Day 19

Why isn't it a merge?!!! I was really excited for a merge! Ugh... Anyways, now some of my plans have been demolished but that's FINE! I have some other plans and I have a lot of options. Right now, I'm worried about the challenge, and if we lose and go to the merge. That would just suck, infinitely. Like, I can't even tell you. But Trace has told me some rumors about the Khatpad tribe, about Charlie and Wesley. Which is an idea to take them in because apparently they're in the outs. And I also heard Charley was in control, which makes sense because she told me I was saved because "she liked me." I like you too, but I'm not afraid to stab you in the throat! If your in control, your a serious threat. But I'll just use that for my advantage. I might just piggy ride her all day! ... That sounds wrong... Anyways, all I know is Trace is giving me final 3, Ash is giving me final 3, a few other people want to work with me, so my options are everywhere! But that doesn't mean I'll choose them. Whatever benefits me in the future is what I'm going for!


Yesterday, the merge plans were flying about like mosquitoes drunk on red cordial. How were we going to overcome the equal 5-5 split? I proposed to try to work on some of the people we perceived as eligible to flip to our alliance by offering them a sub-alliance - some of us, some of them. But to be on the safe side, we tell them to vote one way, but then the Khaptad Five vote for someone else. That way, if they do flip, it's 5-4-1 and we still have the majority. If they don't flip, though, we might be able to flush their idol if someone had found it, and at worst we're back where we started. Charley was on the same page about it, and I certainly think everyone liked the idea.

Meanwhile, I pulled Dallas and Charley aside to talk about what to do with Wes. As it turns out, Charley's the swing vote at the moment. Wes and Charlie think she's with them, but I am certain she's with us. I think she thinks she's running our little alliance, and probably thinks she's running the whole show. I think she's betting that it will be easier to beat Dallas and myself, than Wes, who seems to be perceived as the leader of the tribe, even though he's far from it. But the point being, Wesley trusts Charley enough and implied that he's the one with the idol. When I heard that, I was giving my best Sandra impression: "oh shiiiii...." So the three of us were discussing how to counter it: can we find a way to get him to play it at the merge? Do we blindside him early instead of pagonging Chitwan? The plans were flying left, right and centre.

And then the big announcement: we're not merging. You'd be expecting another Sandra. OH SHIIIII... And I played up that reaction. But in truth, I'm ecstatic about this unexpected twist. Khaptad's a strong tribe, and if we can win another couple tribal immunities and gain the upper hand at the merge, then we've got a paved road and a Ferrari to the end. And if we lose, we get the chance to blindside Wesley before he gets too close to the end. So as far as I can see, this is actually one of the best things to happen to us - and definitely one of the best things to happen to me yet in this game.


So the challenge is coming up, and I kind of have to rely on my tribe to do it because I can't participate in the challenge today, which sucks. But whatever.

If we lose the challenge then I am put into a difficult position. I have Wes and Charlie on one side, Wes told me he has the idol, or Dallas and Des on one side. I think the better thing would be to blindside the hell out of Wes, that would be kind of interesting. Either way, it's mine to lose.

If we lose this challenge and merge, our tribe has no chance. I have a small chance, but my whole tribe has none. They aren't the best players in the world.


Day 20

So, interesting development. I've been approached by Richie from Chitwan about flipping at the merge. Now, I have no intention of doing that, but if I'm perceived as the weak link in my tribe that's excellent news because I feel like I'm pretty close to the driver's seat in actuality. I'm playing the part of the paranoid outsider, it seems, and everybody seems to be buying it - and that's insane!

If everybody's looking at me like a swing vote, then that makes me one of the most valuable people in this game. Obviously, I can't flaunt indecision or I'll go the same way as Big Tom, but if I play it right, then nobody will see it coming, and it might give me the chance to govern the rest of the game.

Now back on the topic of Richie's proposal... I've acted all-ears. Tell me more about it, guarantee me Final Four, yaddayaddayadda. He seems to be buying it - he's telling me that I'm a definite Final Five if I flip, and telling me that it's Charlie, Charley and Wes who are running the show as if I'm a clueless dunce with the pointy hat. Richie is arrogant, impatient and irritating - and I'm not even on his tribe! He's someone I want out of this game, and if putting on this little puppet-show helps me to get him and the rest of his tribe out of Nepal, then excuse me while I work on my Punch-and-Judy routine.


Day 21