Day 17

It's looking like we're switching up tribes again! Oh boy. But how? Remains the question. So we all get ranked by our tribe mates! They put me as 3rd important. That's fine with me. Trace was voted most important and Isaac was least. I can't remember who the most important on Súlur was lol! But I do remember Eden was voted least. So what happens?! Isaac and Eden get to pick the tribes! THEY GET TO HANDPICK EVERYONE! Lol! I'm sure Isaac was loving every moment of it too. I think it's funny how him and I are "allied" and he doesn't pick me first. He picks TJ *hint hint*. If anyone was going to go to a tribe mate who is on the bottom and it's quite obvious, TJ I can see doing that. I will say that I think Isaac did a great job picking the new Askja tribe. I let him know that and I thanked him for picking me. He just ignores me. What an ally! :P. Speaking of allies. My two biggest allies went to Súlur. Luckily Mitchell is here and I still got TJ here. My buddy Jino is back so I'm happy about that. And my other "secret buddy" Ridgeway is here. It's a great tribe!

It's funny how this game works. I just low key talk to people and we work together. Everything runs so smooth. I'm not pissing off anyone this time and I'm not running the game. I want to be that person people need to have in this game and not feel threatened by and use that strategy until the amount of people start to shrink. From there I can make my own decision on who to side with and who I can take to the end so I can win this game. It's all about the options! The nice thing right now is that probably no one knows which alliance I am in. They could have an idea but I doubt they know. I know It's possible that I may not be a #1 ally to anyone. Or am I??

So back to the new tribe after going off topic! We have George here too! He's a nice guy but I suspect that he's in with Perry's crew. Ridgeway could be as well. And I sure hope Mitchell didn't get dragged into that when he stayed on Súlur. But I think we have the team that can win a ton of challenges. Which I need! Tribal Council is getting old and I'm sure a merge is getting near. After that, no more days off in this game.


OH. MAH. FUCKIN'. WERD!!!! :O This game just got a hell of a lot more complex. So, we enter the final 15, thinking not much could really happen, as the numbers are odd, and the assumption is 2 tribes don't often have swaps at odd numbers. The key word is OFTEN ^_^ So the swap happens right around normal, besides one little detail. Basically, Eden decided to tell everyone in the Da Bae Alliance (Eden, myself, Perry, Ted, Tyler, Zane) to put up the same list, with the non-alliance members being around the top. The purpose of this being to make the non-alliance members feel included in the tribe, that if ya get a 1st place ranking like Jino did, then you can't possibly be on the outs. So I sent in my submission along with Eden's plan, went to bed and decided to work hard Anyways, I basically was thinking before the swap in the event of another schoolyard pick, as I have a few people on my old Súlur tribe that I feel comfy with as allies (OMFG I'M SO HAPPY I DON'T HAVE TO PUT THE ACCENTED LETTERS IN AS MUCH, Y'ALL DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH THAT MEANS TO ME ;DDDDDD). Anyways, imo those are Jino, Mitchell to a lesser extent, and Tyler, along with TJ from Askja. With Perry and Ted, they're close friends but I know how villainously both of them play, and thus I really don't trust them. Eden, Steve, Zane, I just don't talk to them all that often, as you can't talk to and get into a good rhythm with everyone, though I may try. Anyways, almost EVERYONE that I trust from both tribes ended up on Askja with me, and it's just so PERFECT xDDDD basically, I've been talking to Tyler a lot, and when unprovoked, he came up with a very similar response to the game as I have: basically we can use the people who stayed on Askja as votes to advance our games. Maybe we divide things as new Askja vs. new Súlur, maybe we get rid of the Askja insiders and then use TJ & Isaac and potentially Matthew for our purposes within the Súlur majority, maybe we just get rid of them off-hand and things proceed as-is. ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWWWWWS! DOESN'T REALLY MATTER TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! To-ooo meeeeeeee....

