Day 6

Wow Daniel was voted out? That really shocked me. . . nah not really he seemed dumb, he tried to approach me about an alliance and I was like "Umm no" I'm happy he's gone.


So My tribe sat me out... and they still won, if our winning streak goes on I'm going to be so pissed, because I'm itching to play this game, I will be the most ruthless this org has ever seen, I would be compared to Colton or Russel maybe, I suck at challenges I barely even try, and I make so many alliances with people, I think right now I am in an alliance with 14 people! And What am I going to do If I'm on a tribe with them? Slice them to pieces one by one, I gave Crtha and Eddie my word before we were split into tribes, now what do I want to do? I want to cut their Frickin heads off! I'm playing with idiots, who as far as I'm concerned are incompetent at this game, at "my" game, they'll soon be in for a nasty surprise.


Ivan tries to make an alliance with me... I accept, were as in reality I want him out almost has much as Crtha, so Off with their heads! Haha.


I would love to say that I trust each of the Secret Society members in hundred percent, but I don't. Alejandro's move in making this alliance was brilliant, yet hasty. We already know that Max has a plan of his own to get Jake out before Eddie, we have Monkey who is always "a target" and tells us not to trust anyone, and then there's Miggy - the guy that never really said anything in any chatbox. until yesterday.

According to Monkey, there was something going on with Daniel but it seemed Ryan was the more likeable target. I thought it will be between Ryan and Chal, until Miggy decided to start actually take part in conversations he's present at. So he said that Daniel was trying to backstab Monkey or something, and they are going to blindside him along with Ben & Jordan, their allies. While I like the fact that I'm being informed who's going home on the other tribes, I don't like the idea of getting to the final six with the Secret Society. I don't trust Monkey and Max at all, and I'd rather take Aston further instead. But there's a time for everything.

The Artifacts So as for now, there are 4 Masks of Restrict in play. Fortunately, I know about three people who have them (Alejandro, Aston and Jake) while the fourth is a mystery. I would bet on Eddie but who knows. The Masks are soon to be joined by 4 Rings of Dualty, which according to the plan two of them suppose to go to me & Alejandro. The other two will be at Silla, so I may never find out. Due to the fact that each pair of Mask and Ring cancel each other out, I'm not too concerned about them. The only thing I don't want is to have too much power, because I won't be able to hide the artifacts like I hid my idol (and even the idol couldn't be easily hidden). As for now, the ring is enough just in case there's a sudden switch and I'll need an extra vote on my side.

Baekje need to keep winning for now. it's good for business and helps me get information on the other tribes. Let's see how bad we can beat them.


Day 7

I would like to announce this challenge as the most enjoyable so far, for two reasons - the challenge itself, and the frustration it caused to Crtha. I could not have been happier had we lost due to her failure, but we won. narrowly.

Whoever knows my gamestyle know that I don't mind challenges that much. in most of the individual ones I'd rather not to participate at all, and even in the tribal stage I don't give my best efforts unless I want the opposing tribe to go to TC. But what happened in the last couple of challenges has annoyed me greatly. As a moderator myself, I know how hard it is to make these challenges and just seeing people submitting pathetic scores or not submitting at all is driving me crazy. I mean can't you get your ass on the computer for a second and COMPLETE A *bleep* FLASH GAME?!

If Crtha had invested half of the the efforts she put on complaining about the challenge in actually trying to learn it and get better, she might have finished it within an hour. I'm not even talking about Matt who disgust me with his inactiveness. I like my tribe, but maybe it's indeed good for us to go to TC now...


Yay, Silla is immune again. As an added Bonus, we came in first.

I hope Baekje goes to the next Tribal Council.


