Day 15 (After Tribal Council)

They kept Laure!? Seriously!?

Can these bafoons do anything right? She is making me look bad and that is not good, especially at this stage in the game. We are down to 13 people, and either a double tribal is coming... Or a mutiny. So with the merge this close, I can't be looking bad.


Day 16

'Mutiny could really throw a wrench into my plans of making my alliance reach the merge, but at least Jake isn't on the tribe anymore. On the other hand, we have Laure, who seems super annoying and will hopefully be one of the first to go from the new tribe, so she doesn't work together with her cousin, Casey. Rex is really annoying me too... He seems nice but he only looks at the obvious, like exiling HIM last time, leaving Sarah or Tommy to die and now he's having a hissy fit over whether he should mutiny or not. I really just hope I keep my social game on point and don't yell at any of these people...'


This game is just now getting good. I mean, I'm in this little "Final 7" alliance I'm sure will fall apart. And if we actually pull this off into the final 7, us Boalemo's with have majority, 4-3. But then there is the problem of getting Claudia with me. Anyways, Once we hopefully get the final four, I'll have my chance to fulfill what I want. Taking out James.


Let's do an update :). Last time I did a confession was just before the tribal where Dan left. That tribal really was a surprise. With Casey and Tommy fighting like wolves, trying to get eachother off, with in the end Dan going. Casey saved herself and did stick with old Riau. I'm good with Dan gone, didn't spoke to him at all. I actually didn't speak to any of the people that got booted.

So we got to the next immunity challenge: Story time yay! I love writing stories so I was excited. Although spelling and grammar were gonna be judged 2-> not so excited anymore. I can speak english pretty well but grammar and spelling have never been my strongest thing. That day it was smoking hot over here and it was my uncle's birthday so I didn't have too much time. We made a plan: Jake first part, Lucky second part, Alison third part and me last part. When I got online in the evening Lucky was writing the first part. Jake didn't want to because he said he got a good ending....I did the second part but nobody was even online. I got so frustrated, it's like these guys are throwing the challenge. I decided to sent in our story one minute before the deadline, cause I worked pretty hard to get my part done and then we at least got something. I already made plans for tribal. And then we won the challenge O_O.... How the hell did we win? The other teams story was so annoying that the judges decided to let us win probably. I thought we would instantly lose but well I don't care :D. Saved the team *cheers for Topaz*.

Because we thought we would go to tribal there were some things happening. First thing: In a conversation with Julian I did a little trick just because I could. I showed Julian screenshots of how Jake called him a snake and how he was next to go at Limboto. So Julian and Jake was broken up and Julian would trust me. When we were supposed to go to tribal Julian said to Jake that he was gonna vote him out and he left the alliance "the IDK 4" (worst alliance name ever). He also told him I would do the same.... Thanks Julian for throwing me under the bus there. I had to cover it up and lie about it. But Jake just exploded and said he wanted to quit and wanted to lose the challenge. Both of their games are so screwed up. Jake wanted to quit because one person told him he was gonna vote him out and Julian made himself a target by telling him and throwing me under the bus. These guys are pathetic (I'm sorry but they are).At the Fire-Water alliance we would blindside Lucky because Jake was expecting the votes and he still could have the idol.

But we won and got to send someone to exile. Everyone wanted Casey and Tommy was capslock screaming Casey in the Halcyon chat 2 so... Casey it was :P. Tommy and Little Beyonce wanted some advice from me. Vote of Laure or Auss. I thought of what was best for my game-> Auss gone because Riau's target getting smaller. He didn't really do anything at old Riau, so it kinda felt fair he was the first Riau member voted of.


I knew mutiny was coming up! And I thought of people who would mutiny-> actually there were a lot of possible persons. I guess there would still be 2 tribals left before the merge. First Laur'tia game over to Riau....ugh. We don't need someone who does nothing in challenges and only gives drama in the camp. Then Jake did mutiny, he said because he promised someone. I asked him who and he said: 'Someone outside of this game'...... yeah of course ::), good excuse but i'm not stupid. That's the best excuse you could come up with? Anyways he is gonna get voted out in Limboto 2 so it doesn't really matter. I knew Casey was thinking about mutiny. I actually wanted here over here. 1. Tommy, Little Bey and Rex would have the numbers on the other side, 2. Casey won't vote for me, 3. She's a challenge beast and I love winning. Our camp almost threw the last challenge so I need someone to do good and 4. I need here in the merge. I know in the merge that I might be a threat because of the challenge wins so far, but I know people would vote out Casey before me. So first tribal at merge, i'm still safe if I don't win immunity. I know i have flip flopped on Casey, sometimes I trust her, sometimes I don't. But I know she has to work with me to survive. So at this point I trust her. Hopefully no one else mutiny's now, because it's perfect so far.

One thing is sure: I won't mutiny. I would screw up my game so much and i'm sitting good right here so, I'm not.


Why mutiny?

