Day 24

I don't think I could leave the auction in a worse position. Perry has the double vote, Eden has a Black Pearl and the Medallion of Competence, and Steve is now on the merged tribe. It's Trace, myself, and god knows if Zane flipped back.

It honestly was all worth my game for that SDK Shoutout though. *laughs*

We just need to power through this challenge and win for Sulur so I can reach the merge again.

Also, I've managed to be in a worse position that I was in Egypt. Somehow, there are only 3 Askjas, and I would bet a lot of money that it will be 2 by the merge, against 8 Sulurs. Like, honestly, Askja sucked physically and strategically. It's not surprising that out of everyone on Askja, the two people that made the merge before (Trace and myself) are in striking distance again.


Mitchell got the idol clues over me. He said sorry but in hindsight even the potential of you having an idol puts a target on your back. So he actually saved me from having that sort of burden on me and possibly gave me some ammo to use just in case. I'm not mad at all lol I'm sort of relieved to be honest.

Steve bought the Express Pass which could potentially screw up my plans. Perry has that double vote and Eden has the black pearl and if they vote Trace if Sulur throws like I told them too, it will be 4-3 and Trace will go home and I don't want that yet.

My plan to is talk to Eden and voice my concerns about Perry's loyalty after Ted's vote out. Hopefully I can play on that and get Eden to turn on Perry. Eden is already suspicious of Perry's motives and since Perry is taking the credit for my plan, he brought that on himself.

Also I feel like I should be mad because he's taking the credit for my idea, but like I said earlier, it takes the burden off of me. People know that I planned it but Perry gets all of the blame for it. The thing is this plan is really risky. While Trace isn't super important in the grand scheme of my future plans, I would like for him to stay longer and Perry to go as soon as possible.


So, as I had hoped, Matthew is GONE <3 I never thought I'd be able to do this, ik he's a really big threat and I'm scared to death of the guy xDD I always thought he was the person who deserved Salvation the most of anyone, ik how he plays the game nice and smoothly. Those are the people I'm the most threatened by, the smooth-talkers, the people that can get themselves out of almost any type of trouble. With them, I see my hand of cards in their hands so I can't put any trump cards that they can't do just as well. I'm fine with Perry and Ted and these people who can't get their shit together and isolate themselves from the group, the leader types. Sure, it takes a bit of work to get rid of them, but usually there are so many bottom-feeders and alienated people that it's really easy to make a move when it's required. Which is why Matthew had to go for the safety of my long-term game, and Perry has to go now in order to advance my position, as an excuse for getting my allies and myself a few more spots further before another excuse or leader shows up to take Perry's place. Already Perry's taken the throne from Ometepe, who has taken it from James, the last two having burned out quickly while the first has been able to survive to this point, probably to be replaced by a 4th king in Tyler for the early merge. However, if I am correct in my information, I think Perry's going 11th place, right before the merge. Tyler's gotten many of the 3.0 Sulurs to throw the challenge, really putting himself out there. Yes, it benefits us to do so, but I wouldn't have put my neck on the line. Thank GOD there's always someone who will, some leader who will step up to the plate and protect everyone else from the line of fire XDDD but anyways, if we can get them to throw the next challenge, and if Perry doesn't buy the express pass, I think he's gone. All we have to do is coax them into it and wait, see what's going on here. But with Szymon, Isaac, Ted, Matthew and presumably Perry going in a row, my enemies are being removed one by one. Sure, most of the work is being performed by Tyler and by Perry, but that's the way I WANT it to be. I WANT to be a lesser power than them, so I don't have to rely on immunity wins to get by, so people can be more comfortable taking me far, a place neither of those two have a real chance of getting imo. One thing's for sure, there are a lot of different ways this can go, I just hope it works according to plan.


Well there's one more tribal until the merge. If my tribe loses Perry probably would be the one who goes home but Tyler is asking me to throw the challenge in order to make sure Perry's the one who goes home. I'm not really ok with that since I'm sternly against throwing challenge especially when I don't feel very secure on my tribe like I do now. And then there's the Survivor Auction on top of that which Perry could win something that would save himself. Right now I'm telling Tyler I'm fine with throwing it but that's just a lie, hopefully thou I get the item I'm planning on bidding on so I don't have to worry about the challenge at all.


