Day 3

Ruby was voted out and we were bracing ourselves on how Ruby will take it.

Apparently I got the chance to talk to her when she asked me if I knew she was going. I couldn't lie, so... but it was heartbreaking to learn that she cried when she saw she got voted off. Mygod. I just gave her a little pep talk, as Liam kind of bullied her in a sense in the Pentagon alliance chat.

Anyway, moving on... So it's us six versus them seven each. Adrenaline has got to be high as we want to win Immunity!

Everything is going smooth. Every interaction is safe. i try not to talk to Jack 'cause it's gonna be another doozy if we become close then I need to vote him out. He is outside of the alliance.


I am continuously sharing information with Nickson from Slava, who is the only person I can consider as a real friend in this game. Call it a pre game alliance but I hosted his stint in another ORG and we are in the same mountaineering group as well. I try to be cautious on what I reveal though, because I would understand if Nickson is just playing me.

Well I prefer to work with him now, but have him sit in the jury later, so he can easily hand me his vote if I make it to the end. That's just how the cookie crumbles.

But this is still too early to tell as this game has lots of twists an turns. So this is parked for now.


WE WON REWARD! The reward challenge was CRAZY stressful- pretty sure I cursed more in that 20 minutes than I have ever cursed in my life thus far… But we won. So it’s okay. (And I apologized to Tyler for bitching him out. I get bitchy when I’m anxious.)

The NAA worked together to manipulate who went to Temptation Island, too, so we’re really in a situation of power now. We chose Taylor from Uspekh for alliance motivations- he had mentioned to me that he wanted to play with me at some future point in the game, so we dangled the “if you go to Temptation and take the HII clue, we’ll protect you” carrot in front of him and he ate it right up. I don’t think it was trickery, per se- I would protect and align with Taylor before a few other members of my tribe, for sure- but the NAA are my first priority unless they really paint a target on their backs.

We also sent Jack from Pobeda to the island- he seems to have a lot of friends in the game, and it isolates him and potentially makes him a target. If he takes the HII clue, his tribe hates him. If he takes the other option, we hate him. Either way, he makes an enemy that could potentially take him out later.

Our reward was a clue for the HII, thank god. It basically told us that one of the tribes we have to put in order is in 3rd or 4th of the 6 tribes. It’s not 720, but I just started to try and create all the potential orders… It doesn’t help not to have a solid spot. Hopefully we can get another clue really soon or we get lucky with a guess. Because banging my head against a wall really, really isn’t helping, and I wanna make sure I’m safe as long as possible. My alliance, too- we’re working together, so we’ll use the idol to help us in the best way.

I definitely wouldn’t have said a few days ago that I’d be playing like a sneaky, bitchy villain in the game, but it feels really good to have this much power, and it’s addictive- I want to keep playing this game and keep playing other people right to the end


Grant, Liam and Caleb have made this crazy plans, like if someone in the so-called 'Pentagon' Pentagon' alliance that consists of Ivan, Caleb, Grant, Liam, and Myself, were to go to Temptation Island, they would show the idol clue to the alliance. LOL. I was basically on the floor laughing when Jack got sent to Temptation Island. They were FREAKING OUT. Grant and Liam were trying to convince Jack to take he tribe advantage. Yes, because Jack, who completely knows he's on the outs of our tribe is going to help the tribe. Oh my these boys... If only they knew that me and Jack are #Twinnies who will be #tWINNING.

So the Pentagon had this great idea to try to convince Jack to show us the clue. Since none of them has any idea me and Jack are as close as we are, I was like 'Guys, ill start talking to him and get the clue from him'. What the Pentagon doesn't know is that me and Jack are going to make up a fake clue and give them the fake clue. My biggest fear is that Jack will tell the boys that I'm relaying almost everything back to him. I've put my trust in Jack, and I would like to hope he will do the same for me.

I 100% don't trust Ivan. He has alliances with everyone, and didn't tell me about this 'Pentagon' before I was added to it. He had no problem turning on Jack and Ruby, whom he said he was loyal to, and who's to say he won't do the same to me.


