Day Ten

me and my alliance Aaron are pretty nervous right now. . we are sensing that there might be a tribe switch. . which we hope,, , won't happen but we are settling the alliance of 5 that we are building right now. . . it's me,aaron,togz,kj and ali. . . .

so i am doing my very best to solidify these people in ouralliance for us to further in these game. . .


So tonight's vote went as planned, Nobo was voted out, which was good. And I voted with the majority which always makes me feel a little more safe, but then I talk to Tyler and find out I'm in the 6 person majority alliance of the tribe consisting of now everyone but Mikey. So this has been the alliance the whole time, but I'm thinking in a tribe of 7, then a majority of 6, someone's gonna be on the bottom, and now my job is to make sure that ain't me, and I think I'm close with enough people to ensure I'm in at least the 5/4 of the tribe.

All we have to do is win a damn challenge, because its getting embarrassing


the ANUBIS tribe is crazy! i mean multiple people want me to be in a alliance! which i already have an alliance! with 6!!! Llyod needs to go first i dont care about Qayyum no more Llyod has been asking many people from our alliance! to be in his, But ticking our clock Blindside time homeboiii!! There too late! I made an alliance the first a day and there asking me now how dumb!


Ya know, everyone has been talkin bout the possibilty of a tribe switch coming up, i truely hope not cause that could mess up our plan to take out qayyum as soon as possible and everyone has been in agreement that we are not going to throw a challenge. just need to kep winnin and hope for the best


yeah we won another immunity challenge, but we need numbers if we want to be at the merge, so i have aligned with four people namely ali, sheerloyd, kj, togz and myself, we need one more person in order to control the votes, we are considering evan or bailey to join, my prblm with evan is that he cant come up with a straight answer when i ask him something, but i think he is sneaky of playing this game, we need to strong 5 or six in order to survive pre merge, my other concern is that there could be a tribe swap and there is a possibility that my alliance could flip. but anything could happen in this game..


Ok i am in two alliance threads, as is Ali and Togz. Sheerloyd is thinking there is a tribal switch coming next and is desperate to get Cowboy out.

He told people in my "To the End" alliance that I APPROACHED him for an alliance in order to secure Togz and Ali in his alliance. Of course i provided proof that this wasn't true by copy/pasting my convo with Sheerloyd in the alliance chat. We want Qaayum gone next. Sheerloyd wants Cowboy out.. now get this.. Cowboy is in the "Alliance for Egypt" but Sheerloyd doesn't trust him as much. LOL It's seriously way too early for this kind of lying and backstabbing especially since we have been dominating!!! So Togz and Ali and I agreed to be in the thread (I made it) so we can know exactly what is going on so we can be on top of things. Currently I am in the "To the End" alliance for real. Evan is the only one that worries me a little..He was kind of weird when i told him i was going to create another alliance thread to gather information. So, i will be watching him closely. Bailey doesn't talk a lot in the thread either, so am watching that as well. So all this took place when you asked me this morning for a confessional. LOL These boys is Crazy stoopid!


I'm happy that we have won so many challenges and that our tribe has stayed a strong 10, but it starts to get boring. I mean, there's been very little strategy talk just over the fact that we haven't had a chance to go to tribal! I'm not saying I want us to go to tribal, but I am ready for a shake up in the game.


Day Eleven

We finally won something! Too bad it was for reward, immunity is what you want to win.

But it was for a advantage in the immunity challenge, Johan, who thinks he is the best at challenges, deems himself as tribe leader, we didn't chose him, he chose himself, takes on the challenge, and even with an advantage, he loses. His is terrible. He is really, really, cocky and he's just awful. I hate him. So we then get back to camp, and now that I know about the 6 strong alliance I'm in, thinking we would vote for Mikey since he's not in it, I find out we're actually going to vote for Pedro.... After I wanted him gone days ago, now we get to? Like c'mon, I'm happy he's going, but why wouldn't we have done it when I wanted to? Like I really don't care as he's going home finally but like it pisses me off. My tribe is whack.


So, I'm realizing that Johan Amir has a lot of control and power in this game, The votes have all gone how he wants.. Tonight he wants to try get Pedro out.

'But I'm not voting for Pedro unless I have to, tonight I want to over throw "the king of Isis" I want to get me jack chicken Mikey to vote for Johan and blindside the shit out of him, because it would give us the power and it would be funny


ya know, surprisinly qayyum may have gotten him a savin grace with lloyd startin to become way too dangerous with his SMAA (save my a$$ alliance) (not much of an alliance though since its only him and aaron) if push comes to shove lloyd may have to go before qayyum does


Jack is annoying. He doesn't want to play the game, He knows how much power Johan has but he's to scare to make the move he is a gutless little kid


Day Twelve

I feel depressed, we've lost our fourth challenge today (luckily not in a row), meaning we go from 7 to 6. I know we won the reward, but that a 1-4 loss is depressiong in of itself. I think KJ and Ali also must feel what Isis felt, I'm unsure, but they told us "good luck"