Ok, so we lost reward. This pisses me off mainly because half our tribe, and the half that usually gets good scores, weren't able to play because the game didn't work on their computer. I mean there're millions of games to chose from so it highly disappoints me that such an awful one was picked for this challenge. Furthermore it took an additional 20 hours for results to come up after the deadline (a total of around 44 hours since posting time). I would appreciate to see more punctuality and more interesting (and accessible) challenges. Sorry for being a whining wendy but I just expected more from the main ORG.

"Thats all folks"




I have been playing for 9 Days and I have been in 3 alliances:

Stealth R Us 3.0 (Me, Katie, Bryce, Alex, Ryan and Matt) Me, Katie and Bryce all renegaded while we all voted out Matt for his inactivity Day 2 to Day 6

Katie, Bryce and I all trust each other so we made the Silent Assassins a trio Day 5 to

Bryce, Katie and I decided we need another alliance so we added Solar and Trev to make the Ultimate Ushers. Bryce came out with saying we will usher everyone out of the game lol Day 7 to

Oh I love Suvivor! I just hope I do great so I get brought for another season lol XD


Ok like we really really suck.

I had a lot of fun voting out Matt so now I’ve decided I’m going to put a target on Ryan and get him out too. Purely for shits and giggles I mean lets face it at the rate this tribe is going I’m going to be out soon so might as well have some fun.


It sounds like Rick is stirring up trouble. I don't know why. I heard he wanted Diego out, then me, then Nick. He's jumping around and is going to disrupt our strong cohesive tribe. Thankfully we are holding together so far and have won most of the challenges. I have started to take charge and fulfill my leader by electing who should sit challenges. Also have been trying to organize are team to compete properly. Last challenge was difficult because most players could not participate properly.

Good news is my final four is sticking strong together and are developing plans to pick out Rick and stop his trouble should we lose immunity.


We FINALLY won a reward challenge!! The clue they gave us was EXTREMELY vague. An odd numbered season is all we have. I was watching the 6th episode of Thailand, so I guessed that! If I'm right, that's pretty freaking awesome. If I got it wrong, OH WELL


So I'm really torn about what I want the IC results to be like. On one hand, I don't want Miyang to even up with us, especially if there's a swap right around the corner. But at the same time I really want to take Rick out of the game before we swapped and he can get some power with the other people. I guess I should look at it from a optimistic perspective and whatever happens just make the best out of the situation


Finally, we won a reward! The clue wasn’t really that helpful, but no first clues are. Hopefully we can continue our winning streak and get immunity!


DAY 10

We won! *jumps enthusiastically* Well Fiona, being the dumb fuck that she is didn't submit for the challenge after telling us all that she would play… That girl is such an enigma, and I can't wait to write her name down on the parchment. Despite Fiona though the tribe is pretty damn amazing! We have some really cool people and it's sad that there's most likely going to be a switch tomorrow, but none the less I think the swap won't hurt my game as long as I get put on the tribe with Payang majority. I'm so glad that shit has settled at camp though, I relished in the ongoing drama but knowing myself, I'd probably get involved and blow up my game.

On a more self centered note… I have the most comments on my page of any SI player! So suck my ass Solar :P


DAY 11

So many aspects. And so out of our control.

the stress is eating away at my soul


I am sitting here wonder what the hell is going on with our tribe. I mean really, nobody seems to know who is apart of who's alliance. We had trouble sitting out one person for a challenge. I wonder if these people understand that we don't always have to talk about who is next when we only have had tribal once, and are safe for the time being. Forget hot mess, this volcanic status.


We won......yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....... again ....Like everyone in this tribe stop their game and it's sucks because i wanna play game and not only yeah we won we are best. For me it will be losing one or two challanges better. I must find how much is my alliance strong and vote out some people out.


Ugh we lost again! Same old...same old! Something has got to change!


We got a Liar in our tribe and he better hope their is a tribe switch coming soon ;)


Soooo, I'm pretty worried about tonights vote.. I mean, I haven't been there the past 2 nights. I hope SRU3.0 can save me tonight too.

That means, though, that Solar has to go. Even though, next time we lose, if Katie hasn't participated, she's going home. No questions of alliance even asked.

Thanks for everything if this is it…