Day 15

Crtha is gone. I have mixed feelings about this because on one had, one of the biggest threats are out of the game before she had the chance to pull anything but on the other hand. Crtha was a really nice person :/ Bye Crtha! Even though I would've gunned for you myself, I hate to see the fact that you're gone :/


Crtha is gone! Yes. The first big move of my alliance. I can't wait to see the ORG wiki rage hard. Let the *bleep* storm commence. Anyway, that was the first big move. Our next big moves are taking out Monkey and Eddie. Crtha said she trusted me the most out of anyone? Lol. I think I just proved her wrong.


Yeah Crtha was voted out last night, but strangely I don't feel happy at all, I feel almost sad, the things that I've said about her honestly weren't nice, she really is a cool person, and Naturally now the whole wiki is going to hate on me for what I said, do I regret it? No, because it's not worth it, it would be like crying over spilt milk, there's nothing I can do about it, and I am happy she's gone, because every day longer she stayed the closer she got to taking the title of sole Survivor away from me, and this is still my game and I'm still going to be stone cold and vote out who I want to vote out, now I'm sure every body whose watching me right now is saying "But you didn't even partake in Crtha's boot" True, but I will be a part of Eddie's and Monkey's.


Wow, I’m a bit scared. Before I heard Eddie want me out and now I heard Jake want me out. Didn’t know I am considered as a threat lol. I’m playing under the radar but glad Monkey and I made a secret alliance to other tribe.


I think I have to take back all my doubts about Monkey. He contacted me to talk about what had been going on since the tribe swap and I feel reassured that he hasn't betrayed our Silla alliance. He still wasn't completely clear about what happened with Jordan's elimination but it seems like he wasn't involved in it. He feels like he could be in danger if his tribe goes to tribal again but he still has the idol he could play to save himself. I hope he's now glad he didn't play it at the second tribal council.

Crtha's elimination interests me. I presumed the former Baejkes would vote together and target Jake as he is by himself but perhaps Baekje isn't as united as I thought. I have been worried that they would outnumber us at the merge and dominate but this gives me hope that there are some fractions in the old Baekje tribe. I want to get all the former Silla members through the double elimination. Monkey would be safe if he played the idol, and Miggy and I aren't under threat on our tribe. I'm unsure about Ryan and Chal's situation on Baekje as I know so little about what's going on there. I've thought about trying to throw the immunity challenge to protect the Sillas on one of the other tribes but on the other hand as long as I'm not at tribal I'm one hundred per cent safe. I'm going to need either Baekje members or Goguryeo members later on to keep me in the majority. If we go to tribal and vote out Eddie, the other Goguryeos may not want to work with me. I'd rather avoid tribal on new Silla and then I haven't turned against anyone. It's important to start thinking ahead for what will happen after the double elimination. Being down to 14 contestants it's possible we will form two tribes of seven. It's going to get cutthroat and I want people to work with me.


We're gonna whoop Baekje tomorrow. It's composed of 2 inactives, 2 average players and one below average player. It's by far the worst tribe put together this season.


This is my first challenge loss all season T_T Well, this isn't my forte. It's like putting James Clement on a puzzle, putting Edna Ma on a physical challenge and putting Sandra on any challenge.

This kind of challenge really isn't my thing :/ Oh well, I know we're gonna whoop Baekje tomorrow. It's composed of 2 inactives, 2 average players and one below average player. It's by far the worst tribe put together this season.

It's very clear that they will be dissolved. I'm actually scared for when they dissolve, we're gonna lose a lot of challenges to the White tribe O_o


Day 16

Well, I knew Jake was targeting Crtha, but, I didn't believe it, since I don't trust Jake. I mean come on. I don't know how everyone else is reacting to it. But I don't trust Jake or like him. If our tribe has to go to tribal council, there is a plan for everyone to vote me and I use my idol, but I don't know if I can trust people now. Ugh. I hate a lot of people in this season, but I have to work with them. Some maybe lying to my face. I wish they would get voted out already.


I've own indi immunity. It's a pretty great feeling winning another individual challenge. My main concern is that I have talked to Jake and Eddie and both of them say the other one wants me out. I think though, that they are clearly using this as a cover up for wanting to get each other out. That is obvious. This will be good.


Challenge was easy, nothing to worry about. Baekje, while I think we'll probably end up losing, I can at least say that if Ryan or Ivan don't submit a challenge, I might get individual immunity. That's great. My plan is to get Matt (if he even gets online) to give me any information he can about people or anything like that. I'll act as his ally, and when he gives me information I need, just cut him off. Just cutting fat off the tribe, no big deal.


I know I haven't sent a confessional in a while and I have a lot to cover, but to be honest - I can't really remember anything special that happened since Crtha was voted out. Hunter won individual immunity which isn't going to help him as he wasn't in danger at all, and the only effect it has on the game is making the target on his back even bigger. I thought I was the only one to use Google Image search to solve this challenge, but it seems neither Google's guesses nor mine had much success comparing to the others.

Although I hate to lose challenges, I really didn't want that immunity. If my game is so bad I already need immunity on the second tribal council I attend, I better be voted out now. Logically observing my situation in the tribe, I'm not supposed to be on the chopping block:

- Cassels thinks I'm in a final 4 alliance with him, Aston and Alejandro. I also warned him about Monkey and protected him last TC. - Aaron knows that if he blindsides me, the Secret Society will be revealed and his game is doomed. - Monkey can't afford blindsiding me, otherwise next TC he will be facing a tie-breaker challenge against Cassels. - Hunter wants to win challenges, and since he has immunity he doesn't care about Monkey having the idol and will vote him anyway.

