This game is so frustrating . We started fans vs fav , imedielty we were out numbers . We managed somehow to tie at 6 then a dumb ass decided to flip . Ok no problem :) , then me and kaeden tryied our best to tie again maiking an alliance with Jay and Lincoln , tie at 5 ....then another dumb ass flips ( Craig ) as he felt Kaeden was shady with him ......

And yeah Charley says everything I tell to her to other favorites . Trace came 2 me in day 26 almost like hi , nice 2 meet you my question is : did you made a pool and selected the dumbest players ever played in this org ? Like 0 IQ for most of them ? Taylor we never talked 1 time in our life but she will want my vote in the finale ? All this favorites that were selected deserves the fact they didnt won in there season .....dumb like hell most of them and whoever will win he / she should be really proud for his title as he / she played almost an entire season having the numbers with almost 0 effort :P So congratz to the winner :)))


One of the good thing on Survivor it's to be blindsided, because this shows where you stand on the tribe.

This last Tribal Council, I was sure that Sam will be voted out, but then was 6-4 against Kaeden. It seems that Craig flipped and didn't voted for Kaeden, which not will give us the majority to eliminate Sam, but will ended in a tie and we could work from that. So, once again, a fan being dumb and screwing the others.

Now it's clear that myself and Jay are on the outs with Sergiu; Eddie, Tayor, Charley and Trace are together; and Craig and Sam are sucking their balls just to be discarded later. Our better option is to make Craig and Sam to vote with us and eliminate Eddie/Taylor/Charley, but I don't think it will happen, especially because of Sam, and we won't can get Trace also, so, we're screwed.


I had a long conversation with Sam, trying to convince her to join us and eliminate the other four. Sergiu said he spoke with Craig and he is on board, so we just need Sam to our plan work.

Honestly, I have no idea where they can arrange something better than that agreement. If they choose the dark side, they will have to settle for at most a sixth and a fifth place, because there is no chance to separate those four before the F4. If they come to the light, when we're only us five they can eliminate us and the three fans go to the F3. Not that we would let this happen easy, but it's a better chance that the certainty of a sixth.

Anyway, she said she will think, and that is a very tempting proposition. I hope she decide which is the best for all of us.


FINALLY. Since the tribe swap I haven't been in a complete power position, now after 3 boots into the merge my alliance has the advantage of 6 to 3, this is just a breath of fresh air! I am sooo happy, and it is a mixed alliance of Fans and Favorites and so is the opposing one, so it will be easier to completely take out the other alliance before we target each other. When we do start targeting each other I don't think I will be a target, I have won no challenges so I don't come off as a threat, Taylor and I are really tight and she won't vote me off seeing as in she has been semi inactive and I have been keeping her in the loop. I saved Sam when she was in REALLY big danger so her Trace and I have a final 3 deal, Trace I have told time after time I am going to the end with him and we have final three deals with Taylor and Sam, and Charley is the BIGGEST threat by far, but I have made a final 3 deal with her so she won't target me I think, I don't know, anything can happen, and Craig is just an X factor, he is nice..but has yet to do anything that strategic. I mean it looks like a wonderful position, but this game changes drastically in a one-two week span, so I do still have to keep on my toes and watch for people trying to target me. Being bitchy towards people helps people see me as a non jury threat, but too bitchy makes me a REAL non jury threat, and that is what I don't want. So I have to really work both aspects to make the end without my alliance see me as a threat once all the big threats are gone.


Today is the day! I'm so excited for tribal council, words cannot describe how I feel at all! I cannot WAIT to vote out Jay, oh god the day has finally arrived. If plans go as planned, then we're perfect! If that bitch wants to go behind our backs, we'll go behind his, and I'll be the leader! I don't care at this point if I'm "nice" to people.. I'm so done with fake people.

Funny, I'm complaining about fake people, but right now I'm telling Jay that it won't be him, and how he isn't a target at all. I've turned the tables, and now we're talking about Spencer's vote and how Jay and Charley went behind the backs of me and Eddie.. Such bullshit. I can't wait to vote her out either, I don't care if she told Eddie that she was forced into it. I trust Trace and I trust Eddie. That is it. No more, no less.


