Day 6


I didn't submit a challenge score again. It's just really difficult trying to understand the game from a noob's point of view. I just have ti try and learn how.


So yesterdays challenge was really interesting. As we had to talk to other tribes, I had been secretly speaking to Liam and Ivan from Pobeda. I think I have a solid alliance with Liam (and I wouldn't mind having a F4 or 5 with him)

I'm definitely beginning to have my favourites within the tribe. Lindsay and Pydo are always active and they're the only ones I really bother to message and ask for their thoughts. All the others I just have to sit there and wait for them to eventually contribute to the discussion and ask them meaningless questions so they feel included (I hope). I feel like I'm in a pretty good position.


I'm glad my tribe seem to be getting along, I mean, sure I have some weird mood changes, but we work along quite fine. Thought there is a little problem with our communication, since a lot of us see things, but don't respond... We're lucky we haven't been up tribal yet, since we don't know each other that well yet.


It’s really funny how sometimes, it only takes 24 hours for everything to change. I now have a member of my tribe who wants me gone? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Apparently, Nickson thinks I’m aligned with the other tribes and will flip at a swap or merge, and he decided to tell a few people that he wants me gone.

Who did he tell? Well, he unknowingly told my alliance.

I’m really lucky I chose to align myself with some really, really loyal guys. That’s all I can really say for now, I guess.


Holy. Effing. Shit. I’m getting better and better at this game as the days go on, and yet I’m still so nervous. I guess nervous is better than comfortable, since it seems that once you’re comfortable, you go home. But since we have to talk to other tribes for this reward challenge, I decided to make the most of it and find people to talk to in both other tribes. Good idea? Definitely. I got SO much information for my alliance without giving very much away, and may have gained an ally or two for when a swap/merge happens.

Basically, my goal for this reward challenge is to reveal that Grant and Liam are snakes. My tribe wants to work with them and trust them, and thinks Jack was just stirring the pot. I know that’s not true, and while I don’t want to be any more of a target than I already am on my own tribe, I also can’t stand the idea of trusting them. So Andreas, who has nowhere to go but to jump ship from his tribe at this point, and I are going to work together to make SURE that the numbers that Pobeda is telling us they’re using are false. Andreas will give us the numbers they’re actually going to send in, and I’ll have someone in NAA make sure that the email we send has the correct numbers. Then, Andreas will eventually reveal that the numbers we were fed were fakes (or NAA will, at least to our own tribe), and bam. Grant and Liam are immediately targets. Hopefully Andreas is a trustworthy source of info- I don’t see why he has any reason to lie, though. At this point, trusting us is the way to save his own ass.

For the time being, I’ve also brought Taylor closer, feeding him some very generic information to try and dig at what Uspekh’s been up to. They’re so quiet and hard to read, and I don’t like it. I wouldn’t mind having a few members of their tribe go home if we can’t ensure that Grant and Liam go home on Pobeda for now. It looks better than throwing a challenge and getting one of our own tribemates out. I’m not ready to pull that kind of move yet, not after Nickson went after me to my own tribemates.


Lindsay and I have been talking during this door reward challenge. She said she is extremely loyal and really wants to work with me. She just isn't sure she can trust me or not yet. I feel the same way, but I am becoming very suspicious of her. She needs to prove to me she's trustworthy. Ziggy said he had dibs on talking to Lindsay in this challenge, so I am assuming that is the other person from my tribe they were deciding between to send to Temptation Island. I asked her if she was speaking with anyone else on my tribe. She said no and that she trusted me. I don't know if Ziggy just hasn't started to speak with her or if she flat out lied to me. Either way it seems pretty hard to trust her right now. We are proving loyalty by adding each other on our real facebooks, and then not using 2 or 3 of the same doors.

Jack told Molly a lot from the sounds of it. She keeps telling me stuff he told her. Strange.....


Day 7

I sort of looking forward to a tribe swap, My tribe was going crazy over reward challenges, a freaking reward challenge and they're over thinking it. I have a strong alliance right now but have a tribe swap could mean getting other players on my side and allowing me more options down the road.


These past few days have been had so little strategizing in Pobeda. BECAUSE I've been talking to people on other tribes.

Lindsay from Slava came to me and told me a bunch of stuff about Ivan. Including that him and Nickson are best friends and they hope to make the merge together. NO WAY. Like, Ivan might aswell be waving a flag that says 'Vote me off'. If other people find out about this, it could be trouble for Ivan. I'll use this information as I need. If that means cutting Ivan. Sucks for him.

And Jack told a few people I'm the only trustworthy person on Pobeda, so everyone is like coming to me and spilling their entire game. Thanks Lindsay and Molly :) Does anyone else have any more information to give to me ?!?!?!

I promise these lips are sealed. For now.


I can’t believe I’m doing this right now. I can’t believe that I’m working to throw this immunity challenge. Right now, my main goal is to pick off the players that I a) don’t like for whatever reason or b) are dangerous to my game. Grant and Liam of Pobeda are two of those people. Unfortunately, if we keep on sending Pobeda to Tribal, Grant and Liam will pick off the others in their tribe first. And I rather like Andreas… He’s been an excellent emissary.