Anyways, Tyler and I have been talking recently, and I think I can trust him, for the time being. He and to an extent Zane have been a massive conundrum for both Perry and Ted, as both of their loose friend groups need Tyler & Zane for numbers, and they both acknowledge that Tyler's a social threat, but they can't predict his next move because quite frankly, he doesn't trust either of them and rightfully so. We've both independently come up with the conclusion that they're both big threats along with their friend groups, and we can use each other and the bottom-feeders like Jino, Mitch, and the bottom of Askja being TJ & Isaac to our political advantage, as well as maybe even Steve. Basically, we can use loyalty to 3rd Askja to create a new alliance to get rid of all of the threats to us, so we can have the finals be people like TJ and Jino, people who are easier to beat physically, easier to control, easier to get along with, or in Jino's case, all 3. That makes it so that by the final 5 or 6, Tyler's easily the biggest threat in the game, and once he's removed then it's the final 4 or 5 depending on how many immunities he wins, and then it'll be easy to win immunity once or twice and/or hold on to Jino and some other allies I could find myself in the final 3 easily. I'm not saying that's my best option, that basically depends on what happens within the next few days and how the immunity challenges occur; it may not BE an option if the 3rd Súlurs win more immunities, which is definitely a very large possibility when one considers that they have a lot of the major challenge threats, such as Perry, Ted, and Trace where as we have our fair share of weak contestants such as, well, the old Askjas, being Isaac, TJ, and Matthew. But I don't think it'll matter. I think if we come to the merge down in numbers, say 5-7 for example, then the Súlurs can be convinced to stay with us, getting rid of the main power structure in the 2nd Askja tribe. It's been suspected for a while that Matthew, Mikey, Trace and Szymon are a central nucleus of power because they seem to have been the major swing factor in the chaotic votes of Askja. Anyways, this isn't a question of what's true necessarily, just what Eden, Perry and Ted think. And what they seem to think is that those 4 are in the biggest threats from Askja. Matthew can go home on the first (really 5th :P) tribal council of Askja, we may/may not be accepting Steve in to our tribe as well. Oh wait, what's this! All of your targets are on the 3rd Súlur tribe? :O What a coincidence! :D We'll have to vote them out tho, they're evil Askjas and it's #SúlurPride so we need to take out all the big threats such as Trace and Szymon. Isaac and TJ can wait for later. Much later ^_^ So I'll be looking forward to these immunity challenges, I think I'm in a good spot in my tribe and have a few options on my hands. I've got to juggle my TBD alliance, my 2nd Súlur alliance, AND my 3rd Askja grouping, although it's not been discussed all that much on the 3rd option there. I can't hold on to all of them for good, I'll have to see what the twists are and what the circumstances are and what's said and done in the next few days. I'll have to make someone cry, hurt someone's feelings, I just don't know who that is, and of course this could all be in vain because it could be my face in black and white under the 15th place slot. I'm so excited to see how this game is going to go, it'll be so goddamn fun xDDDDDD


This tribe swap worked for me. It honestly worked for me. The three Askja members - Isaac, Matthew, and TJ - are all allies of mine. The three Súlur members - George, Jino, and Tyler - are all allies of mine. I'll miss being on Súlur's beach, but I'm ready and willing to shake things up and get some blood on my hands. I love George, but if we lose, I think I'm going to target him. I've suspected that he's in Eden, Perry, and Ted's inner circle for a while, so that makes him the least useful to me. Despite whatever I may fear, Jino, Matthew, and Tyler will never vote against me, I believe. So it's game on now.


This new tribe is the beeesssttt. We got so many great challenge competitors and my homies back from Súlur are about to take out the one's from Askja, it's smooth sailing to the merge.


Another tribal shuffle and another time I wasn't picked for any tribe so I'm going to Exile again -_- My tribemates ranked me third most useful but I'm pretty sure they were ranking in reverse order. I really hope I end up on new Askja because that tribe features the three people I trust more then the others George, Mitchell, and Jino. If I end up on Súlur I'd like to flip to the minority but by time I get there it will probably be 4 original Súlur plus me against only 2 original Askja, then with Exile in play there probably won't be a chance to flip. Then it will be only a matter of time before they finish off the Askja members and they turn on me.



So my alliance (Perry, Tyler, George, Zane, Ted)

decided to arrange the rankings so that the people on the outs weren't ranked, and didn't feel... well on the outs!

It worked, and I was ranked lowest, which is fine by me cause I got choice of the new tribes.

