Savanes TurbofrogSavanes iTzGoAtzSavanes Emma
Savanes SharkySavanes Carbon
Season Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire
Founder Isaac
Members Remained Loyal:
Riley (Day 3-9)
Isaac (Day 1-9)
Mike (Day 1-9)
Sharky (Day 1-9)
Emma (Day 1-9)
Enemies The Careers
Lowest Placing Member Isaac (16/18)
Highest Placing Member Mike (Sole Survivor)

FBA (a.k.a. Fantastic Blindsiders Alliance, or Freakin Backstabbers Alliance) was the superior alliance in pre-swap Savanes from Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire.

While the alliance initially had control of Savanes, it was disbanded by Day 9 after a majority of its members blindsided its leader, Isaac. A majority of them defected to the two main alliances of Côte, The Wild Bunch and The Careers.


The FBA (unnamed at that point in time) was formed when Isaac and Emma conversed. Mike and Sharky joined a few hours afterwards. While looking for a fifth and final member, Isaac suggested that Nick be the first to go, due to a lack of Facebook and the communication problems that could result in that.

The plan did not go as expected, as the vote had originally ended in Nukti's elimination. However, it was a mistake: it read that Isaac self voted, when he indeed submitted his vote for Nick. The vote was recast as a tie between Nick and Nukti. At the tiebreaker, Nukti, Cass and Riley joined in voting Nick. Riley joined the alliance after this.

The next plan was to vote Cass, as the alliance believed Nukti would either quit or self vote. Either way, he was not a threat. Mike, however, questioning Isaac's power thirsty attitude, informed Cass of this, causing her to start a martyr against Isaac without him knowing. This was put on hold for four days when Nukti quit, just like Isaac had predicted.

Emma and Sharky decided to get Isaac out as well, Sharky due to knowing he was a threat and Emma due to ties in The Career alliance. Isaac, however, was sure that he was going to survive. When Tribal Council came, the alliance minus Isaac and Riley voted against Isaac, joined by James and Cass. And with that, Isaac was blindsided, to his chagrin, anger and overall bitterness.

The alliance was named the day it was disbanded by a livid Isaac, vowing to get revenge.


FBA MikeFBA SharkyFBA EmmaFBA RileyFBA Isaac
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  • The FBA went unnamed for the first 9 days of the game until Isaac's boot when in response he called the group the Freakin Backstabbers Alliance.
  • The reneging members made the merge, while the loyal ones did not.
    • The reneging members have also all returned for a season (Mike and Sharky for All-Stars and Emma for Madagascar