Day 36

The pieces add up! I heard a slight rumor about Monkey, Alejandro, Amir, and Aaron being together since day 1 a long time a go. I obviously thought it was a dumb rumor but then I remembered. Alejandro gave his mask to Monkey so Hunter could be voted out the tribal council before the merge! And Aaron voted with Monkey! I feel like Lloyd from Revival! I need immunity!


Challenge time! I'm pulling out all the stops for this immunity challenge, because this is the first week that I really don't know who's leaving. I've been working hours on this challenge, examining the two rooms for any differences. This is certainly no piece of cake, but the hardest part is knowing when to stop, and when you've done enough to win. I've never worked this hard on a challenge before, so I hope my efforts are rewarded.


Day 37

This is exactly what I needed to show everyone that I'm more than just a player of the game, but rather a master of the game. I worked enormously hard on this challenge, and I'm glad it paid off. I'm one immunity challenge away from the safety zone, and if I make it, I think I might have good chances of winning. There are 5 americans on the jury right now, which is an instant majority. I can't guarantee they'd all vote for me, but I've also made ties with people like Ben, which I think might just slide me into 1st. But, I can't get ahead of myself.

Looking into Tribal Council,I've been approached with two deals. Take Amir out with Aston and use the mask on him, or Take Aston out with Amir and Aaron. Alejandro are once again the swing votes, which is the perfect place to be. Although I'd like to take out Aston, for he has 2 immunities under hes belt, he mentioned to me the possible alliance between Alejandro, Amir, and Aaron (Triple A?), and being at the Final 4 with them could bite me in the ass. I've got a tough decision to make, but whatever it is, it has to be whats best for me.


That was insane, I just lost Alejandro, and now Amir and Aaron are still together, I have Ryan and that's all we need. I am going to try make Aaron and Amir split the vote, I am focused on getting Aaron out next, he is strategic and a threat. Three idols played! I knew it! I knew Amir had the idol, it might of been a small suspicion but it was correct. I'm hoping I can win the next immunity challenge, because I will be targeted.


The moment Miggy was voted off, I was devastated. I felt like my entire efforts since Day 1 would be to waste, and I have no chance of coming up with another final three that I can win other than myself, Aaron and Miggy. But from the deepest of despairs, comes the brightests ideas. However, not before I got some new information from my so-called "allies".

Aaron has kindly told me he had the Goguryeo idol the whole game. and not only that, Alejandro knew about it! if you think that made me upset, wait for the part where I realized even Aston knew about it before me. Then it was Alejandro's turn to to shove the shame in my face telling me he's the one who told Aston to vote for Miggy, blindsiding him on purpose. Sorry for parodying fat black women by saying "OH NO, OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT, SUGAR!" Nobody's making blindsides here behind my back and get away with it, especially after keeping an idol away from me for two fucking months. This is exactly the time to act and finally play my idols, and all I needed for this move to succeed was either me, Aston or Ryan winning immunity. To everyone's surprise, Ryan indeed win it, and all I have left to do is find a name for the epic blindside to come.

Eventually I came up with The Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, as a reference to the five people still in the game and how Alejandro will be voted out by being the only vulnrable person: 1. Ryan has Immunity 2. Aaron plays the Goguryeo Idol 3. I play the Taegeuk Idol for myself 4. I play the Baekje Idol for Aston 5. Alejandro is out for good!


My main ally is gone. The Americans are gone. I'm alone, trying to scavenge a way back to a Final 3 position, but it doesn't look like it'll be easy. Aaron and I have realized that we're probably taking a backseat in this game, because Aston is such a prominent player and Amir just conducted a historical Tribal Council. I just feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, having people stripped away from me just as I can finally trust them, and rely on them. I'd like to position Aaron and myself as swing votes or even "goats" in this last Tribal, making both men want to bring us to the Finals for they think they can beat us. After Amir's little idol craze, I'm not sure if I can sway the Jury to my side, which is going to make these last 2 days the most difficult of the game.