"Have Fun at Ponderosa"
Season Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Episode Number 15/15
Episode Chronology
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Next My Tribe Isn't Strategically Smart
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Have Fun at Ponderosa is the final episode of Survivor: Papua New Guinea.


Immunity Challenge: Papuan Trials
This challenge is divided into three parts. Part One involves a poem of Papua New Guinea, where the best poem wins 3 points. Part Two involves a word search, where anyone who finds all twenty contestants wins 2 points. Part Three involves a flash game called Ice Cream Machine, where the person with the highest score wins 2 points. The person with the most points wins immunity.
Winner: Billy


Day 37

With only four left, everyone knew that they were nearing the end.

Blake was upset at Mick for the events of the previous Tribal Council, and Mick told Blake that the idea was mutual between him and Luke.

Luke had a conversation with Blake about the finals. He brought up that Mick was currently the biggest Jury threat, in an attempt to cause Blake to vote Mick out next.

Meanwhile, Billy feared that if he didn't win the next challenge that he'd be out.

The final four were instructed to attend the Rites of Passage, and pay tribute to their fallen castaways. After taking a moment to remember their fallen friends, the four went to compete in the Final Immunity Challenge.

In the Final Immunity Challenge, Billy managed to win Immunity, with Luke and Mick tying for second.

Day 38

With Billy winning Immunity, Luke immediately went to Mick and told him to vote Blake. Blake, fearing that Mick was a Jury threat, went to Luke to make sure that they were voting Mick off. Luke told Blake that they were.

Luke then went to Billy and told him his voting options. Billy felt that Mick would win the next challenge if it turned out to be a final two, and he agreed to vote with Luke.

At Tribal Council, Mick voted for Blake, but was voted out in a 3-1 vote. This left Blake, Billy and Luke as the final three.

Day 39

On the final day of the competition, Blake, Billy and Luke attended the Final Tribal Council to face the eight members of the Jury.

The final three made opening speeches to the Jury. Blake acknowledged that he was considered a goat, and tried to differentiate himself from the other two. Billy brought up that he relied heavily on others to reach the finals and credited himself for having one member from each tribe in the final five. Luke admitted to knowing about his large target, and claimed that he was forced to play a rough game because of it. The Jury members then made their speeches to the remaining three.

Matt refused to vote for Billy, due to his lack of strategy, and asked Blake and Luke why he shouldn't vote for the other. Blake replied by saying that Luke was considered a threat and betrayed people. Luke replied by saying that Blake was under the radar the whole game and didn't make any strategic moves. Matt's Jury vote went to Luke.

Kim also was strongly hesitant about voting for Billy. He asked Blake and Luke why they didn't vote out Uli immediately at the merge like the plan was. Blake changed the topic and didn't answer the question, and Luke claimed that fear of flippers and idols resulted in Uli being spared at the final twelve. Kim's Jury vote went to Luke.

Jemarc also did not want to vote for Billy. He asked the finalists to describe their games. Blake stated that he was loyal to his alliance throughout the whole game. Jemarc, however, claimed that voting people from his alliance is flipping. Luke briefly described his gameplay. However, Jemarc felt that Luke was being too nice. Despite this, Jemarc's Jury vote went to Luke.

Abraham openly stated that Billy did not deserve to win, and angrily criticized him for his coattail riding and cowardliness. He claimed that Blake was too reliant on others and questioned him on this. Blake admit to it. Abraham then asked Luke about his relationship to the Tea Party. Luke replied by saying that he meant for the Tea Party to help him proceed further in the game, but didn't want to go to the end with members that he felt he couldn't beat. Abraham's Jury vote went to Luke.

Amos did not do a speech, and his Jury vote went to Billy.

Uli complimented Luke on his strategic game and adaptability, but criticized him for overdoing the lying portion of the game. Luke apologized for his unnecessary lies and complimented Uli's gameplay. Uli praised Billy for their close connections and that they came from the same tribe. Uli denied that Blake had a good social game, due to playing strongly under the radar and barely talking to others. Uli's Jury vote went to Billy.

Andrei openly stated that he would not be voting Billy. He brought up the challenge from day 18, and claimed that it caused him to lose respect for Billy. Andrei then accused Billy of "piggy-backing" off of other people throughout the game. Next, he asked Blake and Luke questions involving the personal aspect of the game. Ultimately, Andrei felt that he was closer to Luke. Andrei's Jury vote went to Luke.

Mick told Billy that he would not be voting for him. He didn't appreciate Blake's game, and didn't want to vote Luke because he was afraid that Americans would brag about breaking the "American Curse". However, Mick's Jury vote went to Luke.

The results were then revealed. Blake received no Jury votes, landing himself in third place.

The votes came between Billy and Luke. Ultimately, in a 6-2-0 vote, Luke became the Sole Survivor of Papua New Guinea.

Tribal Council

Day 38

Tribal Council 17:
Mick (3 votes)
PhoenixBlake bougerolleLuke(me)
Billy, Blake, Luke
Blake bougerolle
Blake (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

This might be stupid, cause of the "American Curse", but I vote Blake.


Mick, your pony is free from your grasp. You are too big of a threat. I can't help you win. So, have fun on Ponderosa.


JR, Blake and I discussed this. You are a big likability threat and won't stay true to me in the long run. Sorry.


Just in case another challenge is coming.....

Soaring High,


Final Words

Well... I just got voted out... Damn... I was so confident that I would make it to the final 3 and probably win this thing. My mistake was to go to LP as the first thing I did after JR won the challenge, probably voting off LP would be a much better idea. Actually... I'm not that mad, I started laughing when I found out that I got booted, even though I enjoyed playing here a lot. Well... I guess good luck to the final 3, since this game has basicly almost ended.


Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 18:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Luke (6 votes)
AbbyVanityJemarc avatar
Abraham, Andrei, Jemarc, Kim, Matt, & Mick
Billy (2 votes)
Amos avatarAngrist
Amos & Uli
Blake bougerolle
Blake (0 votes)
Blake BW
Billy BW

Voting Confessionals

you deserve it buddy you answered my questions the best and you told me what i needed to know for my vote


I bow to your superior gameplay, I am impressed, I'm humbled, I hate you. Get out of here, take the money and leave. You've Done Enough Damage. ;) If you get the reference, hehe.

You survived so well, setback after setback you took advantage of the splintered groupings to pull you to the end, something others failed so bad, congratulations, I hope you win it.


Even though I didn't like your answers too much, but no one really impressed me with their FTC anyways.

I've grown closer to you and your story speaks for itself. anyways. Good job sir!


so im giving my vote to you. Congratulations. It was hard for me to choose between you and blake cause hell no JR's going to get my vote. I think you are the most deserving among the three of you.


I have to say, this was a really tough vote between you and Blake, but LP, I feel like you played an over all better game. I hope you get 4 more votes.


Final Results

Abau Daru Kieta Mendi Wewak
Abby BW
Andrei BW
Amos BW
Mark BW
Blake BW
Matt BW
Brendan PNG BW
Jemarc bw
Syzmon PNG BW
Taylor BW
Billy BW
Uli BW
Kim BW
Sean BW


  • The episode title was said by Blake in his final voting confessional.


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