Day 10

The plan worked, I just hope I won´t regret it.

So Tyler and I found out that Alex and Bryce were planning on blindside us for this tribal. Those bitches ¬¬ So before they even made up a good plan Tyler and I had to split that couple. The only power couple that´s going to control this game is him and I.

Since the beggining I knew that Alex was a threat to my game but I actually wanted to work with him and not against him, that´s why I fristly propose to vote out Bryce. BUT Alex is the biggest threat from that couple and if he is already thinking of boot me out then he just become Public enemy number 1.

So voting was really simple, Tyler and I convinced Tung, David and Rasheid to vote for Alex, that was reaaally easy. But also we needed to let Alex believe that he was safe, that way he wouldnt have time to scramble things up. So I asked Alex and Bryce who they wanted to vote for. And they said: Tung.

I went to Tung to tell him that Alex and Bryce were planning on vote for him but that if we sticked together he wouldnt have to worry about it cause we would be majority anyway. Also Tyler and I had to take off the "target" from our backs since everybody knew that we are tight. So I planned to fake a fight between Tyler and I. I told him to follow my lead and keep arguing with me so while we were talking about the immunity challenge I said that I disagreed with Tyler´s idea of submiting the same answers for everyone (BTW I was actually against that idea and we lost for that ¬¬). Tyler keep going the fight until I told him to stop before it gets to obvious... (that guy gets too much excited. He was already throwing shit comments) We could actually use that fight to make either Alex or Bryce to try to turn us against each other.

In the end we lost. And I wasn´t mad about it... I wanted some blood on my hands and it finally happened. Alex was eliminated. Now we better step it up at challenges so we wont keep loosing tribe members.

And the best part of it is that my goal was achieved... My name wasn´t written down. My name will only appear on that forum when the Mods call out the winner of the season and I´ll do whatever I have to do to get that done.

Just for the record.... I actually think that Alex was a GOOOOOOD player. He deserves another shot. Sadly for him he was with me at this tribe... And I don´t mess around.


Our blindside of Alex was successful! Goodbye, and you weren't really a threat :) Looks like the United Nations are running things on Bazid :D


Last night at Tribal, Rasheid told me that he was going to vote for Tung... I went along with it, but turns out he lied to me... So I can't really trust him... Gotta cut him off before he gets too dangerous.


So no one knows this but I have a secret alliance with Tyler thats very tight. Judging from the last two votes, its clear that we're running things!


Well, that plan absolutely failed. Either Tung or Rasheid (probably Tung) told Miguel & Tyler about our plans to blindside Tyler. It just absolutely sucks because now it is 5 against 1, and I have my work cut out for me.


So Alex is officially gone and Bryce is trying to back peddle because he knows he's officially in the hot seat. Do I or will I ever trust Bryce? Of course not that would be foolish! Rasheid is also trying to, I guess, step up into some sort of leadership role but he gets frustrated quick and doesn't like to follow the rules. It seems like he wanted to quit so I had to kinda talk him off the ledge. The team morale was down so I called a little group meeting and basically told my team in a nutshell to get their shit together because we can't be up here losing and going into a team switch with uneven numbers. It seemed to sort of work and my team is currently in the lead with the reward challenge right? So I was on the Wiki and I got tired of seeing the TBAs on the last vote, so I changed it to that I voted for Alex and Bryce voted for me, WHICH HE CONFESSED TO DOING I MIGHT ADD. So he messages me and says why did you put up that I voted for you and I'm thinking, because you did TF? And he was like oh it decreases the suspense and blah blah. And I'm thinking in my head once again, you're only saying that because you don't wanna be exposed but I get it lol! And IDK if I mentioned it but Rasheid snitched on Alex and Bryce as well because apparently he didn't like them from jump. So I decided to put them against each other. The other 4 of us are solid but we do need a 5th to take out the Idir side and shit why not make Bryce and Rasheid fight for the last spot? I think it's a great idea lol


I had to tell Tyler that Jessie added Thang into the alliance. Tyler was understanding, since I told him how Jessie brought him officially in as just a number that we can get rid of easily. Only problem is, I think Thang would make a great ally, someone to follow my lead. This game is crazy!

Tyler wanted my tribe to agree to throw the immunity challenge, and get rid of Kara, so everything is "fair". Sorry dude, but no way we are throwing it. We are the freaking love tribe! Besides, if anything, Kara is a liability to Idir, so the fact Bazid couldn't defeat Idir in these last two immunity challenges is just their fault. Not our fault active players are leaving the game, they should of tried harder at the immunity challenges.


Day 11

Never again will I get 3 good luck ones again. D:


Day 12

So I didn't submit a challenge score, my tribe lost, tribal council we go. The vote is against Kara. She-mar will finally go home after a 12 day vacation.

Bartley got pissed at me for not telling Idir that I couldn't submit my score. I explained to him how it wont happen again due to me figuring out the problem, but he was more mad about a lack of communication. Which is ironic, since I have always been the one about staying together and communicating. But he had a good point, I apologized, and nothing got out of hand. Being able to resolve issues quickly is why the Pokémon Regions will control the game.


Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo get wrecked KARA! GET WRECKED! #GetWreckedKara