Huanca Alliance
Aaron PeruAlexandra PeruJody Peru
Jesse PeruAlf Joar Peru
Season Peru
Founder Aaron
Members Remained Loyal:
Aaron (Day 1-32)
Aly (Day 1-29)
Jody (Day 1-38)
Jesse (Day 6-37)
Alf (Day 11-28)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Ryan
Lowest Placing Member Aly (9/18)
Highest Placing Member Alf (Winner)
The Huanca Alliance was the core alliance in pre-swap Huanca and post-swap Ocaina, and was started on day 1 by Aaron, Aly and Jody. Jesse later joined and then Alf joined after the tribe switch.


The alliance was tight through the whole pre-merge and controlled every vote they went to. At the tribe swap, Aly was separated from the others as she was sent to Jivaro, while Alf took her place in the group for the remainder of the pre-merge.

Though the Huanca alliance looked like they were going to gain majority due to people from the other side getting voted out, they crumbled and fell apart when Aly convinced them to turn against Alf, while at the same time Alf was flipping on them to join Ryan and Natalie.


  • The Huanca alliance was the biggest alliance in Survivor Peru.
  • The Huanca alliance was the longest lasting alliance, lasting until Jody voted against Jesse at final 4.