On Fonda:

It is obvious within the tribe that Fonda’s head is on the chopping block once we lose. Jeremy and Ryan totally think that he is the weakest amongst everyone else. I cannot blame them since it turned out that he was the lowest in the first immunity challenge and he was still asleep on the latest reward challenge. You cannot show your weakness on a tribe where almost all the tribemates are passionate in winning. That is one thing that Fonda continues to show….that he is weak.

My problem is that I consider him as my tightest ally in this pre-merge not because he is a great player but because I can use his vote to oust a person who I want to cut because the clock is ticking once the other tribe people knows our (Ivan and I) secret. I have no choice but to stick with this little weak creature.

On Lindsay, Pydyn and Ryan My second option is to build an alliance of four (4) with these people. I have been constantly talking with them on non-survivor discussions/topics just to give them a feeling that everything is not about the game. So far, I have a close bond with Lindsay and Pydyn. I am trying to talk to Ryan who is responding in a good way. I need to form the alliance of four (4) just in case we go the Tribal (You’ll never know). The big question, are the four willing to form an alliance with the said people and hopefully they do.

On Jeremy He is getting on my nerves. I don’t like the fact that he is acting like the leader/dictator of the tribe and even bashing Fonda. Look, I have nothing with Fonda but I find it inappropriate that he is completely thinking that Fonda is weak and should be cut. Believe me, Fonda will not be going anytime soon but he is.

Another reason why I wanted him out is because based on his reason on who will go to Temptation Island, he want people who have friends to be out first. As you know, I have Ivan in the other tribe and we are unbeatable when joined.

On Tyler The person responsible for giving me paranoia in this game. He was the very first person who discovered our secret. I am hoping that he hasn’t told anyone about the secret and if he hasn’t then I can easily cut him off before everyone does. I must annihilate him before he uses that kryptonite.


Life is good :)

Our tribe destroyed the reward challenge, and now we're all running on a high. People are just popping into tribe chat to say they're happy about it XD and good morale is always helpful for winning more challenges. But, the strategy never stops. We have to send someone to Temptation Island. We're sending Taylor because he seems to trust Lindsay and could make a great ally at the swap. We're also sending Jack, since Ryan and Lindsay don't trust Caleb, Ivan, or Liam. Some people thought we should take people's outside popularity into account, but... nah, that wasn't actually considered.

I talked to Jack to see if we could make an ally of him, but he just agreed to go and was very guarded about anything else. I wouldn't be surprised if he's in a decent position in his tribe, and I don't see him working with us. Oh well, we're not desperate for his loyalty anyway. He can make what he wants about Temptation Island.

Jeremy came to me later and thanked me for doing such a great job organizing for the challenge. I didn't really, but he's convinced I did and he seems to respect me. That's great, because judging from our short conversation afterwards he's just as behind strategy-wise as we suspected. There's really no downsides to keeping him around. I'll try to keep him as long as possible, he'd be great to have in the late game... Am I thinking way too far ahead? It's only day 3 and we've never lost... Ah well. I'm having fun. Maybe I'll tone it down... Maybe.


Wooo we won again!! maybe we could have a pre-merge long winning streak..

It's nice winning all the time, it mean's we never have to worry about strategy (at least for the moment). If I had to pick two people now that were dragging the team, it would be Fonda and Tyler. Fonda almost let the team down in the first immunity challenge, and complained he had bad internet connection and monitor. If that is the case, it might affect his ability to particitpate in further challenges. Also, he is online the least amongst the tribe. Tyler is a nice guy but almost let the team down today by not being online when he said he would.

None of this is overly important, but it's just if I had to choose who is letting the team down. Go slava,



Slava is definitely buttering me up so that I will want to work with them in the future. They are sending me to Temptation so that I can get a reward. I will help our tribe out. With Bryce's challenge scores so high, the average will help us get a higher score. I'm not stupid though... they will just want me to flip to them come merge or swap time. Then they would gain a numbers advantage and get rid of me. So I'll let them think they're playing me. At least if I'm nice to them, then they may be jury votes, right? I know the Slava tribe is made of some serious gamers, so I need to watch out.

