Day 9

Confessional #12 describes another quite boring day. We lost as suspected, and Konrad went home, ;(, cancelling the TC. I was surprised that niether NPC nor Reid submitted anything though. Guess they were both just busy or forgot about it. Corvo are strong, and I really think I've underestimated Heather, especially. Alto's still a solid tribe though. If we lose next time all my trust will be with Reid. I will not use my Idol, and if he betrays me I'm definitely going home. Talking about going home, two of my top 3 most dangerous players are already out. I never could've predicted Konrad's situation, but still... Gavin, Laure, Emma and myself are next on the list, and if we Zaranhans lose next time one of those will disappear from that list. Just have to mention a nice thing the hosts do with our One World group chat. Each time someone goes home, they change the name of it! So at first it was "Survivor: Cape Verde Group Chat", then it became "17 Little Cabo Verdians" and after that it became "16 Kings and Queens". I can't wait to see what they'll change it to next time! Anyway, holidays coming up for me, and (unfortunately) I'm travelling to my relatives for a whole week. This means no Challenge submissions! I've figured out the whole FB and E-Mail thing, but I can't figure out how to do Challenges on my mobile only. Hopefully there's a computer I can borrow or something. I also met some new friendly ORG faces today, which is always nice! I love this community so far, and I plan to stay here for quite a while! That's it from me today, back again tomorrow! Even though Konrad's gone now, I still stand by my motto though: this is starting to become the best season ever!


So I haven't sent in one of these in a while, SORRY!

We just won two challenges in a row. AND we won them by a pretty huge margin too. (It would have been a huge margin last challenge if Violet sent hers in okay?)

I'm bonding more with Heather and Josh. I am really comfortable with those two, but I'm wary about the others in the tribe. I have not talked much to Violet, and barely talked to Lindsay and Tyler at all.

And now Tyler has an idol and when we go to tribal council, I don't even know if he's voting me out or not!

But there's not much happening right now. Heather and the rest of the tribe are quite annoyed by Gavin cause he keeps sticking his nose into other tribes' affairs. Gavin and Emma both talked to me about the vote being between Evan and me that first tribal council we went to.

I don't know who they got that info from but they refuse to reveal the person. So, there's some shady crap going on around here!!

Oh well, #TeamGroedel with Heather all the way!


13 is the number of confessionals I'll make before shorting them drastically in size! I'm going away tomorrow, and for a whole week I'll be without my computer. Luckily I can still e-mail and stuff, but Challenges and communication will be much harder to do. Since there's not been a Challenge annoucement yet, despite 18 hours since all clues were handed out, I think a tribe switch is up. Since we're only 15 left, it makes sense too. I hope to stay in Zaranha, or at least go into Alto. I just have something against Corvo I guess. As long as I don't come into a Corvo dominated tribe I should be somewhat fine though. Hopefully another Zaranha or some Alto friend will be there too! Since I'll be away today, I'll do something quick I've wanted to do this whole time - a host evaluation! It'll be a quick one thoguh, and I'll only mention the good things ;)

Mitchell is the main host I guess. He's nice and talks in the One World once in a while. He's also the one who gives out Idol clues and posts links to the threads on the Wiki. Liam is on and off. He talks every fourth day, but when he talks he talks a lot. It's mostly about USA things I don't understand though! Bailey is mostly in the background. Occasionly he also talks to us, but mostly he's handling everything in the background. Joan is the most active of the hosts. It's probably because we (almost) share timezones, but he's also writing with a perfect combination of homour and scorn. Take the Idol hunt for example; "Congratulations! You... have... found... a f****** stick!" Joan's just great overall, even though he did trick me when I asked if the twists were still standing -_- This might be my last confessional. If I am right, and a tribe stitch is coming up, I'll probably be a target. My Idol can help one round, but it'll be a whole week before I'm back, and if I'm unlucky that might be too much time away... Let's hope it's not though! Once again, I just hope I'm not in a tribe with a Corvo majority. They're all really strong and tight, AND they did try to target me (if they weren't just being nice. I might never know). I just hope Reid, NPC, Gavin, Laure and Emma all make it far in this game. Pedro and Scott too for that matter. Before I end this confessional I'll just make a quick division of the players - who's "under the radar" and who's not. Not under the radar: Me, Laure, Reid, (partially) NPC, Gavin, Pedro. Tl;dr Zaranha + half Alto. Unde the radar: Lindsay, (partially) Heather, Tyler, Blake, Violet, Josh, Emma, (partially) Scott, Brayden. Tl;dr Corvo + half Alto. Anyway, that's it from me today, have a great day everyone who reads this! This is starting to become the best season ever!


It's been a while. Well, Gavin is actually dumb enough to think that I want to work with him. Now, why would I do that when I hate Gavin with every ounce of my being? My tribe actually wants to work with alto. I'm with a bunch of idiots. Laure, who is targeting you? Alto. Not corvo. Geez, am I the only one with a brain here?