Isaac asked me not to pick TJ, in exchange for him not picking Ted or Perry (My two closest allies)

And Now I'm on a tribe with my alliance (Ted, Perry, and Zane)

And my friends (Szymon and Trace)

And Mikey's sorta just there XD

Now Szymon and I are bonding over "Being on the bottom"

Hopefully I can get some useful info from him, cause he'll trust me to flip out of anyone.


So now will be having a tribe switch... Honestly I am not shock about the tribe switch... I am shock about the rankings. Me becoming the most important member of Sulur that is nice and bad at the same time. Nice because majority of my tribe think that I am the most important while bad because it can put target on my back so I dont want to be the target here. Now the switch starts and it is Eden and Isaac who is going to choose. Let see what is my tribe. I hope whatever tribe it is askja or sulur the odds is still going to be on my favor. :)


So, Liam just went home. OMFG YASSSSSS <3 <3 TJ'S STILL IN OVER LIAM ;D #SLAY (I'm getting Perry's vocabulary now, thanks to our long skype calls :P ) Anyways, TJ's still in the game to make the TBDs an army or 3 instead of 2, and Liam, who is quite strong mentally and physically, took the fall instead :3 I love this because it's so much more easy to get rid of the Askjan core 4, as I can attempt to scoop up Isaac from the Square Table bit and TJ as a TBD member, idk if that'll work, I guess it sort of depends on the tribe after this f**king twist :P Oh yeah, and Mitch and virtually everyone else I've talked to thinks it's a Gabon-esque tribe swap on the loose, where at the final 15, everyone is ranked by value, and then there's a schoolyard pick to create 2 new tribes of 7 + 1 person on exile for the time being :P I can't make any real certain hypotheses, but I do think that fits the bill quite well XDDD in the event of a swap, I'm not all that worried tho. I think I feel confident with just about everyone on the Súlur besides Eden and to a certain extent Zane, but I think Zane's on my side because we are connected by Tyler. As well, I think if my life is in the hands of TJ or Isaac, it's not the end of the world, quite distressing but I've gotten myself out of a lot of worse situations, including in the almost-extinct Hekla tribe, of which I am the last one standing there xDDDD I knew I was on the outs of that tribe constantly, down 3-1 and almost certain to be 24th as its lowest placing member. Now, to survive that and even become its highest ranking member, above all of those that had my life in their hands, it's just so very sweet to show them that I'm not the guy I said I was; I'm not just a pawn to be pushed forward at Liam's discretion. On the contrary, I can pull myself out of most terrible situations and eventually outlast the people I got a way out from in the first place. Anyways xD I don't think I've pissed too many people off, I've tried to play a very UTR game so far. We'll see how this goes, it may not even be a swap, just some sort of reward with paranoia attached :P but I'm definitely looking forward to spending the weekend preparing for this. I don't have school on Friday to Sunday, and I'll be using all 3 days, as long as I can to push things in my direction and get a good foothoold on whatever new tribe I might have, in the event that it isn't the one and only Súlur that I so love XDDD Well, it'll be fun to watch, much more fun to play ^_^ I just hope this works well in the end ;O


Day 18

Today we had this somewhat live challenge. I was no where to be found for it! Next thing I know we're in the middle of a tie breaker for the immunity challenge. It's Mitchell vs Perry playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Mitchell won the tie! Which means Askja wins immunity! Hallelujah!! I know it's been one challenge with a lot of luck but I knew this team would be good! A lot of us thought we were good! We get an advantage in the next challenge which is great. It would have been nice to exile someone like my old allies to keep one of them safe. I guess that wasn't meant to be.


I just won immunity for my tribe, so hopefully my stock around here rises a bit higher. I don't feel in danger - hell, I'm thinking I'm in a borderline good position - but you never know. Winning immunity in a live tiebreaker with all of our necks on the line, by such a clear margin? That just flat-out feels good.


I'm honestly just done with this game.

Why. Does he get to be a white crayon. Isaac has done nothing except beg for his life to be exiled. He sucks at game play. But he's manage to be here so I have to give him props on his social game. If social games include begging to the other tribe to help you when you can be trying to forge bonds with us. He put this on himself.