Alright, so Tyler approached me about getting Perry out this round instead of when his time comes at the merge, and I agreed. Someone that was ready to blindside Thaddeus so quickly, shouldn't be trusted. So I know Trace and Mikey are on board and that's a majority, but I need Zane as well, just so he doesn't feel out of the loop.

I know I made a promise to Perry not to betray him if he didn't betray me, but that's the thing. Him lying about Tyler wanting Thaddeus out was a betrayal, so I feel perfectly comfortable voting him off.



I feel extremely betrayed by this vote, and the vote has broken the Sulur Six. I don't feel comfortable with a group of people willing to vote me out at any moment.


So I've just talked to Perry and Zane, who claim that Ted was voted out because he was "Acting really suspicious" That's bs! I have no idea why they targeted Ted, but I'm worried. Now that they've broken the alliance, I don't trust them as much. I asked Perry who organised the vote and he claimed it was Tyler, but when I asked Zane he claimed it was Perry!

I made a deal with Perry to go to the end as a result of this because

1) His Jury Management isn't perfect (So I've seen in Survivor: Divergent) 2) I NEED someone to trust, because otherwise I'll go home soon. 3) He has a massive target on his back, which will take heat off me. 4) If he wants to betray people in the alliance, he'll need a partner in crime, and it's better if he's with me than against me. 5) He'll treat me like a pawn and try to take me to the end, which is exactly what I want.

At this point I don't trust ANYONE. I had a great alliance, and they just HAD TO RUIN IT.


So I've been speaking with Tyler, and he claims that he had no involvement with the Ted vote, and that Ted had recently voted out Perry in another ORG, and Perry might have wanted revenge. Nice try Perry! You aren't going to lie and get away with it. You broke the alliance Perry, and you will pay the price. I swear, that I will avenge you Thaddeus.


So I've basically realised Perry is as truthful as a politician, and as paranoid as one. He voted off Ted for NO REASON.

What Tyler and I wanna do is get to the merge, vote out all the Askja's, then vote out Perry, then the non allied Sulur's, and get to the final four.


Day 25

I should have broken down by now. I've lost so many challenges, it gets to the point of just being worthless and pathetic.

But I haven't gotten a vote yet. and I can't stop fighting to reach the end.

After the challenge, I pretty much had resigned to the fact that Trace is leaving and all I've just got to put my mind to the merge. But there is always new hope. We can blindside Perry. Eden is even down with it. I don't care about Zane being in it but we can do it. He's going to the jury.

But I have this weird feeling in my stomach. Perry wants this. I've never seen anyone in this game want to make the merge that badly. We've talked on such a personal level that it's almost too hard to pull the trigger on him. This isn't like the real game. This is online. He can still talk to me and accuse me all he wants after he's voted out.

I just need to see where Trace's head is at for this vote before I do anything.


I MADE IT TO THE MERGE!!! ^_^ Having the quitter background I thought I wouldn't make it this far now its really game on its now or never and I should win this


Not only did I just made the merge, I just beat my Poly placement! Hekla yeah!!!!!! Things are about to get really exciting. Tyler wants to go the end with me and George, so I've got that option, and I've got my intended F3 of myself, Steve, and Jino. Plus, I've still got those Idol clues and hopefully Jino or I will soon find that bad boy and we can save it for a rainy day. I'm not sure how this Tribal will play out but I hope Trace survives, because he's someone I know will work with me in this. I'd love to see Perry go, and if not Perry than Eden, but the world isn't always ideal. Having Perry around in the merge might actually be a blessing in disguise because he'll be an immediate target. But happy thoughts - I'll be wearing one of those fuchsia buffs soon enough. I just learned in this confession how to spell fuchsia, so that's nice too.

Bottom line: Steve, Jino, and myself in the Top Ten. I'm tight with Tyler, George, and TJ. Very good with Perry right now, but who knows if this vote will change that. And I'm good with Mikey too. With Tyler having Zane and Eden being a non-entity, I'm not all that worried, but still not totally comfortable. This'll be fun.


