Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring challenge.
Appearance(s) Egypt
Cape Verde

Face-Off is a recurring tribal challenge that originated in Survivor: Egypt.


The contestants would each do different parts of a challenge for their tribes. Each part is worth a different amount of points. The tribe with the most points wins.


The challenge originally appeared in Survivor: Egypt as a tribal Immunity challenge. One member from each tribe would make a buff. Three would take a quiz about Egyptian gods. The other four would complete a puzzle. Anubis won the challenge.

It also appeared in Survivor: Switzerland for both Immunity and reward. One tribe member must design a tribe flag, three will take part in a quiz, two will take part in a game, and two more will take part in another game. Ticino won Immunity and the ability to send someone to Exile Mountain.

In the following season, Survivor: Nepal, it appeared again as a tribal immunity challenge, however it was called Nepal Pentathlon. Three members from each tribe will complete in three different quizzes, two will play Bubble Spinner and the remaining tribe member will design buffs. Chitwan won the challenge.

In Survivor: Salvation, this challenge made another appearance as the first tribal Immunity Challenge. One tribe member would play Geoguessr, one member would play Squishy Bird, one member would compete in a "dance-off", and one member would create the worst tribe flag. The challenge was won by Askja, Laki, and Súlur, sending Hekla, Esjan, and Baula to a Triple Tribal Council; however, only Hekla and Esjan ended up voting a member out, as Baula's Tribal Council was canceled when James was disqualified for cheating at his part of the challenge.

Face-Off reappeared in Survivor: Cape Verde. Two members each participated in Cricket Defend the Wicket, Poetic License, and In the Buff. Alto Mira ended up winning the challenge, sending Corvo and Zaranha to a Double Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Egypt
Ticking Our Clock
Tribal Immunity AaronAlitan (1)Bailey VogtPieniazek666KJ
Survivor-lanceSheerloydLarge 834167Qayyum17214 4597442853681 1420980942 n
Survivor: Switzerland
This is a New Beginning
Tribal Reward/Immunity JinoArvinKenkwhoLincoln Aloisio
BeteeD3MattakacopperimageOrg avatarMaxwellS5
Survivor: Nepal
One Hell of a Blindside
Tribal Immunity Ash SurvivorHoennJhet (1)
NathanScreen Shot 2013-06-09 at 10.29.16 PMRp
Survivor: Salvation
Tribal Immunity Eden s21Jake s21James s21Trace s21
Tyler s21Ian s21Szymon s21Ometepe s21
Steve s21Jino s21Mitchell s21Matthew s21
Survivor: Cape Verde
Tribal Immunity CV GavinCV IsaiahCV Brayden
CV ScottCV PedroCV Emma
Alto Mira