Day 7

It's been a quiet day at camp - at least on the surface. No challenge, and just the Khaptad Six remaining. It's good to know we made it through the last vote intact, and we're all eager to really play the game now. I think our morale is high, and when the next challenge comes around, we can conquer it.

But the downside of not having a challenge to keep everybody focused and working together is that all that you can do is talk. Everyone's getting a little bit antsy now that we're down to six. God forbid it, but if we lost the next immunity, the tribe is going to fracture. And I think everybody is weighing up their options.

The good thing is that I've got a solid alliance with Charley. We're committed to sticking together, even if we get Ulonged. Now, we ain't the New Steph and Bobby-Jon, but we're tight, and we're both concerned that Wesley and Charlie are an equally threatening twosome. Charlie is following Wes around like a puppy - he's really only here to help Wesley. It's great that they want to play a game together, but if the game is a social one like Survivor? That's just putting a flaming target on your back. So Charley and I feel like breaking up that pair is the next priority.

Charley approached Dallas about the idea too, and he seems down with that plan. I like Dallas - he's a really nice guy, he's showing up for challenges, and I feel like we can trust him. So hopefully, he's a third in our pocket.

Now the only hiccup is Eli. I've heard whispers of Eli's untrustworthiness from Day 1, but I hadn't seen any reason to doubt him. Until now, at least, when suddenly there's a rumour circulating that he's trying to curry favour with the other tribe. The word is that he's sharing information about the Hidden Immunity Idol. Now, I'm not sure what to make of this. Firstly, I have no idea where this rumour started. Wesley was the first to tell me, and I have a niggling feeling that he's planting seeds against Eli in advance of another Tribal, but I'm not going to make an accusation I can't back up with evidence. Secondly, it seems downright stupid for Eli to do that. It's been clearly stated that the codes for the two tribes' idols are different, so the clues we received from the reward challenge aren't going to help them! And it just seems like social suicide - particularly given our losing streak. I won't be surprised if there are plans made to boot him if we have to face Tribal again, but my sights are still set on severing the alliance between Wes and Charlie.

But hopefully, we'll win the next immunity and we won't have to deal with that for a while.


Today is a good day. I have enough against my biggest threat in this game (Richie) and now I can use what he said to me against him and I can finally get him out. I've wanted him gone since Day 1, my "alliance" with him was only strategical. Sorry Richie, but your time is almost up. You're gone after the inactive.


A lot has happened since the end of the last challenge. A four-person sub-alliance of the big alliance formed, between me/Ash/Hoenn/Nathan. The plan is to vote out George (Gwaine) first as an inactive, then RP, Trace, and Jhet in that order if we lose any challenges after that.

I'm planning on casting a vote for an active at the first tribal, just to cover George coming back and playing an idol.


Day 8

Ash just told me and our alliance that Richie aka RP is planning on taking out one of our alliance members and replace that person with Hoenn. 0_o Why would you even say that? The guy is not as smart as he thinks he is, and he should go NEXT right after GWAINE, because he is really annoying me. He thinks he is ROYALTY, he think's he THE smartest. I can't take him anymore. But I have to wait for a while, win some challenges. And then when our alliance is ready we'll cut the cord and set him free.


Well, that makes it official. My plan to throw the next challenge and boot the inactive is underway. As long as whoever has the idol doesn't use it on George, he'll still get booted and my throwaway vote will prevent Khaptad from getting any useless info.

Speaking of the idol, it's likely that RP or Jhet has it, and it's confirmed that it's been found. My theory is that the first person to guess automatically found the idol, since one guess every twelve hours out of 720 possible combinations should not have been solved by this point, even with the clue.

I'm not sure if I trust anyone at this point. I have my alliance of me/Ash/Nathan/Hoenn, but Ash told our plans to Jhet for no apparent reason. Jhet's in the other alliance and we don't need his vote, so I don't know what to think.


Day 9

Yesterday was not the best day in Survivor terms. Brendan thought Hoenn and I were sockpuppets of each other, and even though we proved him wrong, I feel like "your name is mud" will probably apply. So I'm worried.

But at least now I know who's a greater threat to my survival in Nepal. I've had to change my plans a bit, but the game is going even better for me.


I'm not going into future Tribal Council strategy just yet; I'll just focus on the current one. My plans for this vote were 1) to get George off, and 2) to ensure that there is enough [fake] division within the tribe to make Khaptad think they could get some of us to flip after the merge. Voting for my final 2 partner Ash does both of these.

The plan is to make it a 4-2-1-1 vote. Four votes George, two votes me, one vote Ash, one vote Hoenn. The sockpuppetry thing was all a scam to make Ash and Hoenn look like feasible targets. And as long as George stays inactive and two of the RP/Jhet/Trace trio stay loyal to the plan, I'm not going anywhere tonight.

At the merge, if RP is still in the game, I'll use his vote against me as my reason for "flipping" and targeting him. I'm actually staying loyal to Chitwan, I just want to prolong my time in the game as much as possible by giving Khaptad fake targets.