"Full Sass on Their Ass"
Season Survivor: Tikal
Episode Number 2/15
Episode Chronology
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Full Sass on Their Ass is the second episode of Survivor: Tikal.


Reward Challenge: Each tribe had to make a tribe flag that was judged by three judges based on creativity, theme, visual appeal and effort. The winning tribe got to send 2 people, 1 from each tribe to the Temple of Toj. Each person chosen would also get to choose 1 other person from the opposite tribe to them to go to the Temple of Toj, making it 4 people in total who were sent. The 4 people chosen each faced the Butterfly Effect. The winning tribe also received a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Winner: Vatanchu

Immunity Challenge: Each tribe participated in a live trivia challenge called Trivia Drop-Off. Survivor trivia questions would be posted at random points over a 24 hour period, and the person who answered the question first would get to eliminate someone from the other tribe from the challenge. The last tribe to have someone left standing in the challenge won immunity.

Winner: Vatanchu

Temple of Toj

Sent to the Temple of Toj: Anna, John, Mary & Michael.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2: Aguateca

Tribal Council 2:
Cameron (6 votes)
Anna, Christine, Claire,
Grant, Lexi & Marie
Grant (2 votes)
Cameron & Michael

Voting Confessionals

sorry cam! i think c/ping messages to everyone is really not personal and that makes me sad :(


My vote is for Grant - nothing personal, nothing wrong that you've done, it was simply either you or me. I'm sure I'm on the way out so please excel for the bros. All my best!


Yikes, it seems like you just played this game way too fast and I don’t know if I can trust someone like that.


Cam I warned you about your cp msgs and you didn't listen a lot of what you said doesn't feel genuine just game that's why you're leaving today


Sorry dude- but it's probably me tonight, and if not me you... and I don't want it to be me :P


unfortunate my vote is cam. you're a cool dude and I'm glad we crossed paths but if I would've chosen to go against the majority, that would have placed a huge target on my back for the rest of my personal game. I wish you the best of luck man!


I really like you Cam, but I have to go with the majority on this one, sorry.


This is just to cause some chaos and it's also a sympathy vote for Cameron.


Final Words

Thank you for the opportunity and am pleased with the experience. I made crucial mistakes and will learn from them. This has been wonderful and I hope I can rejoin with more confidence and skills to boot. Good luck this season and I'll be witnessing!


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Claire's quote