Day 10

2 weeks, 14 confessionals. I'm going away the whole day from now on. I told my team 500 each should be sufficient, and I have been accurate with my other predictions thus far. I'll only get 220 though, because of a whole day's travelling. I like the weights twist tbh, and hopefully it'll bring Corvo down to earth. They're just too great in challenges. The whole tribe except Reid (who thinks Alto's the greatest threat because they voted out Isaiah unanimously), will put their weights in Corvo, and word is Alto'll do the same. I just hope that's enough to bring Corvo down... I just hope we Zaranhans don't lose again. With Konrad gone we should be able to make it, but you never know. The whole tribe's also anti-Gavin, something that may not be in my favor... Oh, and "Cuz when you're... 15" is another great name for the One World group chat. Looks like I was wrong with the tribe swap happening already though... Anyway, don't have time to write more now, let's hope Zaranha makes it! And for the last time: this is starting to become the best season ever!


Well right now what happened is spu is being spupid telling everyone about me past smh and Laure trying to expose me playing under the rader smh just smh at everything and gavin playing to hard smh just smh.


Cape Verde Confessional-February 7, 2015

Cape Verde Confessional-February 7, 2015


Right now, I'm like dynamite and my timer is set to "after tribal". Get ready, brace for impact. This dynamite will spark the biggest earthquake known to man.


Well right now I'm in the situation I didn't want. The 4 active people on my tribe going to tribal.

A lot of things have had happened, a lot of fuck boys doing fuck boy things, and Reed proving his an ignorant twat for the 50th time.

Here is the situation. I think Nathan Cooper is legit with me, I believe it, and if he is voting with me this round he will forever have me in his corner. (as far as Tumblr Survivor allies go he is the one I have 100% trust with since Scott and Emma are liar liar pants on fires when I entered a Skype call the other night and they told me they were putting their weights on Corvo for the challenge). I left the vote decision up to Nathan and he went back and forth between Nathaniel who is obviously aligned with Gavin and has connections and Reed, because Reed is annoying.

I'm a little nervous, because last night he was anti-Nathaniel and now his changed his mind to Reed. He swears he is with me though. Nathaniel messaged me saying the three of them were all going to vote me, but Nathan changed his mind to Reed so I can either vote Reed to cause a tie or just be voted out, but Reed just messaged me swearing he voted Nathaniel. If Reed is telling the truth he has ruined himself believing what I said about Nathaniel and Gavin because apparently me and Nathan are voting him.

Nathaniel is a bigger threat, but I can't work with Reed. I can't speak 14 year old and him and Pedro's conversations in the main chat annoy me.

So I'm going to vote for him and see what happens.


When u know that ur ally is against you what kind of galapagos teas

When u know that ur ally is against you what kind of galapagos teas.


Sorry I've been meaning to give you these.

Day 7 "Well, I survived my first tribal and I am so excited. Isaiah did give me a chance on this tribe but, it was his own demise. I didn't turn on him because he wasn't around to talk to. Ever. Now, I feel like we are a unified group."

Day 8 "Knowing that I am in the Goofy Goober Alliance makes me feel secure and unsecure. I feel secure because I trust Gavin and Emma a lot. I trust Scott for the most part. However, I feel unsecure because I am not the best at challenges so I don't want Pedro to convince them to vote me. That would suck."

"Konrad's elimination is helpful for my tribe, but I feel bad for Zarhana for their inactivity. I just can't believe this right now."

Day 10 "This will suck if we go to tribal because I know that I will be on the hot seat if we lose because I wasn't able to get a good score because of my schedule."

"Well, Zarhana is going to tribal. Which is great for me. But, now I am about 90% sure a swap will happen soon. Which really sucks. I really like my tribe and I don't want to leave Alto Mira. Maybe we'll get lucky and we will get two Zarhana members just added to our tribe instead of switching things up! XD"


This anti-Gavin campaign is going fab-u-lous. I for sure have my core 4 of me, josh, heather and Nathan PC. Tyler went all over it when I told him. That's 5. Laure hates Gavin more then I do. That's 6. Emma is afraid of Gavin because his alliance has the numbers on alto. We have 7. Tyler is gonna convince Blake to get on board and Blake and Violet are like a 1-2 deal. You get 1, you get both. And Emma said she is gonna try to get the other alto outsider, Scott into it. That's 10. I think that when we knock out Gavin's alliance (Nathaniel, Brayden and Pedro) aka Gavin's Goof Group, Lindsay will be on the outs. Scott and Emma would pair up. Tyler would probably go to me for help. Violet and Blake will stick together no matter what. And then I have my 4 person alliance. Im praying for a swap. Now, have I had a 9, 10 person alliance? Yes. Did it fail horribly? Yes. So I'm a bit concerned.