Woohoo! I have done the most work in my tribe once again :)) I'm really giving it my all because I wanna Pagong everyone and make sure that I dont have to put my "Baekje Four" Alliance to the test :))

But here is why I wanted to make a confession. As you all know, I am part of 4 alliances. a. The Eddie Alliance b. The Anti-Eddie Alliance/Jake's Alliance c. The Secret Society d. The Baekje Four

My main allegiance is to the Secret Society though, The Baekje Four is a close 2nd

But anyway. The people who are in the Eddie Alliance here in Baekje are Aston, Amir, Cassels and I (Side note. Aston and Cassels are in the Anti-Eddie Alliance and Amir and I are in the Secret Society). Eddie doesn't trust Cassels so he told us to gun for him.

He talked to me a while ago and said "Did you tell Amir about our alliance?" I panicked because Amir is in my Secret Society and Eddie might be suspecting me. So I said "No, why what happened?"

But it turns out that I misread his message...It actually said "ok so did you tell Amir about our alliance?"...The initial two words changed the whole sentence T_T If I saw those two words, then I would know that Eddie WANTED me to tell Amir about our alliance.

So I tried to do damage control by saying "Should I have told him? I mean, the only people he needs to know right now are Crtha, Aston and I o_O" And followed it up with "Plus, I'm not 100% sure about who's in our alliance right now o_O"

I damn hope that Goguryeo votes out Eddie tonight! Eddie could be gunning for me...But the good news is, I've grown pretty close to Crtha, So if Eddie DOES gun for me. I'm confident that Crtha will talk to him :))


Ok so we lost and I scored 0....I feel like such an idiot, I talked to Jake about who we want to boot and it is looking like Hunter...thank god...he is SUCH a threat, I mean, he has the pearl, and probs the idol. I want to lay low pre-merge but I don’t want to be a coattail rider, so I need to make this move, :) and I hope it works :)


Anyway, so my tribe lost. Again. It's mainly my fault. I didn't turn in the challenge because of homework and arguments with some family. *Bleep*, I have no clue what's going to happen this TC.


I need that Rings of Duality - I mean I REALLY need it! This tribe is harder to read than braille, and that extra vote could just put me in power. Well, hopefully we don't go to Tribal, but some of the competitors on my tribe just aren't pulling their own weight. Ben, Chal, and myself work hard to win these challenges, while the rest slack off like Immunity isn't that important. And if I go home due to some half-ass floaters, well, you won't hear the end from me."


So we had to do this immunity challenge. And it's the first pair challenge of the season.

I'm really pushing my tribe when it comes to challenges to a point where it might be putting a target on my back because I think I might be turning into the leader, that's one target that I don't want especially since there are people in the tribe like Ivan and Matt who I can't seem to properly connect to. I'm gonna need to learn how to shut up or I might put an even bigger target on my back haha. I don't wanna put my Baekje 4 alliance to the test just yet because I don't trust them to 100% yet.

This challenge...I hope the other tribes do much worse because I'm the tribe's challenge dominator and I got paired with Crtha. Nothing personal Crtha, you're a great person and if my whole alliance didn't want you out, I'd really like to align with you (if only it didn't mess up my game). But according to Crtha, she can't even finish that challenge >.< So yeah, even with the 20% point buff that we won, I'm pretty sure 20% of 0 is still 0.

I scored 6.5M and that puts me to around 8M thanks to the point buff, I hope Crtha scores at least 2M so that we'd have a good chance at getting those 3 points.

CRTHA PLEAAAAAAAASE! If we go to tribal council, you're gonna go home T_T Save yourself by helping me score those 3 points >.< T_T


I feel very solid with Aston and Amir here in my Baekje alliance. Cassels seems to be the only wildcard.

I went up to Aston and told him that I suspected that Ivan had the idol since I know for a fact that neither Amir nor Crtha have it. And he told me that he was thinking the exact same thing! So now, after we boot out Crtha (Sorry Crtha) we're gonna blindside Ivan! And to add to our drama, we're gonna get chummy with Matt who thinks that he's gonna be the first one out and tell him that we're gonna protect him and all. When in reality, we're gonna use him as a pawn vote for the merge.

