Day 14

After the Tribal Council, I realized that the game right now is not about Internationals vs Americans. It's everyone's game. After Matthew was voted out then Ahad. Well it is a proof that everyone of us is eager to win and survive the World of Anarchy in Samoa.

I'm worried about the fact that I always get the lower scores in challenges and maybe I'm the next one to go home. However, Kaffe told me that I am an asset in the group not as a threat so this time I need to work hard in challenges, be sociable as always and use my brains to become alert.


So Ahad finally left the game last night at tribal council. This is something that I've been working towards for quite a while, and it just so happened to work out perfectly at the very first tribe elimination stage. Essentially, the entire tribe wanted Ahad gone because he was too much of a schemer. Additionally, Jon was still mad at him for the idol fiasco.

Unrelated to that vote out is the fact that Tyler M is starting to get squirmy in his position on the tribe. He is beginning to take more of a leadership role, and he's even trying to control me in a few scenarios. He would prefer that Americans are protected over any International players.. but to me this is a stupid move. Because of that fact, I have started going behind his back and working closely with Jordan, Richie, Jerby, Nokomis, etc.. to try to influence the power dynamics at the other camp. Hopefully this will pay off for me at their first tribal, where I expect to see Quanz go in a landslide vote. After that, I would prefer if Blake or Jordan go, but we will have to see.

Beyond all of that, it really has been a bit of a slow last few days.. strategically speaking. Just laying low, playing the field as it develops and trying to keep my eyes open for any new developments. I still feel great about my place in the game.. and I'm currently working on concocting a plan that will net me Tyler M's idol half. We will have to see how that goes as well.


After the Tribal Council, I realized that the game right now is not about Internationals vs Americans. It's everyone's game. After Matthew was voted out then Ahad. Well it is a proof that everyone of us is eager to win and survive the World of Anarchy in Samoa.

I'm worried about the fact that I always get the lower scores in challenges and maybe I'm the next one to go home. However, Kaffe told me that I am an asset in the group not as a threat so this time I need to work hard in challenges, be sociable as always and use my brains to become alert.


It really sucks that we lost the challenge and the Atonga got it faster. We have different time zones and most of us are busy in school and workplace. Wow! I'm always performing poor in the challenges and Jamie didn't know that we have a challenge. So either me or Jamie will go home. #BestOfLuck


It's challenge day and like I mentioned in my previous confessional, I need to do well in this. Fortunately, I am online during the challenge (because of my work) and we were able to win it.

It is a bittersweet moment knowing that I am safe but at the same time, Jon and Kaffe (people I have alliances with from the other tribe) are going to tribal again. There have been talks that Jon is next to go and as much as I don't want that to happen, Jon's been rubbing people the wrong way. Plus, his performance in the past challenges aren't helping him at all.

I should be worried about Drew too but he's in a good spot right now. Honestly, he's the next Matt - a threat that no one seems to notice! He's good in challenges, gained the trust of most of the people (even the hosts!!!), he has half the idol and he's the one organizing the votes.

The good thing is that I'm his ally and I treat him like he's my brother. So what I could do for now, is stick close to him without him noticing how huge of a threat he is to me right now.


Well today sucked. It was a live challenge that was pretty impossible to take part in. I was in school, and for that, we're going to Tribal. I hope that there's better communication for the next live challenge, because I felt like that was a big part of it, too. x


Day 15

And in literally seconds flat, Atonga wins Immunity! That just goes to show you how ruthless and determined this tribe is at success. It feels weird that I had to sit out of this one, however. Here's a little math problem for you guys. What does school plus speech team equal? You got it! No time for me. Hopefully, I won't let this get into the way of our next challenge--I want to compete! But in all seriousness, I had a good time playing the part as Atonga's cheerleader throughout the challenge. It was awesome. Like me. And our tribe.


Things are speeding up. In fact, it's speeding up so much that I've skipped Day 14's confessional. Right on to 15. Cripes!

I am very glad we won another Immunity challenge. But again, I felt like Drew was somewhat bitter about it... Example:

Quote1This is a really boring challenge...Quote2- Richie
Quote1says the guy with the easy victory lol
this challenge was just dumb all aroundQuote2
- Drew
Quote1agustin will just log in and be like: 'oh, i won immunity... cool' XDQuote2- Richie
Quote1dumb that he didn't warn anyone it was going to be live
dumb that it has to be 4 people on at once (over half of my tribe)
dumb that whoever gets online first wins
and dumb that we never even had a shot to compete hahahaha
but at least I know what's happening at tribal already
so that's goodQuote2
- Drew

Again, I worry that this growing frustration that Drew is showing (but I think trying to conceal) could hurt my game later on. Before tribes were made he was very close to me. We talked all the time. Now we do not. We still share information but the social aspect of our relationship seems to have diminished. I've been busy in real life and maybe he has too. But still, it coincides with his recent losses and what I feel is quite a bit of resentment about that.

