Day 33

And goodbye Rob. Alright, final six. We're getting closer and the game is going fast. I want to make a move now. I want to keep Jared and to make a blindside to Nifty. I've talked about it to Clifford. I might bring it on at our alliance chat. But I'm not sure. I need to do this quietly and slowly. But I need Jared for final 5. If he survives he will trust me more. I need him close to me because when he gets voted out he will tell his 'mates' that I was the only one who tried to fight for him. I'm going to play this game smart and sneaky. Hey we're just 3 tribals away from final tribal council. I'm not letting anyone taking my sit at the final 3 and putting me on the jury side. Nah-ahh


Been super slacking on my confessionals, sorry guys. Anyway, we just voted out Rob and things are looking amazing. I have an F3 deal with Cliff and Ella, and immunity idol, and I've at some points been aligned with every single person left in this game. I'm probably in the best position right now, but as we get closer and closer to Day 39, it becomes more and more apparent to me, that I'm gonna have to cut Cliff loose soon. I'll feel like shit doing it, but I'm not about to make the infamous Woo Hwang mistake and take the Tony to the end.

If this were an easy game, Jared would be out next. Unfortunately, Clifford just insinuated, that Ella may want to make a move this round. Don't blame her, just a little surprised that Joseph beat her to the punch on that stupidity and that she wasn't the first to try and betray us. To be continued, after Cliff tells me what's going on smile emoticon


So, when we all got back to camp from the vote off and started getting ready to head to bed for the night, Clifford pulled Felix and I aside and said that he had been hearing quite a lot of revealing information and wanted to talk to us about it later. Felix and I said, ""Oh, sure man, yea, we'll catch up with you tomorrow!"" and all went to bed for the night. I have a hunch it has to do with Ella possibly trying to make a move on us.

Anyways, morning comes around and we go to the immunity challenge, which is all about the majority of the VL's opinions of us. Which is really difficult, because the VL has seen tidbits of our life at camp and our gameplay, but they don't know us as well as we know each other, so we have to look at this from the eyes of the viewing lounge. Which is a super weird position to be in. Although at least it isn't a flash game challenge, else Felix would just have another immunity win to claim for himself guaranteed.


Clearly I'm on the bottom of the tribe now. I'm the only person left in my alliance with a big 5 person alliance. Ella has been talking to me about blindsiding Nifty but you can never trust her. At this point I need this immunity badly. Its go big or go home.


Felix's down. Clifford's down. Jared's down. More than majority. So if this works I made a freaking big move at final 6 because if Nifty reaches the end he gets all the votes. I don't even doubt it. So what we have to do is making sure he does not win immunity. If he does I'm afraid Jared or Hunter has to go. So Nifty winning immunity would destroy everything. I have a good feeling about the challenge. I feel like I got some questions right so we'll see!


Or if Nifty wins, I can also do something else. I love Cifford. I really love him. But if Nifty wins immunity, I'm willing to start a blindside against Clifford. I love this dude with my whole heart but damn this dude has everyone on his hands.


Cliff's being pretty hard on himself and his position in the game. He thinks that, if he doesn't win it all at this point, he's gonna fail and that all his time and effort in this whole thing will have gone to waste. Honestly I believe that, without him, this season would be a lot different. I don't think it would be as entertaining. I've been trying to get him to feel better by tellin' him that his impact on this game is so huge that there's no way you could say he failed at this point. He impacted the game. He made moves happen. Clifford has a lot of accomplishments from this entire season.

I honestly just wish he would go easier on himself. I'm not gonna take him to the end if it becomes a possibility, I know that for sure. I just don't want him to feel shit about not winning this ORG, when he's won the two past one's he's been in.


Rob sure had a noisy exit!!! Gave me the kiss of death on the way out. Anyone sitting next to Clifford will lose. The baggage, that I've carried, far into this game, is getting too heavy to hold. My days are numbered. Kaputz. Ella is becoming harder and harder to control. There's nowhere left to hide. Lets see how much game I got left.


I woke up with a brilliant plan!!! Alright, if Nifty doesn't win immunity this plan will work and if he does it won't work. If we blindside Nifty this time we'll get to final 5 with still a idol. What am I trying to do if we get in final 5? I ask Felix to get the idol and to play it because final 5 is last time you can use a idol. But I will play it on Jared. Felix, Clifford and Hunter will obv vote for Jared. If I play the idol on Jared he's safe and Clifford will go home. It'll suck since he's my #1 but I fucking came here to win this game and not to be a runner-up. So if this works I'll get in final 4. There I will take Felix and Hunter's side again because this jury is so bitter already they'll vote for Jared in the end. So if Jared gets voted out at final 4, I reach the FTC with hopefully 0 votes against me and with no backstabbing from others.


Day 34

I am beyond excited that I won immunity. There was no way in hell I wasn't gonna make it past at least one of the majority members. Now I get to see them vote out one of them own since I'm safe for the round but that doesn't mean my work is over. I need to find the people at the bottom and possibly if it comes to it cause rocks. I'm not going to stop until I flip this game all the way around.


Jared won immunity which means the hell will begin...


Shit shit shit shit shit Jared won shit shit shit shit shit

I feel like one of either Cliff or I are going home tonight...I feel like it's more likely to be Clifford but who knows. People have reasons for everything.

I'm just really out of it right now. I'm not even really bothering to try and strategize to keep me safe. Part of me feels like that would only make it worse. So I'm not sure what I should do. I really don't want to go out without any kind of final statement or something, but at the same time I feel like I'm mostly fine this tribal because Clifford is such a social threat and will win if he makes It to the end.

I just really miss Austin. I miss Cliff's rivalry with Nick. I miss making fun of Rob's shitty gameplay. I miss being a part of a final 5 deal that I didn't fully trust the entire time.

I miss being on the top.


Looks like this will be a easy vote. So for the first time in this game I can sleep when we have to vote. I'm feeling really good atm. Nothing goes wrong.


Felix just straight up told me I'm gone. So. I guess that it for The Tale of Nifty. If you guys like, you can stick around for the epilogue: The Jury Speech. Otherwise, I'm done. I accepted that I wasn't going to win this season back at Final 8. I wanted to flip against them at Final 7, but realized how stupid of a player Rob was and how it wouldn't be possible to get the numbers. And here's what I get for it. Being voted out at 6th place.

I guess the big upside to all of this is that I finally get to talk to Austin again after like, two weeks. I've found that I've really missed him and his presence overall ever since he got idoled out of the game. And that's pretty much the only upside. Oh, yea, I guess I could say that I was pretty memorable as well, and that I broke a lot of my previous ORG records and set them w/ this season.

Honestly I have few regrets about this entire thing. It was an amazing experience, I had a lot of fun w/ the crap that I did, the cast was super fun to interact with (well, a majority of them at least) and I think that its ending will be an explosive finish to it all. And I can't wait to see it happen.

I might do one last video confessional to top this all off. Maybe not. Either way this is the last text confessional I'm making for this season. So, thanks for watching everybody, and I hope you have fun watching the rest of it. Nifty, signing out.