So, over the last few days, a lot has happened that will REALLY affect the course of this game. Earlier on, we lost two great competitors and real threats to win in both Matthew and Ted. Matthew, it was a foregone conclusion. I wanted Matt gone because 1. he's a threat, 2. I rarely talk to him because it's just kind of awkward between us, and 3. everyone else is either Sulur 2.0, TBD or both. Although the others were conflicted as to who should be voted off out of TJ or Matthew, Mitch & I did our best to influence in TJ's favor and thus our favor, and thus it did because Tyler knows Matt is a threat and thinks he understands where we're coming from (HE DOESN'T KNOW THE HALF OF IT :3333 ) xDDD Anyways, the tribe was sort of kept together as 5 after that from what I've seen, with all 4 members being quite tethered to me. Quite simply, going into this swap, I knew I could trust Jino, Mitchell, TJ and Tyler, and those are my tribemates through a long succession of eliminations on both sides and some maneuvering to get Isaac & Matt out first off once we got to this camp. Now, what's crazy about the last few days is, Tyler has now come up with a pretty hair-brained scheme that just might work if we execute it PERFECTLY ;D His plan: to get the other tribe to try and lose the next challenge. Basically, as long as we can get Zane & Steve, possibly Mikey & Trace in on it, it's probably beneficial to remove Perry at this time because if we allow him to win immunities and scramble, we all know how easy it is for him to sugarcoat things and blind people into believing whatever he says, as well as the fact that he's a HUGE immunity threat, even more so because now Ted's out of the picture. And ya, Ted was the plan to go from the very start, why else would I take Ted's closest ally away from him in the vote if not to get him out xDDD sure, Perry was the main target, but Perry won immunity so we have to try now. But ya, I think the votes existed to get him out in Steve, Zane, Mikey and Trace, but sure enough, Perry is easy to convince to get rid of Ted. Tyler observed that Ted flipped on Perry in HIS ORG, and because of that and the threatening power Ted has, Perry actually voted against one of his own, one of his closest allies. And worst of all for him, he ACTUALLY seems to believe it's his idea, his rationale to get rid of Ted, or that it might benefit him to go along with the flow, at least. NOT F**KING HAPPENING, PERRY XDDDDDD but there's no chance I want to work with you in the future because you're not a viable and trustworthy ally. I like to keep all of my options available, but unless something drastic changes, I guess I'll be seeing a lot more of Tyler than you, Perry xDDD


This season I only trust 3 people 100% which are Alex, Szy and Matty

Now they are gone I am left with 10 other peeps where I thought I could trust some of them I thought creating the rpg alliance would benefit us but it turns out that they are going against each other and stick to askja vs. Sulur alliance I am stuck with TJ - he is the Drew II that matty is telling about George -he is a social butterfly no one is going to target him unless if they are aware what is george up to Mitchell - he is good at strategy I just dont feel what he is up to Tyler - he and zane are tight zane - he and tyler are tight Steve - No idea where his head at Perry - I trust him but everyone knows Perry he is a threat and unfortunatrly he vote off szymon which really hurt me a lot :/ Trace - this is his 3rd time he made it to the merge on his first two reach the jury and got 7th twice do you think thats not a threat O_o Eden - He is solid to the others but not me we never talk personally Mikey- I dont trust him I just dont he is part of the tribal that alex got eliminated I dont know if he vote alex off but I am really annoyed -_- so now all I need is to care for myself as long as it will benefit me and it will lead me towinning that would be great


Matthew is telling me I need to watch out basically everyone. What he doesn't know is I know that. These hoes ain't loyal is my motto especially when I comes to Survivor.

In Turkey, 2 of my closest allies did me dirty when I gave them my full trust. Miguel threw me under the bus the whole 36 days I was there and Bartley played on my emotions and manipulated me that way. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and shame on me. I don't get fooled twice and if anyone thinks I'm gonna be a fool, they got me 3 different types of fucked up.

To put it plain and simple, I will cut these hoes at any given time if I need to. Point blank period.