Havana Three
Duy RevivalTroyzanLspie1's new look
MrchickenS7 CK
Season Survivor: Revival
Founder Duy
Members Remained Loyal:
Duy (Day 1-13)
Luke (Day 1-13)
Jastine (Day 1-9)
Aidan (Day 1-13)
CK (Day 1-9)
Day Formed Day 2
Enemies Regreso Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Jastine (17/22)
Highest Placing Member Luke (5/22)

The Havana Three, also known as the Cubans Alliance, was an alliance on Survivor: Revival. It contained the three Survivor: Cuba veterans on the Regreso tribe, with CK from Survivor: Laos and Aidan from Survivor: Egypt as affiliates.

The alliance disbanded at the tribe switch and folded into the Regreso Alliance, as the two surviving members were split onto opposite tribes (though Luke and Duy were still a sub-alliance come merge until Luke made a bold move and eliminated Duy with an idol).



  • Counting the fake Tribal Council for Regreso at the beginning of the game, Summer voted for every member of the alliance; Jastine on Day 1, Luke on Day 3, and Duy on Day 6.
  • Jastine was the only member to not make the merge.