These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 1

So this is my first confessional. I'm surprised we've already started the game! I'm pretty positive the challenge is making a buff and unknowingly, i already posted a buff for my tribe. Will it count? i have no idea. The tree mail said "Wear them, drop them" and the ceremonious thing to say is "drop your buffs" or "you must wear the buff at all times". if my Havana buff does count, then i have some confidence in my design. the background isn't the most obvious but apparently it's Cuban. i tried to keep it native. I think it looks good though. I feel like winning, too! i don't want to see [username] tribe: Havana 1st voted out. it should be a veteran to go first. I really don't care who.


So it's Newbies vs Veterans? Guess I'm a real Jeff Kent now. Playing baseball and trying to get these old players out. Either that or I'm delusional.


Last Season I was Richard Hatch on Ulong. This time I hope to be on a more stronger tribe and if you mess with me this season, You're DONE FOR!


Day 2

The game has really started and I'm excited to get started and I'm really hoping I can go all the way this time. Last game, I came 4th and it was just so frustrating that after all of the effort I was cut short just before the mark. This round I hope to play more aggressively and really take control of my strategic game right into the merge. I want to play an impressive game on all fronts which is obviously the goal for everyone.

I'm pleased with my tribe. I think we have a really good mix of people with good attitudes, histories and strengths so we could really take this game. Coming into the tribe, Alfons has begun to rally a majority alliance so far consisting of a core of himself, me, MadRussell and Yaniv with mentions of Blaine, Brian, Noah or DB joining us at some stage. The two people I really want out early are Kaitlyn and Zachary and possibly even Brian. They all have shaky histories: one being a cheater and the other two being semi-inactive. I want to play strategically and really play to win but with so many keen-eyed players around, I don't know how easy that'll be.

The best, strongest and smartest players on the tribe and take this game by storm with a seriously messy endgame and my 'half' option being forming another alliance who are willing to change things up early.

I have heard some rumours that DB and MadRussell have been negotiating with the other tribe which places a question mark over their heads so I guess whichever way I go I'll have to be careful of them and their presence in the merge but that brings another problem: getting MadRussell out. Alfons has labelled himself closest to MadRussell and as much as I would like to get Russell out, I don't want to offend Alfons and lose his trust because he is a valuable asset to our tribe.

For now I'll play it by ear and hopefully make the best decision for me. But for now, the focus is on keeping our tribe unified and winning immunity!

Go Cardenas!!


I am ready to kick Sole in the nuts!


Well this sucks! I made a buff before the challenge was introduced and my dumb self decided to post them already. Now we have to make another one and I have NO IDEAS whatsoever on what to do for another version. I'm basically sitting back now and waiting to see what my tribe can come up with 'cause I got nothing. But Zachary said something about Cardenas not working together well and i'm guessing that's from them being returnees and focusing their time on strategy and not worrying about what's important at the time being. Dumbasses. You can't be dead set on alliances when, hey, you got a challenge! That's what i'm guessing they're doing and i'm probably right.


The early days of the game went really well. I feel like I'm in a position where enough people trust me enough to share all their tricks and evil plots with me. Long before the game started, my alliance with Sole was obvious. I have to consider the fact that I must play the game with rational players, and it wouldn't be rational for Sole to get rid of me so soon (plus, he owes me!). I then spoke with Alfons and closed an alliance of four (Sole, Adam and us). Although we haven't invite anyone else into the alliance at the time, I'm not too worried about the possibility that the other six will unite against us, since the chances that even two of them will be online at the same time is slim. Until just before the game I didn't see almost any of them logged into the chat for a moment. About two weeks ago, Brian talked to me and explained elegantly and in a detailed way why and how we should form an alliance: Me: “Did you see season 3?” Brian: “Yes, alliance” So he joined us at the fifth alliance member, and he probably thinks he's the swing vote between the pairs (assuming he is able to think). The one who surprised me more than all was actually DB, who recalled three days ago that he should start playing. My conversation with him actually went normally – at first I wanted to have Noah or Blaine to the alliance, but I haven't found a way to communicate with them, so we can for DB. He has this kind of malicious plan in which I'll build an alliance of four people on one side, while he'll build another one, and we will control both in an evil, vile way and ride unicorns over the rainbow all the way to the finals. Unfortunately, DB doesn't know the he can't just pick random people and place them wherever he wants in the alliance – plus, couldn't he guess that there already is an allience? The consensus is that Kait will go at the first tribal and Zachary and the second. Sole actually suggested that we will get rid of Alfons, but as much as I love blindsides, it is definitely too early. What's funny is that Sole probably suggested it to DB too, and it leaked to Alfons. I managed to make him think that DB is a crazy liar, but as long as I'm not a anybody's target, I'm good. Making the finals with DB and Brian is an obvious goal, since other people (Sole, Alfons) are serious threats while I doubt those two will get any votes… ever. Therefore I want the real allience to include them, and I won't let go of them for a moment. The challenge was posted and of course none of them knows how to design a buff, so I have to do all the work (have I mentioned that I'm awesome?) And I'm doing pretty well so far. Can't wait to Ulong these newbies.


Things are going crazy for me right now I have found out from Luke(Lspie) that what was true is not. I am apparently not in this 6 person alliance but I am not the person on the chopping block at this moment.. I am nervous now cause I don't know who to believe. Dr.peps (max) or Luke. I just hope that whatever way I go I'm okay. Atm even though Luke told me this highly sensitive information I feel the only person I can trust is myself right now. Please can an Idol come my way?


