Final Two
AlfonsDavid34 Cuba
The First Final Two - Alfons & Zachary (Survivor: Cuba).
Survivor Gameplay
Description The two final contestants who plead their cases to the Jury to win the game
Appearance(s) Cuba
Côte d’Ivoire
Cape Verde

The Final Two are the two contestants still remaining on the last day of the game , who must plead their cases to the Jury at the Final Tribal Council. This format is the alternative format of the final few, with the only alternative being the Final Three.

This format is less common and has only been seen in nine seasons. A Final Two with an 8-person Jury has only occurred in Survivor: Cuba. A Final Two with a 7-person Jury is the most common one to be used as it has been used on 6 occasions during Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire, Survivor: Turkey, Survivor: Indonesia, Survivor: Cape Verde, Survivor: Java, & Survivor: Svalbard. A Final Two with a 9-person Jury has occurred on 4 occasions, being Survivor: Nepal, Survivor: Peru, Survivor: Azerbaijan, & Survivor: Sichuan. A Final Two with an 11-person has occurred only once in Survivor: Retribution.



  • There has been no current tie with a Final 2.

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