As for Pobeda, they're a huge disaster! Their light the torch thread was badddd. Red is my favorite color, but I sure am happy to NOT be on THAT sad excuse for a tribe.... well at least right now anyway.

The Slava tribe should have tried to figure out who was after the hii clue because whoever grabs the tribe advantage for their tribe will only put Slava at a disadvantage! At least in my tribe's case.

I'm super happy that I will be out there with Jack! I wanted to work with him as well. I can get in good with him. That way I will have help in all areas when it comes time for a merge or swap and I'm in hot water so to speak. I just hope my tribe doesn't mind and get angry at me!


Also, if Slava was smart, they would have sent Bryce to temptation so that he wouldn't be able to compete. He did the best at that first challenge! If he does as well, then we can easily dominate the next one and put them at a disadvantage. They are just trying to butter me up like I mentioned previously, and I can totally see through any compliment I receive. It would be funny though if they actually did really like me, and I thought they were using me.Oh well... as long as they are an asset to me in the future! :)


Holy macaroni with Bolognese stuck to the plate! Ruby…. voted out….. in the last tribal council…. But she was the one leading that tribe… wasn’t she? What the hell just happen? Guess she felt a tad bit comfortable on her tribe. Yikes!

Erik is starting to slightly annoy me with his inability to step up in challenges. He has his reasons for not being active as much as he’d like to be and for a fact that myself and him live on the other side of the globe it really is a pain talking to the other ones due to time differences. Hopefully Uspekh won’t lose this challenge because I don’t think I am ready to evolve into a person that indirectly caused your elimination ‘yet’. It is still too early… waaaaaaaaaay too early.


Day 4

Oh my god. Okay, so I may not have helped out "much" with the challenge, but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything! None of them replied to me when I stated I feel unhelpful and now i'm really starting to feel nervous, what if we loose and get to tribal? I'll most probably be the one they vote for... Daym, well, better change their minds somehow then...


I talked to Jack on Temptation Island and we made a deal. He told me he is on the outs of his tribe and needs all the help he can get. I wanted to work with him pretribe reveal, so I'm happy we made this deal. I'm just not sure I can trust him. I heard he has played many ORGs before, and I'm sure Slava made a deal with him like with me. They want to try to play everyone by sucking up to them maybe? I got the challenge advantage for myself because it was the only one that could possibly help our tribe in my opinion, and I said I would help them out. They will trust me if I tell them I got it probably. If we don't need it, it will come in handy down the road. Molly isn't half that bad. I like her now.


Challenge is pretty much complete, and I think we've got a pretty good selection. But... Ryan pulled a Kaeghan by saying something he shouldn't have in the tribe chat. Not only did he share an idol combination, but he mentioned something about "the other three". Ouch. We just tried to cover it up by starting a conversation and hoping Fonda, Jeremy, and Nickson won't scroll up to see. If they realize they're in the minority they'll scramble, and we don't need that.

There are many layers working right now:

The Slava tribe as a whole has good chemistry. There's the NAA (North American Alliance) of me, Lindsay, Tyler, and Ryan. Within that is the core of Tyler, Lindsay and I as the Silent Killers And finally Lindsay and I have each other's backs over anyone else.

School is starting tomorrow, and I'll probably in bed for the challenge results. I'm confident we can win, and I hope we do because I really don't need to stress about convincing people on a vote on the first day of school.


"I think it's safe to say that I adore my tribe. Everyone in the tribe are great, and as far as alliances go...I believe I'm in a pretty nice spot. I have a couple of partnerships with Ziggy and Bryce, so it was only a matter of time before we got into a majority together. I trust the two a lot, and it's only day four but I think that they will stick with me.

The only one on my tribe I don't really have an opinion on yet is Erik. He didn't compete in the first immunity challenge, and then sat out of the next one, so he's obvious not that interested, at least that's what it looks like. He's not really the most reliable, so I think he should be the first to go...however, if we end up not going to tribal for a while, I can see him being the perfect guy to go to the end with. If he's gonna continue to be rather inactive, he's the perfect goat!"


