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Hidden Immunity Idol
Laos Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor Gameplay
Description An item that negates Tribal Council votes
Appearance(s) Every Season (sans Java)

The Hidden Immunity Idol (also known as the "Hidden Idol" or simply "The Idol") is perhaps the biggest twist to ever occur in Survivor ORG history. Its purpose is to, one way or another, give the holder immunity when they choose to play it. The idol has influenced many of the contestants' strategies, whether they utilize the object, or defuse its powers. The Hidden Immunity Idol made its debut in Survivor: Guatemala.

It is not to be confused with the Tribal Immunity Idol or Individual Immunity Necklace, as the Hidden Immunity Idol is not available at challenges. However, clues to the whereabouts of the idol are often either given to the survivors at the start of a season or, in the case of Survivor: Switzerland & Survivor: Turkey, given to a player when they are sent to Exile Mountain.


Despite its potential to make its owner survive longer in the game, it can only be used once (where the idol will be either re-hidden or discarded after its use). With this, owners should be careful about divulging information about possessing one and/or when to use it, because a player can still be eliminated with the idol, thus going home bringing his/her idol with him (dubbed as "flushing"). Another limitation is that, the idol is only valid until a given deadline (usually Until the final 6). A player may hold more than one idol (if available).



Players must use the idol after the votes have been cast, but before the host reveals them. This gesture will force castaways to become more cautious on possessing it and/or divulging information about possessing one. With this format, it is crucial for players to use his/her idol at the right time. Contestants must draw the idol at a Tribal Council where they are sure to receive votes, or else, they will either waste the idol (if they had either no votes against them or if they have votes, there may not be enough to eliminate them) or getting eliminated without even using the idol. This was dubbed by several contestants as flushing. Once the idol is used, it is usually rehidden. From this point forward, the idols are valid up until the Tribal Council where there are only five or six contestants remain.

When the castaway is voted out as a direct result of the use of the Hidden Immunity Idol, that person is said to have been "Idoled out".


For more information on the rules of the Hidden Immunity Idol, see the Survivor ORG Rule Book


To find Hidden Immunity Idols easier, clues are provided to castaways. As the season progresses, more clues will be provided, regardless if the idol has already been found or not. These clues can be shared to others by the finder/s' choosing. But it is also possible (however extremely unlikely) to find an idol without a clue.

These clues may be a cryptic message similar to Tree Mail, or advice as to how to find the idol.

Over the years, the clues for the Hidden Immunity Idol have varying ways of how they were given to contestants:

  • In Laos there was a challenge to make an authentic Hidden Immunity Idol where the contestant who had made the most authentic looking one would be given an actual idol. Blaine was chosen to receive the idol.
  • In Hawaii the clues told a mystery story, and the first person from each tribe to figure it out correctly won the hidden immunity idol. Noah of Honu, Kaitlyn of Manu, and Zion of Popoki all figured out the story and were given the idols. However, due to a technical anomaly (a mod revealing to a castaway who has the idol), Kaitlyn's idol was taken away, and the Manu idol was rehidden, in which Yaniv got it.
    • Post-merge in Hawaii there was an immunity challenge where the contestant who had the lowest score would receive a clue to an idol, this clue was won by DB who used it to find another idol with the help of some tribemates.
  • In Cuba the clues were simply riddles, and the first person from each tribe to get every riddle correct got the idol. These idols were found by Alfons and Jeremy.
  • In Egypt the clues to the idols were hidden in the Pyramid pre-merge (A place where the contestant with the second highest number of votes at tribal council would go to receive a "small yet effective reward". One of these rewards being a clue to the idol that were eventually found by Jack Erdmann of Isis and Cowboy of Anubis.
  • In Switzerland the tribe/contestant that wins the reward challenge gets to pick one person to go to Exile Mountain where they will receive a clue to the idol.
  • In Polynesia any contestant abducted by the other tribe, received a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Another clue was given out at the merge feast, and another as a reward.


Several strategies were developed by contestants that has something to do with the Hidden Immunity Idol. Here is a non-exhaustive list of how the idol was used over the series:

  • Making the holder believe that they will not be voted out, but then blindsiding them
  • Splitting votes to defuse any power gained by playing the idol
  • Passing idols to another player to save them
  • Potentially removing the possibility of a tie vote
  • Feigning possession of an idol
  • A player not possessing an idol taunting another player who has one to surrender or use the object, inducing indecision at the side of the owner
  • Handing out multiple idols to shield more potential targets

There have been several instances that a person that is caught looking for the idol has become an immediate target, so it is crucial that searchers must be undetected when looking for it.

If a Hidden Immunity Idol is played, the user would be immune for the Purple Rock tiebreaker. If all players who received votes use idols, and all votes are voided, a revote would happen, but the users would be immune for that round of voting.