Simple. I needed to get away from my old tribe, cause I know that Laure mutinied... BOOM someone to come after me. If I wouldn't have mutinied I would've been next to go. Plus I have more control on the other side. Sarah, Tommy, Rex, and Claudia will do whatever I say. On the other side I have solid connections with my old tribe mates, so its a win win. I don't know why Lucky followed me... He shouldn't have. Cause he's next.


Day 17

'With the new tribes, I definitely wanna work with my old allies to get rid of Laure and Casey. Not really changed much, just Jake and Lucky swapped with Laure and Casey, but me, Dennis, James and Alison still have the majority.'


I think I might have a way I can save Claudia and still have mutiny in the end. Since most of the boys this season are unbelievable cow sacks, why not make a alliance with Casey, Jamie, and Laure? Jamie will be hard to break, but hopefully Casey and Laure will be very open. Sorry Dennis, James, and whoever else there I don't keep track of your stupid alliances. *blows kiss*


Day 18

We lost, which to be honest I was expecting to.

I like going to tribal. Writing someone's name down, and watching as I get one step closer to the win. Now originally Lucky was gonna be my target. But I have a better idea. The strongest thing in this game is two people who are inseparable. Believe me, that was me and Dan. And we have two on our tribe. Sarah and Tommy. Time to break the bond of Sarah and Tommy's alliance.


Wow this is fucking great. Jake came running to me like a scared little puppy thinking he was getting the boot. So, wanting to keep my own game strong, I told and helped him photoshop a conversation of Tommy saying Sarah should go next. So if Sarah has any sense, and her allies, Tommy should go home. Oh and I got Laure and Jamie with to vote out Casey, and Casey thinks I'm with her and Dennis. This is so good. I wish we would lose god.


Omg so i guess I should do confessionals or else i wont get asked back.

I mean you should totally ask me back anyway cause I am awesome *hairflip*

Okay lets start at the tribe swap/dissolve.

I mean 4/5 of original Raiu was on the Limboto tribe so like yay! Or so I thought. We we're also with Dan and Claudia, who were working together. I like Claudia, I knew her from a sub-org, not the one I knew Dan and Tommy from. But I knew I would have to watch out for Dan, because I think he was bitter that I blindsided his ass in that sub-org, but like hey, it was his fault for being shady.

I liked Sarah, key-word liked. She was like okay, decent in challenges. Auss I knew from another game. Tommy like I thought we were friends. After I voted him out in the sub-org i was like "I'm so sorry I hope we can still be friends." and he said everything was cool.


So like first things first, Dan didn't submit, but he talked about doing the challenge. And in the other game I played with him he always submitted, in fact hed yell at the host if things were late. It was just unlike him to submit.

And then Auss comes to me like "Tommy wants you out"


So I see a screenshot that Auss sent me and it was like a group chat with Auss, Tommy, Reks and Sarah and Tommy was saying shit like "Casey may be good in challenges now, but she will turn on her alliance later." and he showed Auss and Sarah a screenshot of something I said that was actually about keeping sarah and Auss. But he cut it off so it looked bad, but it wasnt actually that bad lol.


And its his god-damn fault because he has a shit social game, like its final 5, and you dont try to attempt a final 3 deal with me? No wonder I voted him out.

But a sub-org is a sub-org no reason to go after me about it when you could have stuck to a majoity alliance with your original tribe.

So I show told Sarah and Auss the entire conversation, which made Tommy look like an asshole pus exposed all his alliances outside or Raiu. plus a conversation which Tommy told me either Sarah, Reks or Auss was going home. I thought that would be enough to turn Sarah and Auss on him. BUT

Fucking Sarah. Are you kidding me rn? Okay so she tries to go after me then apologizes after i show her that Tommy lied his ass off to her. She says "i'll vote with you please forgive for going after you."

So me being the saint I am forgives her. But then shes like "I dont want to vote original Raiu, we need to stick together."


She said she would do Dan so i had to settle for that , but I was not happy. Not one bit.

So then I was like SHIT WE ONLY GOT 3 votes. So my goal was to split the other votes. It needed to be a 2-2 split otherwise Id be going home, in a revote or if they had 4 votes against me.

So Tommy voted against me duh. I knew Dan wasnt thrilled with me either. ANd Reks the 40 year old mute, like barely talked to me so im like dammit. Claudia said she wouldnt vote me but she was with Dan so idk.


He tells me, I want to keep you safe, dont worry your with me I will protect you.

and im thinking "this hoe has an alliance with Tommy and Lucky I thought? Whatever I'll play along."

So he tells Dan, Claudia and Reks to vote for Auss, because I told Jake that I would do that.

So Tommy and Dan voted for me, cause Dan announced so in the chat after the vote. Claudia and Reks listened to Jake and voted Auss. And me sarah and Auss voted Dan and his bitch ass went home.

So both Dan and Tommy voted for me cause they were bitter over a sub-org. And guess what both their bitter asses are going home. And they didnt vote me as the winner in that sub-org.