"Have Him On the Leash"
Season Survivor: Java
Episode Number 10/13
Episode Chronology
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Have Him On the Leash is the tenth episode of Survivor: Java.


Reward: Slide Puzzle with a picture of Java volcano.
Winner: Alex V.
Immunity Challenge: Pomme Pomme - Flash game
Winner: Chris

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10: Semeru

Tribal Council 10:
AlexV Merge
Alex V. (6 votes)
Chris MergeDanielle MergeLoxias Merge
Michelle MergeMikey MergeSheryl Merge
Chris, Danielle, Loxias, Michelle, Mikey & Sheryl
Loxias Merge
Loxias (1 vote)
AlexV Merge
Alex V.
AlexV Merge

Voting Confessionals

LOL bye bitch

–Alex V.

Alex, your arrogant, condescending, cocky, over-confident and self-righteous attitude need to get the hell out of this game. Double Trouble lives on, therefore the symbols continue. Goodbye, Alex!


I'm sorry man, you targeted me, I target you. It's Hammurabi's code man. Bye


Alex Alex, I'm probably going home tonight but, you're the true despair amongst this tribe of hope, You're a snake, just like everyone else but you're the worst snake here. Baiiiii


Final Words

LMFAO I should've kept my mouth shut, you get cocky you go home
Michelle is fake and if she's in the end she will get my full wrath
Chris is just stupid for keeping people that want him out
Danielle whatever congrats she just won this
Mikey is useless loxias is useless
And Sheryl oh well I guess there is a reason people say she doesn't deserve to be there
They're all lovely people though, besides mikey PPP
At least I made all these boring players go to rocks and cry
Thanks for having me

–Alex V.


  • Episode name came from Michelle's quote.