Fregon Giros
Tribe Profile
Season Revival
Namesake Spanish for "Scrubber Turn"
(ideally supposed to mean
'stupid twists')
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 25
Tribes Merged Devolvi
Lowest Placing Member Joshjosh123 (9/22)
Highest Placing Member Sheerloyd01 (Winner)

Tribe flag f.g


Buff unavailable.

Fregon Giros is the merged tribe of Survivor: Revival. Their tribe color is dull orange.


Duy RevivalS7 CKMeeee
Josh e..newLspie1's new lookMaxwell Revival


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  • Fregon Giros is the first tribe with two words in its name.
  • Gerard came up with the name of Fregon Giros.
    • Luke later discovered that Fregon Giros actually Meant Scrubber Turn instead of Stupid Twist.
  • This tribe is the first merged tribe of 9 castaways.
  • Fregon Giros is the only orange merged tribe.

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