Jay has the idol.

I always had a suspicion that it might be with him, but ok.

Now, with Sergiu immune, he will use the idol on himself and I'll still be vulnerable.

So this tribal council may terminate in five ways: if Sam or Craig is with us and the other dividing the votes to avoid the idol, they may think that will be 3-3-3 and I leaving at the revote, but in fact would be a 4-3-2. With Sam and Craig with us, we can make 5-4. With none of them with us, it can be a 6-3 with them voting for Jay and Taylor leaving, 6-3 on me, or it can be the 3-3-3 and I'm out.

Many possibilities for this vote. I hope I don't be the direct result of any of them.


So last tribal I narrowly escaped being voted out. Thanks fans for targeting me yet again you have proved your stupidity! But the vote didn't go their way and now Sergiu is begging for my forgiveness! I really like Trace and Eddie and want to stick with them but Taylor is an issue for me because Eddie has said that he wants to go to the end with her. So when Jay approached me about taking out Taylor, I was all ears. The thing is, I don't trust Jay but I'm with Craig and he wants to go with them on this vote so him and I can just flip flop our way to the end of the game. With or without me, Taylor will go so it's better that's its done with me. I know they realize that they need me to make this work because they're not sure if they're splitting the votes or not so Jay is doing everything to make me feel secure. He even told me about his hidden immunity idol and has guaranteed me a spot in the final 5. Sergiu keeps praising me telling me I'm a wonderful person and I should be proud of who I am and that I will win this game if I'm in the end. He just wants to keep me in his back pocket and I'll let him think he has me under control until I don't feel like doing what he wants me to do. I just feel horrible about betraying Eddie and Trace. I know this is in my best interest but I gave them my word and they saved me last time. I guess I'm not voting them out so it's not as bad… but still I feel sick just thinking about it. But this is a game and I can't let my emotions get the best of me, if Taylor doesn't go now she will be in the final 3.


I'm pretty sure this will be my last confessional.

My only hope now is Sam and Craig voting with Sergiu, Jay and myself to eliminate Taylor, which clearly would be the smartest things for them to do, but "fan" and "smart" cannot co-exist in the same sentence, so...


It's tribal time, and I've never felt so alive. This was the first vote that everyone actually came to me to ask what to do and who to vote for. So, if everything goes as planned, this is what I told everyone to do and should be happening tonight.

So, we want either Jay or Lincoln gone. They are both large threats, and are extremely sneaky. I can't have people like that still here. So, my plan was to have Charley, Taylor and Sam (the girls) vote for Lincoln, and then Eddie, Craig and I (the boys) to vote for Jay. This way, if Lincoln plays his idol, we'll be making sure that Jay goes home and not one of us.

Now, the real fun comes in between Jay, Sergio and Lincoln, or "the forgotten ones" as I like to call them. Sergio, being the babbling buffoon that he is, comes to me all like, "hey, let's work together". OKAY. Let me just drop ALL the alliances I've made over the last 28 days and join hands with you so that we can all sit together and sing kumbaya by the fire. NO. I WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU. However, I told him and Jay to vote for Lincoln, and for Lincoln to vote Craig. Whatever...

The thought there is this. I hope that Sergio and Jay are both telling the truth and actually will vote for Lincoln, but I have no doubt in my mind that they're not, and are most likely either voting for me or Charley. SO, by telling them to vote Lincoln, they are under the impression that we really are voting Lincoln and will most likely have him play his idol. Jay might sit their and giggle as I put on a "OH I'M SO SHOCKED FACE" but trust me, I ain't shocked. I saw it coming from a mile away. I'm going to laugh my ass off when Jay gets three votes, we revote, and his ass gets sent home. It'll be a great day for me. I didn't know this game would be so fun. Let's just hope it doesn't come crashing down right on top of me!