Day 10

It's pretty obvious that Jessica is in the majority alliance on Laconia. She didn't even do the reward challenge and if she did it and won, those bonus points would have beaten our score and won immunity for her tribe. I guess that alliance and tribe values her enough to unanimously vote someone out over her. Whatever, good for them.


I know I haven't made a confessional in a while because of thanksgiving, but I've still been active in the game and I'm baaaaack. Right now everyone is preparing the best they can for an upcoming swap. We are thinking it's going to happen after the next person is voted off. What I'm trying to do to prepare is making sure I am in whatever majority there is on a new tribe. To do this I'm working Eoin. I still feel great with the other 5 members of the Elders and I'm trying to create a little more security by using Eoin as an asset. I'm currently in the works of trying to force him into plans. Basically giving him no choice in some cases, making him think he's the one that came up with a plan in others. Everyone is more willing to follow a plan that they "came up" with. All that's left to see is that if it will work out


I'm so glad I took home the victory for the guys. The thing I'm nervous about is getting a potential target put on my back from the girls. Also, that picking someone from the other tribe thing is killer too. I picked Shannon because I think she's leading the women right now and I have a feeling the consolation prize or whatever is negative. Hopefully it weakens her in the long run


Well, by the way Shannon is talking, my plan to hinder her game has already failed. Now I just need to hope that whatever she got is enough to make her either work with me down the road, or make her like me enough to not target me. Fingers crossed!


Day 11

I don't get why people are going so crazy. Right now my daily goal has been to calm Jace down. He likes to come up with all of these crazy plans that make no sense to execute right now. Everyone is worried for a swap happening after the next boot so everyone is paranoid. We are in a good spot currently and all we have to do is put it into cruise control. Jace has been infatuated with Erica recently. I guess they talked a bit when they were both in the clash together. Jace thinks she's the perfect target because she's "dim and easy to manipulate." I'm pretty sure the exact opposite and that Erica is actually playing Jace into doing something stupid. In order to get far we are going to have to target someone to convince them to come to our side and I Erica should not be topping our targets list. All I can hope for is that Jace does nothing stupid and the swap is favorable.


So I've come up with the idea to make a fake idol clue. Hopefully I can use this down the road to gain an ally, or cause someone to flip over to me.


ok well i really don't have a lot to confess... like nothing's changed really. still have an alliance with amelia and jessica. and mj too on the other tribe lmao who would have guessed?? (a lot of people could have guessed) ANYWAY we're trying to not let ppl know we're working together and idk how well that's working out. but basically me and amelia and jessica want to blindside tata next time because we think she's friends with missy and shannon so we're gonna get erica to vote with us hopefully. also our tribe is a frickin hot mess!! just like my one in matsu ngl. in both seasons we've lost 2/3 immunity challenges and won like no rewards. we won the 2nd immunity in both and that's it. and we're probably gonna lose this one too because for some reason erica thought that it would be a good idea to volunteer for clash of titans... like ok... i could have typed that in like way less time but ok... maybe your wpm is 1... and that's all bye


Right now a major concern of myself and possibly others, is a swap happening soon. Coming into this game I wanted to align with some girls but if the swap, if it does happen, could change things. They could pick off the guys if they get majority which is problematic, which is why I'm currently working on being as under the radar as possible. I don't want people thinking I'm as involved in the tribe as they know. Normally I hate playing under the radar but in a game like this where it could and probably will end up tribe vs tribe, you need to make yourself as lowkey as possible, so your not a big target to take out. So until that happens the same still stands, Josiah who is the worst, is next to go, and Eoin will be someone to you know, be nice too and get on my side as another outside vote. I mean if we lose and theres no swap and we lose again, Jace and Eoin could potentially be useful in making a bigish move against possibly Marty or Renz. But until then, put on my big smile, my little phrases like "SLAY" or "YAS" and my "im a doofus" hat.


Yippe! We won the challenge! Yay!

I actually regret voting Missy now XD, us gals are quite competitive. Despite myself having the worst time amongst the girls in my tribe, I got lucky ^_^

To be honest though, I kind of feel bad for Attica, it really tore them apart because one of their tribe mates didn't submitted. And I feel bad for aiming the gun at Jace (even Ara). Felt so immature and high. Novembers make me high.

I actually want to be alliance with Jace, but if I do, there is a chance I will cause a threat to my tribe and his. Probably at the merge, we will. Hopefully. >:3


Well the challenge today..... did not go so good for us yet again, Eoin and Josiah kinda screwed us majorly.. It's kinda ironic since they were already on the outs and already everyone's targets so once again our plan to take out more of the minority now only makes it look like we're going after people who suck in challenges oh well le sigh. Except now Jace and Will are seeming to get more and more distrusting of each other which is not good since there my two closest allies, Jace is making crazy ideas and Will wants to get him out now at the swap for having a possible alliance with Erica? Who for all we know could be playing him. Will is starting to become a legitimate powerhouse in this game so im thankful hes a close ally of mine, however I am starting to get a feeling I'm not really as close to him as he is to me......... regardless for now, get Eoin on board with voting out Josiah and then send Josiah home. Not everyone gets a second chance, especially someone who only wants to apologize/talk when he screws up and he knows hes at stake


so either these people are really easy to manipulate or i'm being massively bamboozled right now. i mean, really. this seems way too easy so far. *narrows eyes suspiciously*

the last tribal council was kinda scary at first; after we lost the challenge, it sounded like people were planning to vote out jessica. not sure why, probably because of the botched titan battle thing, but that was *not* good for me, since she's a major part of my main alliance and also since her & i were seemingly on the outs in terms of the majority in the tribe. undercover alliances are good only if you can keep them alive, after all. so i was like "how about no" and went and talked to erica and tata, and then suddenly it switched to alessandra. (tata literally created a chat for this discussion called "emergency laconians" and idk why that was so funny to me but it was amazing.) that was a team effort between me, hanne, and jessica, but honestly it didn't take much and i was really surprised by how easily the supposed majority alliance crumbled. like are you guys ok? i mean, it's cool with me of course, but.....are you ok?