But my alliance isn’t exactly keen on throwing. They don’t see that if we shed a little dead weight and exchange throwing immunity with Uspekh every other week, that we can then get numbers in a) the ship-jumpers from Pobeda and b) the minority players in Uspekh. It’s a great place for us to be in. But they’re not willing to risk it.

So my plan? Help Uspekh win. I know Andreas has at least 1 week’s safety left, so I’m not helping Pobeda yet. But I’m willing to secretly help Uspekh if it means eventually picking off Grant and Liam. (And hey, getting to vote off Nickson this week? I’m pretty okay with that.)


So we won the door challenge, which is nice. If someone from our tribe went to Temptation they probably would have taken the idol clue and we'd have a harder time winning immunity.

Lindsay had brought up trying to throw the reward so we could get an idol clue without sharing it with the outside 3, but in the end we decided it would be best to win instead. Pobeda came to us offering to have our tribes share 1-13, and also suggesting choosing 40. Lindsay kept close contact with Taylor, so we knew they were playing 1-15 as well. She also has been contacting Andreas, so we know he pretty much hates his tribe and wants to work with us. The way she described their conversation, I can believe it. The problem is, in order to keep Andreas alive, we need to keep Pobeda from losing. Lindsay even wanted to throw immunity to keep him alive and get rid of our "dead weight". She HATES Nickson. Me and Ryan pretty much had the same feeling about that: No. If Uspekh goes to tribal, great, but we need to keep our tribe strong as well. Plus I have a good relationship with both Jeremy and Nickson and we can still consider them allies.

We sent Ivan and Rebekah to Temptation, for Ivan to put a target on his back, and for Rebekah to see where she stands and possibly put a target on her back.

For this challenge, I already got a pretty good score on the flash game, but I'm a really slow typer, so it's possible that they'll sit me out for this one. We'll just have to wait for Fonda... Seems like he's never around when we need him.


Day 8

So Jack didn’t leave without a fight. He threw Caleb under the bus saying that Caleb spilled the beans to him regarding the Power Rangers Alliance. And Caleb of course is denying it. I know it’s not me, but the fact that Jack knew the name means someone’s mouth is on the loose in the alliance. But I couldn’t care less. It won’t change my vote as I haven’t built any connections with Jack as I have with these four. So sorry Jack!

The Reward Challenge was quite interesting. Door Vault. This gave me a license to talk to the other tribes although I have been talking with Fonda and Nickson of Slava from time to time.

Fonda started the negotiation. I proposed to pick 7 doors and they’ll pick eight. I gave him 7 random numbers but he said he will check with the tribe first. Nickson was tipping me on who is leading the discussion over at Slava. And interesting enough, they want to win! But our team, really, would like to lose this one because Jack revealed how it is in Temptation Island. Losing? Pobeda’s good at it! LOL

Another interesting one, Molly from Uspekh tried to negotiate with Andreas…but Andres was too scared to talk with the other tribes so he referred Molly to me! Great! This is my first connection with the other tribe.

Two things I learned from Molly: 1. Their tribe also wants to lose Reward

2. Her tribe is not that active

I 100% believe the first one. But I don’t put much faith in her if her tribe’s really inactive. She is still an enemy for now. But I tried to be endearing to her that if I may need her help, because Pobeda is, ugh, being Pobeda, then I would be happy to take any option even if it means aligning with her. So we agreed. Honestly, I find it hard to trust her. But I don’t have any choice. But I’m not letting my guard down.

Then I initiated a conversation with Jeremy Blueshades who is our (Nickson and I) target in Slava. I learned that he is overly enthusiastic and active. But he may have a cross tribal alliance with Liam because Liam always mention that he got this or got that from Jeremy. And we do not want them to screw us if there is a shake up.

Anyway, Jeremy wanted his tribe to win. So I gave Molly and Jeremy, straight up, numbers in a way that Pobeda and Uspekh will lose, and challenge hogs Slava the victory.

And I am happy it happened. Although Uspekh deviated from one number. Maybe they did not trust me fully. But hopefully when they saw that I was true to my words, they may give me some Trust points.

Operation: Lose the challenge. Well given our track record, we should ace this, and we did!


Pobeda lost, and I told Nickson that I would be okay in being sent to Temptation Island. And he worked his magic at Slava as I was sent to Temptation Island. Greeeeat!

Although this time around, Temptation Island was not as adorable as what I thought it would be. Darn! The choice were to help myself with some awesome items, or help my tribe. OF COURSE I WILL CHOOSE TO HELP MY TRIBE! And darn, it only meant that I will not participate in the challenge but be nailed with my tribe’s average scores. Pffft.

Challenge Time! The monkey and the Survivor Contestants, I would have aced that. But I can’t do anything but rely on the boys – my Pobeda Pentagon alliance (or in short, the whole Pobeda itself!Lol). And during the day, we were constantly updated by each and everyone and it seemed like we had a shot to win this.

