Film Location Map

The locations of each Survivor: Wikia season are marked. Click the image to expand.

Filming Locations are areas where a season of Survivor ORG is fictitiously set. The culture and tradition of a filming location is usually incorporated to several elements of the game such as in the logos, buffs, tribe names and challenges. A common theme to filming locations are that they are isolated areas.

Two filming locations are shared with seasons from CBS Survivor: Survivor: Revival was held in Guatemala, the site of CBS' Survivor: Guatemala, while Survivor: Anarchy was held in Samoa, the site of CBS' Survivor: Samoa.


Locations Continent
1 Annam Highlands, Laos Asia
2 Ni'ihau, Hawaii North America
3 Canarreos Archipelago, Cuba North America
4 Giza Necropolis, Egypt Africa
5 Lake Lugano, Switzerland Europe
6 The Himalayas, Nepal Asia
7 Laguna Yaxhá, Yaxhá-Nakúm-Naranjo National Park,
El Petén, Guatemala
North America
8 Jeju Island, South Korea Asia
9 Kokoda, Papua New Guinea Oceania
10 Iles Ehotile National Park, Ivory Coast Africa
11 Mangareva Island, French Polynesia Oceania
12 Prince Edward Islands, South Africa Africa
13 Upolu, Samoa Oceania
14 Ankaratra, Madagascar Africa
15 Machu Picchu, Peru South America
16 Ararat Plain, Eastern Anatolia Region, Turkey Asia
17 Parco Nazionale del Gennargentu, Italy Europe
18 Batanes, Philippines Asia
19 Indonesia Asia
20 Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia Asia
21 Þingvellir, Iceland Europe
22 Similan Islands, Thailand Asia