I just hope that I can keep him satisfied that come the merge, my numbers, are his numbers.

and WOW, that's just a rehash of an old issue. New issue for today was definitely a bit of a surprise. NOKOMIS. -___-

Nokomis ... where do i begin. I'm not overly fond of him. He's active in chat and comes across like a supportive, well meaning individual. But I seriously just can't get a proper read on him. Here's a summary of what happened today... in both tribe chat, and then later private chat....:

Quote1We seem unstoppableQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1But for how long, nokomis? How long?!?!?Quote2- Richie
Quote1until a trip to Double Trouble Council. because that's the only time we're going to tribal until MargeQuote2- Nokomis


Quote1I'm sorry if i upset you richieQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1Huh?Quote2- Richie
Quote1When you asked for how long i thought you where upsetQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1Oh lol. That's just me being ... Me.
I'm not angry mad . Just mad madQuote2
- Richie
Quote1WhyQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1I.... I don't know...Quote2- Richie

Is this a case of Nokomis being super sensitve, or was my joking around translating harshly via online chat? I'm sure we've all been victims of having the tone or attitude in a text or email misinterpreted before. But this annoyed me immensely and I couldn't figure out why for ages. It finally dawned on me later. Nokomis apologises FOR EVERYTHING. He's constantly seeking approval and recognition that everything is ok and that he's fine. He submitted 22,000ish in the silversphere score, and at that time he had the best score on our team. He apologised for it over and over again in tribe chat, despite Noah and Agustin having already submitted scores with only half that total. He then even messaged me in private to apologise for his low score. I mean, come on! I was like: "Dude you doubled Agustin's score and no one is giving him a hard time, so i think you're fine..."

Anyway, after the above convo in tribe chat. He private messaged me. I.. I just don't know what to make of him really:

Quote1You can talk to meQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1OkQuote2- Richie
Quote1What's wrongQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1I'm not angry at you at all btw! I just always come across like I'm angry XDQuote2- Richie
Quote1I feel like you and jerby ate my friends and i care about you guys. even if your not mad about the game I still want to know and try to helpQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1I swear to u
I have not eaten your friends!
And I am your friend in this game! I want to work with you but when I talk to u about it you don't say much back.
So I think that u don't want to work with me
But maybe we are both wrong about each other?
I want us to go into the merge and get really far. We need 6 people to do that and you are one of those 6Quote2
- Richie
Quote1I said you are my friend I didn't mean eatQuote2- Nokomis
Quote1Haha I know I was joking XD it's what I do! I am a silly personQuote2- Richie
Quote1I was like I hope you didn't eat my friends
Me you Jordan Noah jerby and agustinQuote2
- Nokomis

UGH! A dream team plus Nokomis more like... I feel like lately my social game has improved. Yet once again I'm coming across like an angry person and I can't keep upsetting people like this! Not if I want to win this game...



So today has been chaotic. Basically, I've discovered that Richie cannot be trusted. I found this out, because Jordan stupidly decided to share with Jerby his entire opinion on me and my position in the game. How is it that people don't realize Jerby and I are together yet? It's so confusing to me... Either way Jordan is not the strategic player that he thinks he is.

Anyway, he basically informed Jerby that Richie has been telling him everything I have leaked so far.. and that they both (Jordan and Richie) feel that I am like Boston Rob and not to be trusted at all. They are correct. This is why they need to go, before they even get a chance at making a power grab.

The way I am going to do this is: Influence Noah, Nokomis, Blake, and Quanz. Convince them that Jordan and Richie are making a big play to try to get them out, and that Richie needs to go at the first tribal. I've already got Noah, Nokomis, and Jerby willing to vote for Richie. This leaves Quanz, and Blake. Quanz should be easy.. because simply put: It's going to be him voted off unless he makes a move and votes for Richie. Blake will be an interesting test of will power for me, but I truly believe I can talk him into voting "American" and taking out Richie. This will be one of the most important moves I will have made in this game yet if I can pull it off. There is a threat brewing in Jordan and Richie, and I need to take them out before they get a chance to grow into something that I can no longer handle.

After that threat is handled, Kaffe and I have agreed that our boot order is going to be Dustin, followed by TylerM. This will put the idol half back into play, and I will do everything in my power to go out and grab it.

That's all for now !  :D


Ooh, trouble is brewing within Atonga. Apparently, Richie believes that Drew and Tyler of Tagaloa are controlling this game, and that Nokomis and myself are going to join them when the merge takes place. true. So, Richie and Jordan are forming an alliance to get Nokomis and myself out of the game before it can happen. Oh dear--and it gets better. Jordan goes and tells Jerby this "amazing" plan. Little did Jordan know, that Jerby and Drew are tight. Of course Jerby is gonna tell Drew this, who ultimately tells me. Silly, silly, Jordan. Here's the deal. Quanz, Jerby, Nokomis and myself are hopefully going to make an alliance to overthrow Richie, Jordan and, more than likely, Augustin, and get out either one (or two...) of the three before the merge takes place, and really stick it to 'em! This leaves Blake...time will tell where his faith lies, and I can't wait.