But my luck just can't go down any further. I think I have to start writing more nicer confessionals, but I can't stand most of these people. I only like Syzmon, Trace, Tyler, and Mitchell. That's it.

These people play the game like government officials: corruptly.

So, now I am on the Sulur tribe. With Eden, Ted, and Perry. Like honestly let me just take a rock and beat myself over the head with it.

Guess what Perry does. He tries to get back on my side. He promises me safety over the other members of my tribe.

He's serious. The same person who tried influencing my own tribe to get Trace and I out of this game, wants to work with me and keep me safe.

They're making me lose my sanity. Like, I'm not gonna be able to process anything after this season ends.

All I do is fight to survive. And everything comes back out of my control.




Quick side note I realized I numbered two confessionals number 11 so technically I think this is the 15th or some shit. I don't fucking know but these punk ass numbers. Lol (7 am confessionals)

Anyway Perry came up with a plan to sort of rig the tribe rankings within the group to make people think basically myself and Eden were at the bottom and to make Mitchell, Jino and Steve feel like important because they aren't in the main alliance.

Meanwhile, I have side alliances with all 3 of them Lmmfao OOPS MY BAD! Trust no hoe <-that's a life motto right there tbfh.

Anyway, I had a convo with George because like who TF wouldn't LMAO George is awesome. (Ima be mad if I wrote this and George was poppin shit >_>)

Anyway, I pointed out to him Trace's last tribal response and Szymon and I'm assuming the rest of Askja knows that Perry, Ted and Eden manipulated the vote last time (well according to Trace, they tried to get him twice and I was OH EMMM GEEE like DAMN SON) LOLOLOL poor Trace, poor poor Trace.....

Oh yeah anyway George saw it and we agreed that those three are playing too hard too fast. Leaving out Mitchell, Jino and Steve is stupid because I'm gonna swoop their asses up and them out.

Umm another side note, I probably shouldn't do confessionals at 7 am. I dropped my phone like 3 times :/ *insert Kevin get on my level picture* wait can I put memes in my confessionals?! OMFG BITCH I WILL HAVE ONE FOR EVERY CONFESSIONAL :O I wonder if Bailey is still online BRB....

YES BAILEY SAID YES! #FavoriteHostEver -Adam & Nuno roll eyes- Ok Adam & Nuno but that was rude though >_>

Down below needs to be me and omfg this confessional is sooooo long! I'd be mad af if I had to read this shit LMMMFAOOOOO OH WELL :D I'm going back to sleep ^_^



Once again, the tribe swap twist that doomed Rapa Nui. Once again, I am employing the same strategy. In Polynesia, I put the people that most people would've ranked as least valuable (Val tbh) as the most valuable in an effort to raise their stock in the rankings and make them feel more secure, and I'm doing the same here. I'm putting Jino and Steve at the top of my rankings and people like Ted in the bottom half, hoping this will even things out enough so that they'll feel content with their tribe. I've got a lot of options in this game right now but it'd be a shame for my allies to start thinking they've got options too.


Day 19

First day off in a long time and I'm enjoying it. It's good to catch up with my tribe mates. I just keep thinking of how Trace and Szymon are doing on Súlur. I'm hoping those two, along with Mikey can get Zane to vote out someone like Perry. Guess we'll find out tomorrow


There is only one worse position that I could possibly be in. And that is the position of Szymon. Thank goodness the old Sulur had something against him. Or else I would've been the one out on Day 19.

I understand now why Mikey and Szymon voting for me. They tried to save themselves, but it didn't work. I'm not surprised that Mikey flipped on me that fast, but I am confused as to why Szymon did it. I genuinely thought I would go to the final four with him, so really he's the only one who lost anything here. I'm still shocked.

My strategy has now changed drastically. I am no longer in any control of my situation. I mean obviously I'm not giving up but it's obviously looking pretty bad. Perry told me that I'm going next so I'm pretty much just racing the clock.

Steve came to me and told me that he wants to vote with me. It's kind of sad because I had to tell him to stick to old sulur because voting with me would only end up sending him home. At this point my only possible move would be getting exiled on the right day. Maybe I can get the other tribe to exile me so that I'll be safe for at least one more tribal. The plan is to win immunity but we all know how that's been going for me. So we'll have to see.

