Five Alive
Jeff S17Zane S17
Tyler S17Trevor S17William S17
Season Sardinia
Members Remained Loyal:
Zane (Day 22-30)
William (Day 22-34)
Tyler (Day 22-38)
Jeff (Day 22-27)
Trevor (Day 22-27, returned Day 29-32)
Day Formed Day 22
Lowest Placing Member Jeff (9/20)
Highest Placing Member Tyler (4/20)

Five Alive is an alliance from Survivor: Sardinia. Consisting of members from both original tribes (4 from Cagliari and Trevor from Sassari), the Five Alive was originally known as The Sassy Four, an alliance formed right before the merge after 3 members of the Swagliari Six alliance decided to turn on their original Final 6 pact to go the distance with Tyler. With the addition of Trevor post-merge, the group decided to change their name to reflect the number of members. The alliance succeeded in blindsiding Koopa before falling apart the very next Tribal Council after being betrayed by Jeff and Trevor.