Day 37

I am in disbelief. Mick actually stayed loyal. And Andrei is out! But better yet, I'm in the final four! This is truly amazing. I just need to try harder than my hardest to win the next Immunity, and I'll be sitting in the final three at the final Tribal Council! I would receive so much Jury hatred, but I want to go as far as I can. Winning is in my best interest.


"And so I made it Final Four...!!!"

Hahaha,,,one more and I'm gonna win this thing........

That was surprise that Mick had the idol all this time......

Well,,,I've exerted effort in looking for it not knowing it's in his possession but it did happen the way I wanted it to....

to be used for me,,,kudos to Mick......

All I have to do now,,,is win that final immunity.....

and I think I can win....I actually truly believe that I can..... :-)

Soaring High for the Win,


Day 38

"Final Three......"

And I made it final three,,,wow,,,, Thank God....

Just when I needed it the most,,,,,,

By the way ,,,,, thanks for the comment for my poem,,,, "PRICELESS"...

I didn't expect that,,,

One thing left to do,,,,, go to the final tribal council...

Don't know if it will be a final two,,,, or three,,,

but I really believe I'll make it there,,,,


Soaring High For The Win....


Day 39

Mick has been blindsided, leaving JR, Blake and myself as the final three! I am in shock right now at the fact that I made it this far. I was an underdog since the beginning, due to being the last of my tribe. I am exceedingly happy to be in the final three, and I can't wait for the final Tribal Council. The place where the Jury is going to express their anger toward me for betraying so many people. Oh well, it will be fun nonetheless.


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