The only way for this to go wrong is if it turns out that Aston had the idol and that he's aligned with Matt but what are the odds of that happening? :))

My plan is to get on the good side of Aston because for one thing, the two of us can really connect and when Jake gets booted, I might even consider pulling him into my SS alliance.

But the main reason is so that if it would come down to the Baekje 4. I could get Aston to side with Amir and I to boot out Cassels.

Let's all hope this works out! ^_^


Alright so after thinking I knew who the idol holder was. I am starting to getting mixed reactions, I don't think it matters though; me and Al have the Masks Of Restrict so we should be safe. Maybe we won't even visit tribal the way we are scoring in challenges.


Day 8

Eddie has got to be the stupidest person on our tribe, if not in the entire game. Try talking strategy with the guy? He wants to pull some complicated blindside because "We wont get the chance too again." He's too idiotic to realize that puppetmaster Jake is playing him like a fiddle and I'M the one saving his ass by switching the target from him to Nick. I will not feel bad blindsiding this moron when I get the chance to.


I worked hard for the immunity challenge, but in the end, we still lost. I have mixed emotions right now: disappointed, sad, pissed, nervous, paranoid, etc, but I need to be relaxed.

Eddie wants to vote Hunter. Jake and Hunter wants Eddie out. Max wants Jake out originally, but now he insists on voting Nick. I will be sticking on my core alliance in this tribe, and that is Jake and Hunter. I really can't trust Eddie. He's been telling the same thing to everyone. "I want to work with you", "You are my main ally", etc.

Max supposed to be my secret ally in this tribe because I need more people in my side, but he pissed me off. The plan is Me, Max, Jake, and Hunter will vote off Eddie but Max wants to vote Nick. He is pushing everyone to vote Nick. Max even tipped Eddie that if he do not vote for Nick, Eddie will be out. When I was asking him why did he do that, he suddenly went offline!!!! He annoyed me. I have doubts now on Max.

Anyway, I am expecting Nick to be out of the game, because if he will self vote again, even if we vote for other castaways, he'll be gone for good.


What makes Survivor so different from other games of its kind, is the fact that stupid people actually has a chance to win. In fact, the more stupid you are, the higher chance you have to be sitting in the final three.

One of the most common strategies of experienced players is to stupefy themselves to the level of adding intentional spelling and grammar mistakes, and even demonstrate their stupidity in other aspects of life as well.

Eddie and Crtha think that I have the Baekje idol, that's a known fact. However, it seems like they've adopted the If You Can't Beat them, Join them strategy and Crtha is doing whatever Alejandro tells her to with the artifacts, including ranking me wherever he wants. Addionally, Eddie approached me today asking if I'm aligned with the aforementioned two, so of course I said yes and Jake filled me in with their plan of using Hunter as a bait (as he has the Light Pearl). Anyway, I totally forgot that Jake, Alejandro and Aaron are tricking Eddie and Crtha into believing they have an alliance since Day 1, so I tried to act like I'm so overwhelmed and confused with the situation, that I need people to tell me what to say. Right now it seems like Eddie's going home, bet let's not rush to celebrate.

As for our tribe, I came up with a plan that may change the entire course of the game in my favor. However, I have to make a few adjustments before I step into action. Stay tuned!


Yeah I sucked up to Crtha big time! Wow either she wants me out or, she's just clueless, you know the whole "I Love you" was all bull! But that's ok because the more comfortable she is the easier it'll be to knock her out.


Monkey's paranoia is so frustrating to deal with. He wanted to use the idol on the first vote and it was only because it was too late to use it that he didn't. He's so worried about being voted out that he doesn't actually think rationally. And when I told him not to use it, he thought I was trying to blindside him. Hopefully I can use that paranoia to my advantage though, to get him to target the people I want gone.

I'm glad we didn't lose another immunity challenge. People want Ryan gone next if we do lose but Ryan is our best competitor in challenges. I'd like to keep him around but not at the cost of breaking my trust with my alliance. I'm also a little concerned that I don't know who earned the rings of duality. Whoever has them is keeping it secret.