Day 5

So I just woke up and learned the news that we actually won the challenge and not 2nd place. We are on the roll! Moving forward, upon learning what is happening in Pobeda tribe specifically with Jack’s revelation, I was surprised to know that Lindsay admitted talking to Jack. On that very point, she already blew her chances in the game. IT IS A SURVIVOR BASIC! Never admit that you are talking with the other tribe. As soon as I saw that, I immediately informed privately Ryan and Pydyn about their reaction on Lindsay’s admission. I wanted “TO PLANT A SEED” on their minds that Lindsay is a social player (threat) that she has some connections with the other people in the other tribes come by merge.

Since I am hoping that the other tribemates still have no idea of my friendship with Ivan, I would rather plant something on the mind of other that we have dangerous tribemates in Slava.

On my black book (list of person who needs to be voted ASAP), Lindsay, Jeremy (for being an ass) and Tyler (for knowing my secret) needs to go.

If I can get comfortable with Ryan, Nick and Fonda I will consider ourselves as the majority alliance


Here's where the game really picks up :O

Thankfully I didn't miss much while I was at school, but when I got back Jack had left a very exposing message on the tribal thread. So apparently he's set to be the next victim of an alliance called the Pobeda Power Rangers. On one hand, why should I care? Jack seems like a savvy player that I should want out. But... Any ally we can get at a swap is an asset. If he manages to survive, I've told him I'll do what I can to help him, and apparently Lindsay has said something similar.

...Now onto Lindsay. It's becoming more and more apparent that she's a power player. Even Jeremy sees that. Everyone loves her and wants to ally with her, which is very helpful now but could also make her extremely dangerous later. It won't do me any good to go to the end with her if she'll beat me...

Ok, just had a long skype chat with Lindsay. She found out that Andreas in the weakest link in the Power Rangers and is Jack's closest ally. Apparently, he gave Jack all of the Power Rangers' incorrect combos for the idol and Jack was able to narrow it down to only a few possibilities. So Jack may live to see another day. She's also nonchalantly trying to get some info out of Ziggy, because Uspekh has been really quiet. Toward the end of the call Nickson messaged me asking me for my opinion... On Lindsay talking to other tribes. Like, Nickson really doesn't trust her now, and Jeremy feels the same. She's scared now.

...But they also don't have the numbers to do anything about it. Lindsay said she'd be willing to go to the end and lose to me, she respects my game. But again, I think she would be the one beating me. I don't feel comfortable sitting next to her at the end, but I'm not taking her out now when she's bending members of the other tribes to her will and benefiting me in the process. I can only hope that I don't have to be the one to vote her out. Late game when everyone is talking jury threats, I'm sure her name will come up and I may have to jump on it then. For now, I'm sticking with her.


Our tribe sucks! We're the probably the biggest misfits put together in Survivor ORG History. You had delusional Ruby, Grant and Liam who think they're like the next best thing, Ivan and Caleb who are just like 'Yes masters, we'll vote Jack'. Me and Jack are the only normal sane ones in our tribe.

So, I guess a good thing that happened today, was Grant and Liam approached me and Ivan and said they want Caleb out next, and that us 4 could work together really well. I'm not sure if they're playing me or not. I'd assume not, because these guys wouldn't warm up to me and then BAM I'm gone.

I really didn't expect to lose again, but unfortunately, we can't seem to win a challenge. So since Grant and Liam decided to vote Jack, and then Ivan and Caleb who don't seem to have a thought of their own, are voting Jack. Thats 4, majority. Jack is done. :( :( I guess my only option is to vote Jack at this point, so I'm not targeted. Honestly, I trust Jack probably the most out of anyone on our tribe. It's probably the stupidest move you can make, voting out the person you trust the most, but what can I do ? It's WAY to early to have a tie. I could tell Caleb he's going home next, but that could backfire and I could end up going home.

The hard life of Andreas just got so much harder.




Jack told everyone he knew about the Pobeda Power Rangers, and then said Caleb told him. YES YES YES YES YES YES! I LOVE YOU JACK TO THE MOON AND BACK. Liam and Grant were already targeting him next, and now with Jack saying that, he is for sure going home if we lose again. Jack, you may be leaving, and I'm terribly sorry, but you just extended my stay on the island by at least 6 days :*


I'm really regretting not taking the double vote. I could have used it to sway votes my way but it seems there's nothing I can do right now.