Of course I might as well be blindsided by a 4-1 vote. However, by being paranoid all the time I won't be able to focus on the game, and that's what important.

So as you could probably figure out yourself, we lost the challenge. Baekje also has a TC but nobody cares since Matt will be disqualified anyway. What annoys me is the fact Silla never lose. Actually it's not Silla, it's whatever-tribe-that-has-Alejandro-and-Aston-in-it never loses. these two guys have been immune the ENTIRE F******* GAME, and it irritates me so much. Grab a torch already and dip it in the fire, b*****s!


Well, that was interesting. I'm going to Tribal Council, but i've got immunity! And lucky for us, Chal's back, so maybe once we chop off our dead weight, the 4 of us can let Baejke rise again! No matter, I'm not going home anytime soon, since I'm the tribe's strongest challenge threat. But there's coming a time, when we have to start winning challenges. No other options.


Day 17

Well, I feel paranoid. I think I may be on the chopping block, but you never know what I can do. Hehehe. I really hate some people, if they screw me, I will legit hurt them. Well, we will wait and see.


It's funny because Monkey's going home tonight so everyone in my current alliance (Aaron, Hunter and Amir) told him to vote for me so he's telling me all these lies about how im safe and all that other bull, when really he's the one going home! You try to mess with me? You'll be out of this game before you know it


We're going to tribal again. It's just tiring. The original plan is Me, Amir, Hunter and Cassels will vote for Monkey, Monkey will vote for Cassels, Monkey plays his idol, then Cassels goes home. That 1 vote against Cassels is not enough for me. If ever Hunter or Cassels vote against me, there will be a tie, and I don't want that to happen.

But the original plan got revised a little bit. Hunter told me that he's voting Cassels for safety vote if in case Monkey plays his idol. Hunter told that plan to Monkey. But Amir said that it's Hunter's plan to tell everyone that Cassels will be voted to make Monkey feel safe and not play his idol. So the actual plan is to 3 votes for Monkey, 2 votes for Cassels (Me and Monkey), and Monkey plays the idol.

I really have no other options now but to vote Cassels out. Hunter has the immunity, and Amir and Monkey are my true allies. Cassels and I are on a big alliance formed by Jake, but that alliance is too big that we need to do a little bit of trimming down. Also, Cassels is not talking to me, so the best person for me to vote out now is him. I just hope he really goes home.


This is awesome! The winning streak has continued! Double tribal council and Silla still survive! I'm hoping Monkey feels comfortable and doesn't play his idol tonight, he is the only non alliance member on Goguryeo, Either way, if Goguryeo lose immunity once again.... ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.... The last thing we need is the alliance voting against each other, Eddie should be going if we lose a challenge, He's not the best at challenges and I believe he is under the false assumption he is in charge of the Silla tribe. He'll be bamboozled!


I'm 17 days in and haven't even gone to Tribal Council yet. I think this is a pretty good start! :)) I'm gonna get screwed when people realize it though xD

I heard from Eddie that Ben is targeting me. Which doesn't really make sense because the Silla alliance composes of Me, Ben, Miggy and Aston + Eddie is a HUGE target of ours, so there's no reason for Ben to target me unless it's about the fact that I haven't been to Tribal Council yet and that I might end up winning every single Immunity Challenge :))

Lucky for me, I have safeguards to prevent that from actually happening: 1.) Miggy is Ben's closest ally and what Ben doesn't know is that Miggy is in my Secret Society. Miggy would definitely tell me if Ben was targeting me 2.) I have a fake alliance with Eddie, so Eddie would tell me if Miggy was gonna backstab me 3.) If he's targeting me for not being in Tribal Council. He'd target Aston too, so if Aston knows that he's not on the safe side if I'm gone, then he wouldn't even consider trying to take me out :))

So what does that leave Ben with? Max? he can have Max :))

I'm pretty sure Silla won't be down to 4 but if it does. I think I'll have to use my mask on Ben just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty sure I'll have at least 1 ally. I'll rally for Ben, then be the swing vote between Aston and Miggy just to be sure. It gives me the PERFECT excuse to take out Aston without blowing my cover and practically gives me immunity for that Tribal Council.




That was a pretty crazy Tribal council. The plan was for Monkey, Aaron and I to vote Cassels. For Monkey and I, we voted so Monkey could stay in the game, for Aaron it was a just a vote used for an idol protection. Unfortunately for Monkey, he wasn't quite honest with me. If he would have told me he had the idol, he wouldn't have had to waste it. He's going home next if we lose, I'm sure about that. I need to do some convincing to Aaron though that it should be, me, him, and Monkey in the final 3. I know Ivan and I are on the same level in terms of the view of the Korea Super Alliance. We both see Alejandro, Aston, and Jake as huge threats. He will be a vote I can count on when I want to get rid of one of them. All I can hope for now is that my tribe can keep winning immunity, so I can get to the merge and win immunity, and hopefully pull of some big moves which will get me to the end and get me the title of Sole Survivor. :)

Everyone in this game is a snake. I don't know who to believe. Eddie is telling me one thing, Jake is telling me another, I just need to block out those words. I need to do what is best for me, and try not to get caught in their crossfire. They will knock each other out eventually. The best thing for me to do is round up some people and go with what I feel is right. I don't see Eddie as a threat. I see him as a liar, and a bad one. I see Jake as someone who will stab me in the back any time now. The good news about all of this is, as long as I can keep my shots silent, unlike the others, who are firing on open ground, I can dash right to the end, and win this game.