Geoguessr thumb
Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring challenge.
Appearance(s) Switzerland
Geoguessr is a recurring challenge that made it's debut in Survivor: Switzerland.


The contestant is dropped on a random road in Google Street view. Using their surroundings as a guide, they'll have to make a guess as to where they are in the world using a map. The closer their guess is to where they actually are, the more points they get. The individual(s) with the highest score wins.


The challenge first appeared during Survivor: Switzerland as an individual immunity and was won by Lincoln.

Geoguessr reappeared during Survivor: Polynesia as a tribal reward challenge. Rapa Nui won the challenge, earning themselves an advantage at the following immunity challenge.

It later reappeared during Survivor: Anarchy as an individual immunity challenge during the Anarchy stage of the game. It was won by the Black Team which consisted of Corey, Drew, Dustin, Jamie, Jerby, Jonathan, Kaffe, Richie and Sam.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Survivor: Switzerland
A Deal with the Devil
Individual Immunity Lincoln Aloisio
Survivor: Polynesia
Try for Some Scare Tactics
Tribal Reward BobChrixEden
Jay polyKevin PolyMitchell
Rapa Nui
Survivor: Anarchy
Questions of Loyalty
Individual Immunity AnarCoreyAnarchyFrom US(D)DustinAnarchyAnarchyPlayerfrom US(JS)AnarchyPlayerfromPhilippines(jb)
AnarchyPlayerfrom Philippines(J)AnarchyPlayerFromDenmarkAnarchyPlayerfromNZAnarchyPlayerUS(S)
Corey, Drew, Dustin, Jamie, Jerby, Jonathan, Kaffe, Richie & Sam
Survivor: Peru
It's Just a Weird Hilarious Situation
Individual Immunity Jesse Peru
Survivor: Turkey
Get Wrecked!
Tribal Immunity Bryce TurkeyDavid TurkeyMiguel Turkey
Rasheid TurkeyXuan TurkeyTyler Turkey

Other Appearances

Geoguessr later appeared during All-Stars as part of the Trials challenge. Gerda won this part of the challenge as well as the challenge as a whole.

It also later appeared during Salvation as part of the Face-Off challenge, where Zane, Eden, Tyler, Ivan, Matthew, and TJ competed for their respective tribes.


  • No female has won this challenge.


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