I don't love him that much! But anyway, if we lose an alliance member I need to find a way to not be a target because if the first vote was an indication of anything, it means I am or will become a target in someone's mind.


I hate Sora as well omfg... he is starting to become like Jamie (probably because he kisses up to her!!!). Honestly, fuck him and his shitty gameplay


It has been a blast. I had the time of my life, and I know I am going home, it is the most obvious thing yet. But I am going out fucking people over, ESPECIFICALLY SORA AND DENNIS!!!


Soo, it's a revote. It doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is how Nuno and Sora just keep lying. Why would you say to Ivan and me that you are voting Ethan when you are not? It's just lying to keep lying. Really are you idiots? Pray to god one of these two will get rocked out. I'm not religious at all but please *PRAYS*.


Honestly the fact that these people are too afraid to risk rocks and to flip to the people that they've been talking trash this whole time is unbelievable

sooooooooo im not going to be a coward and not risk rocks i mean i am riskign rocks but yeah, not being a coward


I wanna draw rocks!! JK I need to flip Ivan to vote off Ricky and show him that he stands on a sinking ship.


Honestly though, this game has not gone in my favor at annnny time. My original tribe lost nearly all challenges, my closest ally betrayed me, I ended up on the bottom, I swapped tribes to what seemed a winning tribe and ended up losing again, nearly all challenges. Had to vote off 3 people I liked, and had one of these become bitter and think I was a 'mastermind' so they could throw me under the bus, then actually managed to merge with an equal Favorite ratio, only to have my closest ally be blinsided playing an idol after they insisted in voting Brittany out no matter what, and then I had to deal with another close ally try to make anything his claimed "most trustworthy ally" wanted, to the point of potentially putting my own game in danger, then I grabbed a mind of my own and flipped on his ass, and now he acts betrayed, even though he was voting me off later anyway. Now I am stuck with either voting off Ethan to go home next time because Ivan doesn't trust me.


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