I had bad luck in this game. The 3 tribe twist really screwed me over. The Pobeda Power Rangers are all set on voting me out. Andreas said there's nothing he can do and he can't get them to change the votes.

I'm blowing up everyone's game and I could care less.

  1. JackForSalvation


Another win! This is three wins in a row for Slava- and not just immunity wins, all first place wins (Ryan caught that the totals were mislabeled, and we actually took first instead of second! Keeps happening to us…)

It was tough to think not just as a tribe yesterday, but to try and find things for the scavenger hunt that other teams wouldn’t have thought to use. I guess our strategy- to find something for every category just to have every space filled, THEN go back and replace some for quality/uniqueness, worked. And Pobeda’s at Tribal again… something’s clearly not working over there, since this is two in a row.

Ryan almost RUINED our alliance yesterday though. We fixed it (I hope), but his chats got messed up, and for some reason, the things he meant to say to the group were sent to just the NAA chat, and the things for us to the entire tribe… We just tried to talk nonstop so that it’d be too tedious for non-alliance members to scroll all the way up and see what he’d said. I kept sending the challenge list over and over, Pydo said something about being tired, Tyler kept asking how we were… We did our best, and hopefully nobody suspects anything. If they do… well, let’s hope they don’t think I’m part of it.


Okay, okay, so what happened to the evil in Ivan?

I played beautifully as a villain in my so far two ORG experiences, but since this is the Main ORG, I wanted to see if I can play as a Hero.

So we lost immunity again., darn! I was the least person who contributed among the Pobeda Pentagon, so I am gonna stay below the radar so noone will notice it.

I just asked Grant to solidify the vote for Jack. He then made a three way alliance chat with him, me and Liam. So these two who I tend to know more as each day progresses, want us to be the sub alliance in the main alliance. I just agreed.

Then Liam wanted to build a four way alliance chat with him, me, Grant and JACK. Just to make Jack feel comfortable and blindside him.

So he created the thread and his first message was: So who's our target: Andreas or Caleb?

......BUT! He accidentally tagged ANDREAS and NOT JACK! What the heck is this Liam thinking. So Grant and I just acted like Liam had a slip of tongue and he meant Jack or Caleb and NOT Andreas or Caleb. And it seems that Andreas bought it. I wouldn't if it was me. Thing is I think Andreas and Caleb are amateurs., and I can easily lead them in.

I honestly can separate Grant from Liam now, as I have a deeper pact with Grant. And Liam is a bully most of the time. I am a villain, but I hate bullies. So I hope I can plan a surprise for him in the future. **Oh Ruby would be so ecstatic.**

After this Jack vote, if we continue our losing streak, **knock on wood**, I would be in a powerful situation again, just like in day one, stuck between two alliances. Jack and Liam ; and then there's Andreas and Caleb.

Right now I prefer NOT to be in that situation as I would like to be in the good graces of these children. Because I know that a shake up can happen some time soon, and you want to have as many people working for you than against you at that point.

And to conclude,...

Okay, screw it. I don't really think I can play as a Hero! Yes, I am still Ivan the villain puppetmaster from Vietnam and the villain who got robbed in Anarchy. I'm just taking a chill pill right now, just like a snake waiting to strike. And I mean, patiently waiting.

Goodbye Jack!


So Molly formed an alliance with me and James now! Things could not be more perfect for us right now. We have two alliances to rely on. As long as Molly doesn't spill the beans to them. She named us "The Cuties" because that's "what we are".

Everyone is hating Pobeda for trying to get rid of Jack right now. This whole "Power Ranger alliance" is probably going to fail because one: they seem to always lose and two: I think a lot of people hate them now. I came up with a new name for them.... They will be Power Rangers A.K.A. Dumb@$$ only because Lindsay said Jack is I get a feeling Lindsay could think I'm a loser and is just using me to benefit herself and her tribe, but I guess we'll see her true feelings at the end of the season. I LOVE my tribe. Uspekh all the way, baby.

We also named the guy alliance "The Inquisitorius".