anyway, so while it seemed like we were losing the next immunity challenge the three of us decided that we were going to go for the "massive blindside" and get tata out next (i personally have grown fond of tata and all her mannerisms, and i appreciated her being so willing to flip on her alliance for me, but it sounds like erica wants her gone and if we have erica we have the majority, so i'm not gonna argue to keep tata tbh). and then we won??? jesus attica what are u doin with 54 minutes on a jigsaw puzzle are you using a computer from the bronze age or something wow. so that plan has been delayed, and now i'm kinda wishing we had lost because everyone's talking about a tribeswap happening after attica's tribal council and then we're definitely in a worse position because it seems like a lot of the other girls know some of the guys and we don't know anyone except mj, and there's a 99.9% chance the three of us will not be together after the swap so honestly RIP the dragonz i'm very nervous and worried as to what will happen next



Day 12

I don't understand some people that play this game. Currently I have two people on opposite sides of the spectrum that are just making me want to pull my hair. Now Jace and Marty are great guys and I enjoy talking with them, but both of them just need to chill. First there's Marty who is afraid of making big moves because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. In the game of survivor, you yourself are numero uno and who cares how your actions affect others. ESPECIALLY before the jury phase has even begun. Marty needs to know he's playing survivor and that you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Next there is Jace. He's on the other end trying to come up with all of these crazy plans on how to blindside, how to keep people loyal, and about 50 other scenarios that are days and days in advance. Now it is true that you should plan one step ahead of the opponent but this is too much. We have a good thing going right now and the worst thing to do is to mess it up by making things too complicated.


So I sat out for the challenge knowing that the guys are all going to be able to do the challenge... Then there goes Eoin. And Josiah's also not responding so I dunno if we're going to win this.

If I only knew this shitstorm was goin to happen, I would not have sat out.


First of all thanks for the shade being thrown at the challenge, I was picked on for not submitting when Josiah fucking did worse so that was just mean and evil and just to stress it mean.

But I was little bit manipulative myself too, I told my tribe my personal possessions were robbed, I lied basically I was at a party but my new thing sounded so much better. I continued to sabotage Josiah's game as he is voting Martynas and have pledged aleigance to the guys saying I want to be hero, I mean I think the whole stealing incident backs up the fact that, that's not my intention in anyway They could blindside me tonight which would be weird but this is survivor so you never know and I'm sure Josiah didn't just lie down and die


lol confessional time


lolllololllll I'm just getting ready to get #blindsided tonight because my alliance has decided that the #splitvote is an actual good decision and I'm just sittin here like ?????????????? lol ok good luck w/ that u guys just tell me who to vote for lol I just feel sO UNEASY about this vote because it would be incredibly easily for something to go wrong. idk why I'm so nervous though bc literally they have no reason to vote me ???????? I mean lol jk I barely talk to anyone one on one OOPS ILL GET BETTER AT IT I SWEAR JUST GIVE ME TIMMMMEEEEEE

JUST PRAYING THAT I GET THROUGH THIS TRIBAL COUNCIL BC IM READY FOR A TRIBE SWAP AND I JUST RLLY RLLY RLLY want to win this game and idk how good my chances are at winning or Ben getting far are if in frickin paranoid as heck at these early tribal councils. ugh

I reaaaallllyyy need to get through this. If I can just survive this round I'll have complete faith in my alliance, and hopefully there will be a tribe swap and I can work with like Hanne and Amelia or something to shake this game up a bit and put myself in a really great position

anyways. we're splitting the vote tonight on Eoin and Josiah (I'm voting for Eoin) and I think Will and Jace are voting Eoin too? and Renz, Marty, and Sora are voting Josiah. and they're gonna tell Eoin to vote Josiah and let Josiah vote for whoever, but if there's a tie on Josiah and Eoin we're voting Josiah. I don't wanna sound too confident in that plan bc I'm afraid of being blindsided and going out looking stupid. lolllll anyways I just sent in my vote so wish me luck cause I need it!!! bye!!


So the vote is coming up tonight and I'm thinking everything will go according to plan. My alliance is splitting our votes 3-3 onto Josiah and Eoin. I went ahead and told Eoin all of this because the only way he can stay in the game is to vote for Josiah to prevent the tie. I'm counting on him having no choice and having to follow along with us and the vote will go cleanly. Looking past this vote is more cloudy. Jace is still going on and on about his crazy plans, but what worries me the most is that he seems to have gotten close to Erica. Earlier as a tribe we said "anyone that works with the girls is gone." So my thinking is, if there is a swap coming up and I'm on a tribe with Jace. If the opportunity presents itself, Jace might just "somehow" be voted off with something outside my control. This way it eliminates a possible loose cannon and my alliance will not see me as a backstabber.