Day 16

Matt sit-out on the game Twice one is when we are Lucerne then the other one is at Ticino...

After the Reward challenge what Matt did is the best Achievement he got so far, He is the one who let our tribe wins the reward challenge what he did scares me but I will still not consider him as a threat for now...

My position on this tribe is currently fine now it is great cause I never sit out on a challenge I am kinda fine on challenges... And I am Hoping I don't have any target in my back.. I still stick to my strategy The "Go with the flow" Strategy Cause I think it is too early to make a move... my tribe want maxwell out so I think I will go for maxwell for now...

The worst thing of being under-the radar is that I have a very less chance of winning the game... But I think it's too early for that what is important is the post merge that's how I will be judge on the game, that were I will start to make a move... I am hoping that I will be on merge cause this will be FUN :D


Day 17

And we won the challenge again! It is getting really ridiculous now. Its not even funny. Now, I want to lose a challenge and go to Tribal Council. I want to vote someone off. For some reason, I feel like this going to cost us after merge. I mean, if we keep winning challenges, then our alliances will not be tested and we will fall apart at the merge. I don't wan't to be Tandang! I really, really don't want to be Tandang because, it comes as a curse. A Bad Curse.


I can't believe we keep losing. I can't believe Sam is still around. I can't even believe Will is so stupid right now. Me and Woj are running shit, and no one else gets that. I'm ready for a merge though.


Day 18