Challenge Results! POBEDA LOST! Surprise surprise!

And now, I hatch my plan. I’ve had connections with all the other four members of the Pentagon, but Liam is the one I am weary of. Liam, Grant and I have an alliance but I am not comfortable with it as I think I’m third here. Plus I think Liam has connection with Jeremy of Slava. (Plus Ruby has been pleading me to vote off Liam Lol). I knew my target going into tribal council.

But I never expected it would be this easy. Genuine Grant, who I thought was aligned tight with Liam, is actually tighter with me. He wants Liam gone because he was the reason why we lost in the challenge. Ggggreeeat! I didn’t need to work hard for this.

Liam is targeting Caleb. Made my work easier because I can just tell Caleb this so I can get his loyalty. Not that I mistrust Caleb, but just so the plan will be put to perfection.

I have an alliance with Andreas since Day Zero. So talking to him was easy. He was scared that Caleb would spill the beans to Liam. Grant is scared that Liam may team up with the two young ones. And Caleb is scared that Liam may have the idol. Oh, boys, do not worry much. Everything is under control!!! But of course, I just have to acknowledge their worries, and then give them assurance.

Andreas, Caleb, Grant and I voted for Liam. I am sorry Liam. You are a cool guy, but you had a target in your back ever since you made that remark against Ruby in her face. And then Jack threw you under the bus at tribal council thread. And the straw that broke the camel’s back is you being the reason why we lost the challenge. That’s strike three. And you’re out.

Sure I am invincible at Pobeda but this is a teeny weeny tribe of four. So I can’t be complacent. I want a shake up soon and I want it to be in my favor. Oh please…


In a strange turn of events, I think Molly has just became my best ally. I'm in a pretty good spot right now, with the majority of Ziggy, Bryce, and Taylor; however working with Molly seems like it would benefit me long-term. She seems to know what's going on in and outside of our tribe, so I don't see why I wouldn't stay with her.

That being said, Taylor and I have gotten ourselves into a pretty dope spot. We're both in The Inquisitorius, with Ziggy and Bryce, and The Cuties with Molly. So, by default me and Taylor have been having some good talks, however I think that going with him moving forward would be bad for my game. He seems to have connections outside of our tribe, mainly with Lindsay.

Lastly, I'm pretty sure the tribe has decided as a whole to vote off Erik first chance we get. He is trying, so you can't fault him for that, but he hasn't submitted the challenges. He's done them but not submitted. That's dangerously careless, and if things went south during a tribe swap or merge situation where we need him, and he makes the vote but forgets to submit it, we'd be screwed.


So we completely threw that reward challenge to Slava... or a few of us did anyway. I am working with Lindsay, and we(Lindsay+I) decided that she would try to get her tribe to lose so she could vote out someone she no longer wants around. It would also save Andreas, who is not liking his tribe Pobeda and feels like the low man on the totem pole. We need him so we have a number later. I told her that in return I would throw it next week so we could get rid of Erik who never submits. Our plan was to let Slava win so that Uspekh and Pobeda would both get an advantage for their tribe. We knew exactly what all the doors being used were. Winning it actually could have made us lose immunity. After a long time convincing Molly with the help of Lindsay, we threw it. I had Molly submit just for the slight chance that it backfired on us. That way I could possibly place blame on her. I told Lindsay to get Slava to send Rebekah because we were sure she would choose to help us. It worked, but we should have chosen Erik because he didn't submit again.

Pobeda is so bad that they lost again. They are the new Matsing... Not my blue tribe! Molly has gotten on my nerves a bit recently. We disagree about strategies often. We'll see how that affects us down the road.


How to throw an immunity challenge

1- Let a member of each opposing tribe that you know you can trust know what the strategy is for each part of the challenge.

2- Sit yourself out and claim that it’s because “this isn’t your best challenge and you’ll be more useful another day,” when in fact it’s because playing and not submitting is too obvious and your actual scores are wayyy higher than most of your tribemates.

3- …Win.


I clearly need to rethink my strategy, because Slava doesn’t know how to lose, and that throws my original plan out the window...


My head is on the chopping block this week, however my alliance with Grant, Ivan and Andreas should be enough to save me. Caleb has been disloyal by revealing the Pobeda Pentagon to the rest of the castaways and that should be enough to keep me safe.


So we won again, and immediately Lindsay starts complaining. Turns out she sat out and tried to help Andreas in an attempt to throw the challenge. Thankfully, Slava does not simply "lose". I understand that she wants Nickson out ASAP, but the moment we go to tribal we will not be as unified as we were before. Nickson and I still have a pretty good relationship, so I'm confident he will stick with us in a swap. The only person on this tribe I don't really trust is Fonda. He's really not that active, and I don't know where his head's at.

If Andreas goes, it will suck to lose a potential ally, but I'm still not upset they lost. The less Pobedas the merrier. I would have rathered Uspekh go though, since they are by far the quietest of the three tribes and nobody knows what's happening over there. Even Lindsay can't get any info out of Taylor or Ziggy. They're our main opponents now, as Pobeda becomes less and less of of a threat.