These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 28

No confessionals were made on Day 28.

Day 29

Alfons is a straight up cheater. He has sneaky tactics that always involve not doing something the right way!


After last night's vote, I think its fairly obvious that Taylor and I are on our way out. Alfons is even going as far as writing JCTY (Jeremy, Cesar, Taylor, and Yaniv) on every Tribal Council thread and is “strategically planning” the challenge so that neither of us win. I really like him and still consider him a friend, but this is just ludicrous! As this game goes on, he's really starting to lose more and more of my respect. If luck is our side, which it usually isn't, Taylor and I will live to see another day and Alfons will be the one making his way to Ponderosa.


The game is about to change. Brian, Max and Noah are flipping and we will vote out Alfons and Zac.


And turmoil has struck Juntos camp and the the ticking time him had gone kaboom! Max and Alfons have had an argument over the challenge and Alfons trying to well sabotage any chance of myself or Cesar winning immunity..well behind Alfons back I have been doing whatever I can to stay in this game. I have talked to Max and Brian straight after Jeremy's elimination and they seem all for getting out Zachary, Zac or Alfons. With those two, myself, Cesar and Brian bringing over Noah we have created a new group of five.. If this works of course..


Day 30

No confessionals were made on Day 30.