"He Can Basically Choke"
Season Survivor: Tikal
Episode Number 6/15
Episode Chronology
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He Can Basically Choke is the sixth episode of Survivor: Tikal.


Reward Challenge: The tribes competed in a flash game called 99 Bricks. The tribe with the highest combined score won reward. The winning tribe got to send 2 people, 1 from each tribe to the Temple of Toj. Each person chosen would also get to choose 1 other person from the opposite tribe to them to go to the Temple of Toj, making it 4 people in total who were sent. The 4 people chosen each faced the Butterfly Effect. The winning tribe also received a clue to the hidden immunity idol. 99 Bricks

Winner: Vatanchu

Immunity Challenge: Each tribe participating in a challenge called Name Game. Each tribe was given their own thread where they had to post the first and last names of Survivor contestants. The catch was the contetant's name they were posting had to start with the last letter of the previous contestant's last name that was posted before it. For every correct name posted, the tribes would receive 1 point. For every incorrect name posted that was deleted, the tribes would score -1 points. For every incorrect name that wasn't deleted, the tribes would score -2 points. The tribe with the most points at the end of 24 hours won immunity.

Winner: Vatanchu

Temple of Toj

Sent to the Temple of Toj: Claire, Joanna, Michael & Scott.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6: Aguateca

Tribal Council 6:
Mel (4 votes)
Anna, Lexi, Mary & Michael
Michael (3 votes)
John, Mel & Scott

Voting Confessionals

Mel, sorry but when ur rude af u get my vote ok bye


The odds of you leaving tonight are slimmer than Barbie's waist, but I'll take my chances.


sorry mel. but i could tell i was personally your target and we ain't havin none of that boo. also, you've been rude to your own teammates too many damn times. it's team work that makes the dream work baby, and that's something you don't seem to have any of.


Sorry I'm just not a big fan of you!


You are a snake. You have no idea what honesty and loyalty is and i hope karma bites you in the ass.


I was hoping this would be a blindside, but you're probably expecting this.


Michael, my man, you already know me voting you is nothing personal as I think you're a great guy. This is solely for reasons of loyalty, as voting you is the best shot at Mel staying, however unlikely that may be.


Final Words



Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Marie's quote