List of people who have owned a Hidden Immunity Idol

Survivor Laos

Survivor Hawaii

Survivor Cuba

Survivor Egypt

Survivor Switzerland

Survivor Nepal

Survivor Revival

Survivor Korea

Survivor Papua New Guinea

Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire

Survivor: Polynesia

Survivor: All-Stars

Survivor: Anarchy

Survivor: Madagascar

  • Nuno (Used to protect Sergiu, voted out at same Tribal Council) (Step Out of the Shadows)
  • Trace (Used to protect himself, was later voted out) (TBA)
  • Jay (Used to protect himself, later became runner-up) (TBA)

Survivor: Peru

Survivor: Turkey

Survivor: Sardinia

  • Joe (Used to protect himself, which lead to a null vote) (TBA)
  • Koopa (Used to protect himself, which lead to a null vote) (TBA)
  • Wes (Gave it to HazimShah, later on he played it to protect Wes) (TBA)
  • William (Used to protect Tyler) (TBA)

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Survivor: Indonesia


Survivor: Kamchatka

Survivor: Salvation

  • Trace (Used to protect himself, was later voted out) (Doesn't Mean I'm Getting Knocked Out)
  • Mitchell (Used to protect himself, was later voted out) (Why Can't We Have A Simple Pagonging)

Survivor: Similan Islands

  • Nick (Used to protect himself, was later voted out) (Biggest Snake)
  • Diego (Didn't use it and was voted out) Blinded by Trust
  • Miguel (Used to protect Katie, later won) (Stroke His Ego)

Survivor: Greece

Survivor: Cape Verde

  • Nathaniel (Used to protect himself, was later voted out) (100 More Clues)
  • Lindsay (Used to protect Tyler, was later voted out) (Make a Move or Something)
  • Scott (Used to protect Brayden, was voted out as a result) (Make a Move or Something)
  • Emma (Used to protect Brayden, was later voted out) (Wiggle Room)

Survivor: Rome

Survivor: Alsace-Lorraine

  • Jesper (Used to protect Max, later won) (TBA)

Survivor: Generations


Survivor: Azerbaijan

Fake Idols

So far only seven fake idols have been made, but only three have been given to a contestant. The first is Johan-Amir of Survivor: Egypt was given a fake idol that he could use to trick someone into either believing he had an idol or that he could give to another contestant and make them believe they had a real idol.

In Survivor: Nepal, Ash won a fake hidden immunity idol in an auction. Much like Johan-Amir, Ash knew the idol was fake, and the mods of Nepal stated in the results that her idol could be used on another contestant, and never outright stated the idol she had was fake.

In Survivor: Korea, Aidan crafted a fake hidden immunity idol designed to look unrealistic and gave it to Luke. The idol was later given to Duy and he played the idol knowing it was fake and was eliminated from the game.

In Survivor: AnarchyAhad made a fake idol ( before finding the real one) and showed it to some of the Americans in hopes that they wouldn't vote for him. Later in the game Jordan created a fake idol and was hoping to give it to Noah but he never got around to doing it.

In Survivor: AzerbaijanJared made a fake idol after finding the real one, in order to cover his tracks. It was found by Jake before Tribal and he used it. However, since it was fake, the votes he received counted and he was voted out. Ella also made a fake idol and gave it to Rob. He knew it was fake but played it anyway to get rid of it.

In Survivor: SvalbardMarco played a fake idol of his own construction to make a flashy exit, knowing that he was being voted out. While not making one, Alietta bluffed having an idol that could be played after the votes were read; her bluff was called and she was voted out.

Other Idols

In some seasons idols other than the Hidden Immunity Idol have been present. In Korea several "idols" known as Artifacts were in play. In Côte d’Ivoire the Idol Cave was introduced were it was possible to receive one of five different types of idols. Including the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Types of different Idols/Artifacts


  • Mask of Restrict: Makes the user prohibit a castaway from voting in a single vote.
  • Rings of Duality: Makes the user enable a castaway (including itself) to vote twice in one vote.
  • Dark Pearl: Penalizes the holder one vote on the next Tribal Council the castaway is not immune. After the penalty takes effect, it would be taken from the holder.
  • Light Pearl: This Artifact negates one vote the holder receives in the next Tribal Council they would get vote(s) against. After the negation takes effect, it would be taken from the holder.

Côte d’Ivoire

  • Double Vote Idol: Enables the user to vote twice.
  • Alternate Immunity Idol: A Hidden Immunity Idol that must be played on another person.
  • Sit Out Idol: Allows you to prevent someone from voting before Tribal Council.
  • Discard Vote Idol: Allows the user to discard someone else's vote.


  • Dark Pearl: Penalizes the holder one vote on the next Tribal Council the castaway is not immune. After the penalty takes effect, it would be taken from the holder.
  • Light Pearl: This Artifact negates one vote the holder receives in the next Tribal Council they would get vote(s) against. After the negation takes effect, it would be taken from the holder.
  • Ring Of Duality: Allows the user to vote two times.
  • Mask of Restrict: Makes the user prohibit a castaway from voting in a single vote.
  • Vote Spy: Allows the user to see someone's else vote.

New Zealand

  • Hidden Immunity Reset Idol: This idol cancels the tribal results and the contestants will revote with the castaways who received votes being immune.

Contestants Voted Out Due to an Idol Being Played

Castaway Season Episode
Hawaii 8
Oie 18547169cDTLASj
Large 796247
Mad Russell
Cuba 7
Egypt 10
Nepal 12
Large 831392
Revival 6
Will Revival
Duy Revival
Alejandro Reyes
Korea 14
Papua New Guinea 10
Lagunes Conndor
Côte d’Ivoire 9
Kevin Poly
Polynesia 12
All-Stars 14
Andrei AS
Anarchy 2
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.07.24 PM
Madagascar 12
Ian Turkey
Turkey 4
Jessie Turkey
Julia S17 B
Sardinia 7
Heroes vs. Villains 12
Tyler s21
Salvation 13
S22 Red
Similan Islands 14
Renz Greece
Renz lfns
Greece 13
CV Scott
Cape Verde 12
CV Tyler
Rome 11
Azerbaijan 1
Retribution 10
New Zealand 8
Cyprus 4
Sri Lanka 12
Tikal 8
Queen Alietta
Archetypes 4
The Ganges 8
Argentina 8


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