Tribe Profile
Season Salvation
Namesake An Icelandic Mountain
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 2
Rival Tribe(s) Askja
Tribe Status Dissolved Day 6
Challenge Wins 1
Lowest Placing Member Ivanornels (24/25)
Highest Placing Member RevengeOfTheNerds (3/25)


Hekla Insignia H

Hekla Buff

Hekla is one of the starting tribes of Survivor: Salvation. Their tribe color is red.


Ivan s21Julia s21
Liam s21George s21
  • »Ivanornels - Also known as "Ivan", from Survivor: Korea, and finished in 7th place. Remembered for being a loyal member to his alliance, and participating in some of the various alliances in Korea, despite being voted out after being seen as no longer useful to his alliance.
  • »JuliaAndDanielle - Also known as "Julia", from Survivor: Sardinia, and finished in 13th place. Remembered for being a quiet girl, victim to many of the season's drama, and being voted out in the revote of the first ever tribal that ended in the first ever 0-0 vote.
  • »NotLiam - Also known as "Liam", from Survivor: Cuba, and finished in 16th place. Remembered for being Lspie1's only ally, and after he went home, and the only other outsider was evacuated, Liam was left alone in Havana. A Double Tribal Council followed and he was unanimously voted out.
  • »RevengeOfTheNerds - Also known as "George", from Survivor: Papua New Guinea, and finished in 13th place. Remembered for creating The Tea Party along with LukePrower, and acting as a leader to such alliance. However, after a tribe switch, ended up alone on Mendi, and was voted out by the Mendi 4.

Tribe History

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