Day 34

So i have so many options right now. I can go with Bob's plan to vote out Jay and Adam, leaving Myself, Bob, and Val in the final three, which i could possibly win at. I can go with Jay's plan and eliminate Val and Adam, Leaving Jay, Bob and I, I'm not sure how that one will pan out. Or I can stick with Adam to bring Myself, Adam, and I'm guessing Val to the finale. Where Adam would most likely win. So I've got some major thinking to do. The end is near and i want victory.


Day 35

Im super confident about the challenge, with my perfect score of the present portion and my pretty good score on the future portion i know im set there. However i think todays challenge will ultimately come to the past portion, i know for a fact it was Chris who told me he ate a dog. xD


Day 36

I have been working so hard to get bob and Ted to agree to take Val out at 5. I've given them a shit ton of bull shit about how in order for each of them to have a chance in finals they need me their to take votes away from Adam. I did my best but wasn't 100% sure if they were going to follow through.

That was all assuming Adam won immunity. Now that I won the other 3 all want Adam out. Adam claims he has the idol, but I have doubts it's true. If he did I don't think he would need to keep reminding everyone about how safe he was. I think at this point he is just trying to convince himself that he is safe. If I didn't have immunity I wouldn't want to take the chance bc I know it would be me if he had it, but with immunity risking Adam having and idol to take him out is more then worth it.

People have been thinking Adam is the king of this game since Val flipped and with all of his immunity wins. Well it looks like it only took one win for me to steal the crown.


Alright. So I have relied on Adam and Ted to get me where I am right now. I have suggested the Eden boot and got the information needed for the Maya boot to show she was trying to get out Adam. Now I'm taking out Adam. He is a lovely handsome young man, but he will win. I have convinced Bob to vote Adam, and I have spoken with Jay. Ted came to me wanting to vote him out. He must have gotten wind of the vote so he decided to flip. I have told Adam I wanted Ted gone so in case of an idol being played, it will save Ted and not Adam. This will be my power move.