Well last night's vote was a success. Spencer was sent home, and I was kind of worried about getting rid of him, but I quickly learned that it was the right choice. It opened up a lot of doors, and Spencer also said that I am his favorite and he wants me to get to the end, so that's always good.

We're down to the final 10 now, and that's really insane. 50% there. It's a long road to go though. But I think I have a plan. Jay, Lincoln, Kaeden and Sergio have a secret alliance, one in which they plan on getting rid of Eddie. We intercepted that alliance, so now it is time for us to counteract that alliance with an alliance of our own. In a give of give and take, it is time for me to take, and make the move that I need to make to win this game.

Next tribal, Charley, Taylor, Eddie, Sam, Craig and I are going to try to get rid of Jay or Lincoln. We would prefer Jay over Lincoln, but you never know how the immunity challenge will go down. We're hoping that the plan will go like this. We get rid of Jay next, making Lincoln think he is the next to go after we all tell him that he is. Lincoln at the next tribal plays his idol to save himself, but we all actually vote for Sergio, sending him packing. Then, Lincoln is basically a sitting duck until he loses immunity, which is perfect for me. After that goes Kaeden, and we're down to a final 6 of Charley, Eddie, Taylor, Sam, Craig and Me. From this point, I would like it to either go two ways.

1) The four favorites vote for Craig, sending him home. Then, Sam, Eddie and I form a 3 person alliance and take out Charley and Taylor making us the final 3. YAY

2) Sam, Eddie, Taylor and I vote out Charley, sending her home, followed by Craig. Then we take out Taylor and Sam, Eddie and I are final 3.

It really is a win-win situation any way I look at it. i just have to make sure that I am okay with taking a fan to the end. Worst case scenario I end up taking Taylor, because I know that I can beat her. Eddie is a threat, but I'm pretty sure that the jury will hate him by the time that we get to the final 3. So, I just have to let Eddie take the hits, and then I will be the one who ends up on top! I CAN'T WAIT! I have to take it day by day until I get to that point, but I feel like at this point, it's a VERY high possibility. WISH ME LUCK!!


Yesterday was so crazy!!! Alright where to begin, hmm, ok so, after I told Spencer he told me to watch out for the Jay/Kaeden/Lincoln/Surgio alliance, Nuno had warned me before he went, and he sent me a screenshot of Jay saying "Nuno this round, then Eddie or Spencer" and I thought it was fake, but then I saw that the Spencer boot was planned behind my back AND now I get three votes at tribal....very fishy...very very what I decided to do is very risky, I have formed an alliance between, me, Trace, Taylor, Sam, Craig, and Charley, Trace and I locked in Sam after I told her the rundown and Craig was also on with the plan, the numbers are getting smaller and if I don't make a move on them they will make a move on me.


Last vote went PERFECTLY, the favorites obviously agreed it was Pissy Little Pisspot's time to go. If things go as planned, I can take this game by storm.


I cannot believe Charley and Jay would do this to us. They completely went behind our backs and try to pull some fans into an alliance. They thought we were way too close to Spencer so they got worried and tried to vote out Eddie. If it weren't for Trace, we would've never known this. This is absolute bullshit. At least we know where their loyalty will stand, and Charley and Jay's clearly won't be with us for a while. In the beginning of the game I thought Charley and Trace would be an alliance because they were Nepal buddies but I guess I was wrong I guess Jay is way more dangerous than I thought he was. That's why he will be going next. Looks like it'll be me Eddie and Trace for final three; let's hope this works.

It just really bothers me that Charley and Jay would turn behind our alliance and try to do this to us. Like literally, fuck them. We put so much trust into them and now they're turning on us and that is absolute bullshit. As an alliance, they should've talk to me and Eddie about being close Spencer. It was no big deal, honestly, it really wasn't. But now the tables have turned and well, I can't wait to see them on the other side.


I think this vote will either make me or break me in the game.

You see, Eddie wants me to go with him and vote for Jay, something I suggested he do after he flipped out, but whatever. But then Sergio wants me with him to vote for god knows who.

I think either way I'm at the bottom of an alliance. I am probably at the bottom of the Eddie-Taylor-Sam-Craig zombie foresome, but I'm also at the bottom of Jay-Sergio-Lincoln-Kaeden. Trace and I are a pair as far as I know, after I found out he didn't rat us to Eddie (at least I think).