I really won't settle for 13th so I'm going to be working my ass off. The others better watch out because here comes the steam roller. I'm not going down without a fight.


This could not have gone worse for me. Just when you think you have a chance, done. Bye bye. I hate this swap. Like, of all the ways it could've happened, it had to be "even" for both tribes. Let's remind ourselves that now the ENTIRE askja tribe is in trouble. This is just great.

To make matters worse, this has seriously been the most confusing and stressed filled voting period I have probably every experienced (excluding the night I was voted out of Madagascar). So first, I figure that my only chance of staying alive is getting Zane to vote with us. I tried to convince him that he is on the bottom of the old Sulur tribe and as soon as the three of us are gone, he's gone next. He kept agreeing with me, and then he told me that he wanted to vote Eden. I didn't even have to give him a name yet he jumped the gun and gave me one. I don't know if he's just saying that or if he really is.

Next comes Ted. Ted tells me the same thing. "I don't know what to do. Nobody is talking to me". I told him that I heard we're voting for Eden. I told him nothing about Zane. He gave me his word that it would be 4-3 Eden. I don't believe Ted is voting with me, so I don't know what he's going for. But he gets an A for effort.

Then, Eden approaches me, and all he says is "if you vote for me, I'll be so pissed". And I was like, what the fuck. You target my alliance, give me nobody to vote for, don't even speak to me and then assume that I'm not going to be loyal to your ass? He obviously hasn't watched survivor recently. Or at least he doesn't have a good understanding of it. It baffles me sometimes the incompetence of these players. My goodness.

Next comes Perry. I have decided that I really don't like Perry. He acts like he's in control of this game. If Eden goes home tonight, which im kind of starting to doubt will actually happen, I'm going to laugh SOOOOOOO hard at Perry because finally something doesn't go his way. he told me that I'm not going tonight, they're voting Szymon. Is it bad that I'm okay with that? Like, he's my closest ally, but at least it's not me. Perry told me that Szymon is voting for me, which I think could actually happen, but at the same time, Perry is such a lying little rat that I don't believe him at all. He says that Ted is running everything and that Ted chose Szymon which would disprove Ted's earlier statements. So we'll see what happens.

I also talked to Steve and Steve said that as soon as he comes into the game, he's heading straight over to our alliance because he knows he's on the bottom and that he has a better chance with us. If Eden goes home, then we are sitting sooooo pretty. But if Szymon goes home, we're in a bit of a more rocky boat. We'll have to see what happens. Hopefully both Szymon and I are sitting here tomorrow morning when results are read.

The stress is real. Hopefully it's not for nothing.

Thanks guys, Trace


I'm seriously questioning the intelligence of the Sulur tribe.

I'm getting panic messages from Trace now saying that Perry told him that Syzmon is voting Trace and that Trace is next.

First of all, thank you for messaging me "hey are you down with the plan" when you never told me the plan at all. Trace, I swear to god, don't message me when there are hours before the vote, cause there might be a chance that I already voted.

Cause now, I'm gonna be stuck with an angry Trace, my best friend in the game voted off, and the tribe of "god knows what's in the water" Sulur. What break will I get. One round at the merge to suddenly be back to a target scrambling. I swear I can't do anything right without it being turned back against me.


Eden just messaged me for the first time in this game.

"Don't vote for me or I will be pissed"

Slow clap for Eden, who has the social skills of an agitated llama in a petting zoo.

The worse thing is he is pretty much in charge of this tribe.


I wonder if all the shit-talking I do in confessionals makes me the best target for karma to hit.

All I do is try to fight myself out into a great situation and the world would just flip on me in an instant.

Pretty much, Perry has talked to me and said that I'm still in a minority but he's gonna try and keep me over Trace and Syzmon.

Syzmon and I have been fighting to get Trace but that all came crashing down when Perry told me Syzmon was going home. I don't even know if he's lying, but this sucks beyond belief.

They are so ignorant to Ted and Eden. I can't do anything and Syzmon is going because of rock-paper-scissors and fricking luck. It might even be me anyway.

Nothing in my power will save Syzmon or myself. I've done everything I can, and now my ally is going home again.