Ok so it has begun! I start talking to people and I immediately find that Zac is a sheep and will ride your coatails to he end so I align with him. After this I start to talk to Lspie and find a bond that ends up me making an alliance with him. I am proud of this as I feel like I have someone to trust in this game. Max is another I trust and and begin talking to him until I find that I apparently am group in alliance with him and 5 other people. Lspie included. It's seems things are going okay for me at the moment.


Since the cast was announced pretty early we've already played the game before it even started lol. I'm in an alliance with Luke, Liam, Jeremy (Jeret), Jastine (Random) and Max (Dr. Peps). We called it the Havana Six. I don't trust Luke though. I saw him and David from the other tribe talking. He even said to me Zac had the idol and probably think I'm stupid enough to believe it. I don't think anyone trusts Luke so it's about time till we blindside him.


Well, I've somehow found myself in a seven-person alliance with Sole, Gwaine, Yaniv, DB, Mad Russell, and King Piccolo/Brian, leaving Brian/King Piccolo, David34, and Kaaitlyn on the outs. Working with Gwaine again has its pros and cons. We played together on Laos, so we have history, but he's such a big threat to take all the way to end. I had a talk with him earlier and he brought up the idea of splitting the votes between David34 and Kaaitlyn because he believes that David34 found the idol. Honestly, that makes me believe that he's found the idol and is just trying to point the attention away from him. But it now seems that we'll be splitting the votes between David34 and King Piccolo/Brian. All this and we still haven't seen if we've lost the challenge or not. Things were much more simpler back then!


Oh my GOSH! There was an evening of strategizing frenzy at the Havana camp! So the initial plan was to vote Taylor. That was set with Duy, Jeremy, and myself. Well i found out that Luke said I was trying to swap sides at a merge and go with Cardenas and i'm like “What the hell?” Let me just say something about Luke. He has been going around to literally EVERYONE and making alliances, starting rumors, and playing like a coward. He's such a moron. He's been saying he wants to blinside me and that I'm aligned with Jessica and all this other crap. All his lying is going to catch up to him. Revenge is sweet. And it's a dish best served with an unlit imaginary torch… Its the thought that counts.


Today's a crazy day. I've seen many names floating around including mine, shocker! I think Taylor told Max he wanted Jeremy out because he felt Jer or Zac spilled the beans for Cardenas. I know it's not true, in fact I know it's Alfons who thinks Jer has the idol. He made a cross-tribe alliance with Taylor to make us lose the idol pre merge. Me, Jer and Max are working together. The Havana Six agreed to send Zac home first because he keeps leaving every tribe convo we make, but after this we (the 3) switched to Taylor. I told Luke about this but then he kept defending for Taylor saying Zac's a bigger threat. We all know we can't trust Luke, so I spoke to Taylor. I made Taylor think Luke's a snake and liar, turned out Luke already told Taylor everything and it was Taylor defending for Taylor. Luke even told Taylor I had the idol, then came back to me and said Taylor wanted me out. That's enough, Luke'll go first. We now have me, Jer, Max, Taylor and Kesh (if they're not lying) voting for Luke. I don't know how it affects the alliance because I did make a deal with Luke and Liam, but we have to. I'm working on Jessica, Zac and Jastine to vote for Luke. I don't want to lose the first challenge but if we do, I can't wait to go to Tribal Council.


Luke is talking to me about an alliance. He seems like a good guy, plus it seems we have the numbers and I am his #2. But he seems like he wants to be a Russell. He doesn't trust someone for not responding in a while. He seems to got the blindside mentality.


Day 3

So we won the first challenge. What a relief, with me not doing a lot it buys me time. I could've got blindsided and went out like an idiot. Next challenge, I gotta prove myself otherwise I could be out real quick.


Ok I had to make the buff as no one was up for the challenge which sucked. Both buffs get released on the wiki and straight away I feel I did horrible compared to Yaniv. Anyways Alfons keeps lying to me saying so much stuff that isn't even true. I tell Kesh this and together we put together this plan to get Alfons in a cross tribe alliance with me and then screen print it to he's tribe mates showing he's treason to get him out of the game. It backfires and all hell breaks loose when Luke starts telling me Random is after me and wants me out for treason..WHAT? I start scrambling with Max, Kesh , Jeremy and Luke thinking that I could be going home. Then Random messaged me like nothing was up. We start talking and then we realise that Luke is lying. Everyone compares there notes and realise LUKE IS A PARASITE and is poison on our camp! We put together a group to get rid of Luke thinking that we've lost. Then all of a sudden Ian announces we've won..we are actually upset that we won right now as we have poison in our tribe.


Assuming there will me a switch in episode 3-5, I must make sure Sole goes and I'm still in possession of the idol without anybody knowing. That's my goal, because Sole is the big fish in a small pond. Yaniv's just so far up his ass, he'll come crawling to me when Sole's gone. Playing the idol is my last resort, I might consider giving it to Kait, but I'd prefer to vote her out and use it next time.


So we won, it's good but on the other hand it's not. We can't keep Luke and Taylor around. Since Liam's close with Luke (possibly), he might get mad if we blindside him, then the Havana Six is no more. We have to find new people. Kesh is close with Taylor but we're trying to split them up and have Kesh with us. I don't know about Jessica or Zac, we'll see.


I'm trying to figure out what would happen if I gave the idol to Kait... I want Sole out but I don't want my idol gone, so I'm trying to figure out what's more important. Sole's boot? Or my idol?


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