I just have to do what I have to do to go far in the game. In this game alliances are nothing but a way to get far. I need to get to the end. I don't are if I have to be loyal, or if I have to flip on every round. I'll do what it takes to get myself in the end. No more no less.


After the chaos I caused in Spencer's vote it seems I have become a target for the other mystery inc. it may seem like this is a bad thing but it's great; I have the numbers to turn on the group but I can play it off as if I did it because I knew I was in danger and they turned on me first. My only choice now is how big of a move do I want to make: should I take out Sam, which would be safer and give me the numbers to the end, or take out a mystery inc member and really stir things up.


I apologize for my lack of confessions. To make a quick summary of what has happen thus far: I had an alliance with Perry, he screwed up and went home. I became part of mix n' match, an alliance that was never tested because we rocked and didn't go to tribal. Nuno and I got really close and he told me about his idol. Nuno and I screwed up and he was voted out. I'm lying to everyone and telling them Nuno didn't tell me. Now I am left on a tribe with 3 other fans and 6 favorites. So what do I do? Save myself of course! I've kinda been whoring around because every time my man gets voted out I jump onto a new one. I'm with Craig now. I also have a final 3 with Eddie and Trace but I actually trust Eddie more… I know, I know I was warned! Trace is talking to too many people and it's making me nervous. We were supposed to vote Jay out and I worked my butt off in that challenge to keep him from winning immunity and I was so close, yet so far… Lincoln and Jay told Trace to vote for me. Kaeden told me that me, him, Sergiu, Craig, Lincoln and Jay are voting for Charley. Sergiu told me the fans are voting Charley and that he convinced Trace to vote with us but no mention of Jay and Lincoln. Trace said that Sergiu refuses to tell him anything. I will be voting for Kaeden hopefully with Craig, Eddie, Trace, Taylor and Charley. They've all given me the same story so it seems like the best option. I'm gonna get a lot of shit for turning on the fans but Kaeden told Craig he wanted me out and let's be honest here, the fans really aren't smart. Come on Kaeden Jay has been playing us since day 1 don't be fooled! I've kinda just been sitting around this whole time trying to stay quiet and under the radar waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump ship and it has arrived! Hopefully everything works out and I'll be around for much longer or I'll be out next or soon after. But one things for sure, I will not be going down without a fight.


So, Jay won immunity, which is a SERIOUS downer. We were planning on taking him out, after realizing that he is a challenge threat and has gone behind our back to form alliances with lincoln and some of the fans. But he won, so I guess I have to play a bit harder this round.

For a while, Charley, Eddie and I were discussing whether or not we wanted to vote for Sergio or for Kaeden. I figured that now was the time to go for sergio, but they thought that was too predicable, and that Kaeden was the better option. I said yes, and then started to work my magic.

As of now, Charley, Eddie, Sam, Taylor and Craig are all with me to vote for Kaeden. Sergio is going in circles, Jay and Lincoln are voting for Sam, which can only mean that Kaeden is most likely voting for Sam as well.

Sergio keeps trying to convince me to flip to them and it's just like, stop. Everyone hates you, nobody wants to work with you. He's convincing skills really need some fine tuning.

All should be well. Lincoln I'm pretty sure still has an idol, but I doubt he would play it to save someone this early, especially a fan. If Sam goes home, I'll be upset because I really do like her. I think she is really nice and funny, and I want her to be the last fan standing. So hopefully it's Kaeden's turn to be lead to the chopping block thanks to me :)

We'll just have to wait and see...



That guy is like an annoying gnat that just wont go away. I've swatted so many times, but it keeps coming back from the dead. He's like a zombie!!!

He comes to me and goes. Did you vote? I said yes and then he goes, "thanks for voting for me".


I feel like he is RP 2.0. Honestly, I'm about to lose my shit with him, and he doesn't even know that he's driving me to this point. I don't know how much more of him I can take before either I get medevaced for insanity or i kill him.

Maybe he'll go home next (or after Jay and Lincoln) :).


I'm scared I'm going to go home. People have just been acting weird... I think I might go home. I'm hoping it's Kaeden, I'm afraid it's me.

God this sucks.